Dance Team: Geraets named Warrior MVP

Quinn Geraets
Quinn Geraets

Quinn Geraets took home top honors at the Brainerd Warriors awards banquet held over Zoom video conferencing.

Geraets was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

Aubri Metz will be the team captain for next season.

All-State award winners were Grace Balsley and Mariah Erickson in kick and Macy Clough and Harlie Spieker in jazz.

Earning spots on the Minnesota State High School League’s All-State Tournament team were Balsley and Erickson in kick and Clough and Spieker in jazz.


Landing spots on the All-Central Lakes Conference kick team were Spieker, Balsley, Erickson, Geraets and India Hiltner. Macy Clough and Semme Hiltner were honorable mention selections.

Geraets, India Hiltner, Spieker and Clough were named to the all-conference jazz team with Thea Shogren and Jada Bentson earning honorable mention.

Other individual awards went to India Hiltner (best leaps, quickest learner), Spieker (best kicks, best leaps honorable mention), Balsley (best kicks honorable mention, most spirited, most optimistic), Sierra Chisholm (best toe touches), Geraets (best turns, hardest worker), Metz (most helpful, most organized, most dependable, hardest worker, hardest working swing), Bailey Clausen (best facials), Bentson (best facials), Saydie Olson (quickest learner), Jaidyn Lundstrom (quickest learner, most improved rookie), Semme Hiltner (quickest learner), Erickson (most spirited honorable mention, stick it award, most dependable honorable mention, most optimistic honorable mention, hardest worker), Lexie Tihanyi (most organized honorable mention), Clough (most optimistic honorable mention. Heather Star Habeck Scholarship winner), Bella Barber (most improved rookie), Aspen Herron (most improved veteran), Avrie George (most improved veteran), Brianna Hansch (hardest working swing), Bailey Clausen (hardest working swing) and Cassidy Rardin (rookie of the year).

Earning Minnesota Association of Dance Team Academic Achievement awards were Madison Avery, Izabella Barber, Clausen, Erickson, Tori Fuhr, George, Geraets, Brianna Hansch, Herron, India Hiltner, Semme Hiltner, Emma Kvalevog, Bailey Mackereth, Metz, Saydie Olson, Hannah Paysse, Cassidy Rardin, Greta Schloemer, Thea Shogren, Michaela Steichen, Sofia Sundquist-Rogers, Abigail Thom, Lexie Tihanyi and Anna Wickham.

From the junior varsity team, earning Academic Achievement by having a 3.3 or higher grade-point average were Izzi Badeaux, Aubrey Carey, Paige Davis, Madayln Feierabend, Macin Freed, Sofie Hamre, Sydney Hamre, Adryann Helland, Teegan Kronbeck, Madison Lee, Chloe Marohn, Madison Raskin, Racine Schommer, Brianna Seevers, Sophia Singh, Kylie Skaaland and Alexis Strus.

Hannah Paysse also earned Academic All-Central Lakes Conference.

Earning varsity letters were Avery, Barber, Balsley, Bentson, Chisholm, Clausen, Clough, Erickson, Fuhr, George, Geraets, Hansch, Heron, India Hiltner, Semme Hiltner, Gabrielle Jensen, Bailey Koop, Kvalevog, Lundstrom, Mackereth, Metz, Olson, Paysse, Rardin, Schloemer, Shogren, Spieker, Steichen, Thom, Sundquist and Wickham.

Koop was named the junior varsity team’s Most Valuable Player. She was also awarded best turns and most improved veteran honorable mention.


Other JV individual awards were: George (best leaps), Seevers (best kicks, best to touches), Strus (most spirited honorable mention, most optimistic), Sierra Chisholm (most spirited), Paysse (most helpful honorable mention, most organized), Freed (most helpful, most dependable honorable mention), Hamre (best facials honorable mention, thick skin, most improved rookie honorable mention), Kvalevog (best facials), Badeaux (quickest learner, most organized honorable mention), Racine Schommer (most dependable), Rardin (stick it award), Raskin (hardest worker, most improved rookie), Kronbeck (most improved rookie honorable mention), Lundstrom (most improved veteran) and Singh (hardest working swing).

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