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Are you ready for some football? Warriors prepare parents for season

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Cindy Stark (left), Lisa Gervanek, Jeanni Foss, Margaret Wiskow and Tonya Caughey race to the football Wednesday, Aug. 22, at Don Adamson Field. The women all have sons who play football and participated in an orientation for parents on the safety of the game and plays by Brainerd High School football coaches. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch Gallery and Video2 / 2

Brainerd Warriors head football coach Ron Stolski said he thought it would be nice to bring parents of football players to practice and talk about the school's commitment to safety.

With that, sets of shoulder pads, helmets and jerseys were lined up on the field Wednesday, Aug. 22, for parents to try on and get the feel of what their child experiences when they're playing.

Coaches Jason Freed and Troy Nelso ran through several football plays and terminology used by the coaches and the players to counter their opponent. Coaches reached out to the parents and asked what position their child played and tried to place them in the same position on the field. When everyone was ready, the ball was snapped and a football game broke out with lots of laughter among the parents.

The final message came from Stolski, describing how the Brainerd Warrior football team is a family who looks out for each other's safety and well being.

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