LITTLE FALLS — Little Falls’ Wyatt Baum clocked in at 18:24 for a second-place individual finish as the Flyer boys were first overall defeating Albany and Pierz Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Jackson Grant followed Baum for a third-place finish and Ben Knopik came in fourth for the Flyer boys.

The Flyer girls were second with Grace Leclair leading the way with her third-place finish. Ayla Anez finished fourth.

Gunther Dodge gave the Pioneer boys a 14th-place finish while Katie Leidenfrost was seventh overall with a 22:03 time for the Pierz girls.

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Boys results
Team scores: 1-Little Falls 26, 2-Albany 30, 3-Pierz 80
Individual winner: Grant Mayers (Albany) 17:47
Little Falls results: 2-Wyatt Baum 18:24, 3-Jackson Grant 18:46, 4-Ben Knopik 18:49, 8-Isaac Larsen 19:38, 9-Clive Ingamensen 19:45, 10-Mason Petrowitz 19:49
Pierz results: 14-Gunther Dodge 21:34, 15-Landon Schomer 22:03, 16-Tyler Foss 22:23, 17-Hayden Dodge 22:24, 18-Guy Clemons-Virnig 22:34, 19- Nathan Tax 22:44, 20-Connor Kruse 22:59, 21-Caleb Kuske 23:23,
Girls results
Team scores: 1-Albany 28, 2-Little Falls 36, 3-Pierz 62
Individual winner: Kristine Kalthoff (Albany) 19:34
Little Falls results: 3-Grace Leclair 21:42, 4-Ayla Anez 21:56, 8-Abby Borash 22:19, 9-Courtney Loeffler 22:43, 12-Beth Ahlin 23:32, 13-Aliza Kresha 23:43, 15-Dani Schirmers 23:56
Pierz results: 7-Katie Leidenfrost 22:03, 10-Chloe Lochner 22:47, 11-Carissa Andres 23:15, 16-Emma Kowalzcyk 24:00, 18-Eden Andres 24:52, 19-Emily Dehler 26:36, 20-Alyssa Gall 27:45, 21-Ellie Lochner 28:26
Next: Little Falls at Pierz Invite 4:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21.