WADENA — Amber Collins was the runner-up with a time of 21:09.9 to help the Wadena-Deer Creek girls capture the Park Region Conference Championship Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Britta Sweeney, Johanna Brunsberg, Lydia Oldakowski all finished in the top-10 for the Wolverines as they placed sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively.

Emma Reeder took fifth place with a time of 21:38.4 for Pillager as they took fourth as a team. Lindy Cordes placed 10th for the Huskies with a time 22:22.2.

Mara Adams was the top finisher for the sixth-place Pine River-Backus girls as she finished in 27th place with a time of 25:00.4

Olivia Stanley placed 24th for Verndale.

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Lane Hoefs came in third place for the Wadena-Deer Creek boys with a time of 18:05.6 to help lead them to a fourth-place team finish.

Bjorn Brunsberg took fourth place overall for the Wolverines with a time of 18:06.1.

Jacob Schnoor paced the Pine River-Backus boys with a time of 19:32.0, good for 15th place.

Braden Hoffer ran a 21:09.4 and finished in 29th place for the Pillager boys.

Michael Uselman finished in 21:25.3 to take 33th place for Verndale.

Boys results
Team scores: 1-Bertha-Hewitt 37, 2-Ottertail-County 70, 3-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville 85, 4-Wadena-Deer Creek 116, 5-Parkers Prairie 149, 6-Pine River-Backus, 7-New York Mills 172, 8-Pillager 244
Individual winner: Brady Rach (Bertha-Hewitt) 17:35.1
Pillager results: 29-Braden Hoffer 21:09.4, 45-Jakob Hooge 22:04.4, 55-Gunnar Casuse 23:35.3, 56-Micah Moyer 23:38.6, 59-Jayde Jordahl 23:51.9, 63-Brooks Brichacek 24:43.2, 64-Ian Dickinson 24:45.0, 65-Brenden Birchacek 25:32.4
Pine River-Backus results: 15-Jacob Schnoor 19:32.0, 23-Andrew Bueckers 20:11.8, 26-Isaiah Aulie 20:45.0, 37-Ethan Burns 21:32.0, 51-Robert Bueckers 23:09.8, 71-Dennis Rahm 28:37.8
Verndale results: 33-Michael Uselman 21:25.3
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 3-Lane Hoefs 18:05.6, 4-Bjorn Brunsberg 18:06.1, 14-Phillip Ross 19:26.5, 47-Eric Malone 22:35.4, 48-Cooper Damlo 22:55.5, 52-Trevin Kern 23:25.7, 72-Grant Nelson 30:39.8

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 40, 2-United North Central 62, 3-Ottertail County 78, 4-Pillager 121, 5-New York Mills 128, 6-Pine River-Backus 204
Individual winner: Anjalie Aho (United North Central) 20:43.3
Pillager results: 5-Emma Reeder 21:38.4, 10-Lindy Cordes 22:22.2, 33-Siena Swanberg 25:32.8, 36-Juliana Ewald 26:01.4, 37-Hunter Woidyla 26:01.9, 41-Isabella Brinkman 26:31.8, 49-Jenna Woidyla 27:33.1
Pine River-Backus results: 27-Mara Adams 25:00.4, 42-Kelsey Bergem 26:32.8, 44-Kenzlee Sawyer 27:10.9, 45-Evelynn Peterson 27:13.9, 46-Jovi Borland 27:16.1, 55-Kalie Trout 28:45.2
Verndale results: 24-Olivia Stanley 24:43.4, 35-Mia Arroyo 26:00.5
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Amber Collins 21:09.9, 6-Britta Sweeney 21:40.5, 7-Johanna Brunsberg 21:51.0, 8-Lydia Oldakowski 22:01.7, 17-Ally Pavek 23:42.2, 18-Karly Haverkamp 23:43.5, 20-Emma Reis 24:05.3

Little Falls gets 2nd in boys and girls

ST. CLOUD — Ayla Anez finished third at the Granite Ridge Conference Championship with a time of 19:56.1 to help the Little Falls girls to a second-place team finish Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Grace Leclair placed ninth for the Flyer girls with a time of 20:29.0.

Chloe Lochner came in eighth place with a time of 20:22.2 to lead the Pierz girls to a third-place finish.

Carissa Andres ran a 21:13.2 for the Pioneers girls which was good for 13th place.

Wyatt Baum took fourth place for the Little Falls boys with a time of 16:58.2 to lead the Flyers to a second-place team finish.

Noah Cameron finished in 15th place for the Flyers as he ran an 18:03.3.

Ethan Kowalczyk placed fifth overall for the Pierz boys with a time of 17:10.2 to help the Pioneers to a third place finish.

Nathan Tax of Pierz ran a 17:57.2 to finish in 13th place.

Boys results
Team scores: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 36, 2-Little Falls 80, 3-Foley 92, 4-Albany 109, 5-Pierz 116
Individual winner: Grant Mayers (Albany) 16:43.7
Little Falls results: 4-Wyatt Baum 16:58.2, 15-Noah Cameron 18:03.3, 17-Ben Knopik 18:06.2, 19-Connor Grant 18:08.7, 25-Isaac Larsen 18:43.2, 26-Kobi Cameron 18:52.2, 43-William Sprang 19:55.1
Pierz results: 5-Ethan Kowalczyk 17:10.2, 13-Nathan Tax 17:57.2, 22-Guy Clemons-Virnig 18:27.9, 27-Nathan Becker 18:54.2, 49-Hayden Dodge 20:45.9, 50-Gunther Dodge 20:59.2, 55-Kaleb Poser 22:31.1

Girls results
Team scores: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 32, 2-Little Falls 70, 3-Pierz 81, 4-Albany 88, 5-Zimmerman 127
Individual winner: Olivia Goebel (Albany) 17:58.4
Little Falls results: 3-Ayla Anez 19:56.1, 9-Grace Leclair 20:29.0, 16-Grace Wamre 21:38.2, 20-Aliza Kresha 21:52.6, 22-Beth Ahlin 22:02.2, 30-Avery Smieja 22:48.2, 33-Jadyn Rutten 22:59.1
Pierz results: 8-Chloe Lochner 20:22.2, 13-Carissa Andres 21:13.2, 15-Eden Andres 21:37.2, 21-Emma Kowalczyk 21:52.7, 24-Morgan Litke 22:21.2, 42-Maya Gahler 24:42.2.