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High School Football: Hectic last 2 weeks of regular season begins Friday, Oct. 12

4, 7, 2, 8.

Brainerd Warriors football coach Ron Stolski drew those numbers on a board at the team's meeting Monday, Oct. 8. Translation: The team has four practices before its seventh game and two practices before its final game of the regular season.

The rush to play the final two games of the regular season begins Friday, Oct. 12, when the 1-5 Moorhead Spuds travel to Adamson Field to face the 3-3 Warriors in a Section 8-5A and North Central Red Subdistrict game. Brainerd ends the regular season at Sartell Wednesday, Oct. 17, while Moorhead finishes at Alexandria.

"You come into the summer when it's hot and you practice," Stolski said. "You take it one game at a time. (Football is) so unlike other sports where you may have one, two, maybe three contests a week. You just work away for that next game. Then all of a sudden, bang (the regular season ends).

"We have a terrific senior group. From top to bottom, they work hard, they're unselfish, they care about each other. But with that said, the season is in three parts—preseason where you work out a lot, go to a big scrimmage, then you get ready. Part Two is your regular season, which is ending now. And, Part Three of course is playoffs. We have plenty of football ahead of us."

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Moorhead at Brainerd

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Spuds head coach Kevin Feeney, whose team won its first game of the season 37-17 over winless Sartell last week, looks at the stretch run as a positive.

"When we play rival games, those are teams we have a lot of respect for, teams that we lost to last year," he said. "Our kids certainly understand that. It's a great challenge coming to Brainerd, then ending in a short week against Alexandria who ended our season last year.

"We know the task at hand. Our kids want to show we're a better football team than our record is. But until you prove that on Friday night, you are what you are."

This has been an unusual season for the Spuds, who have been perennial section championship contenders. They dropped their first five games and gave up 48 more points than they scored. However, three of those losses were by a combined 13 points.

The Spuds lost their opener 40-20 to Elk River, followed by a 24-20 loss to Sauk Rapids, a crazy 48-42 five-overtime loss to St. Cloud Tech, a 43-28 loss to Bemidji and a 35-32 loss to Willmar.

Feeney said the season has not progressed as the Spuds hoped or expected. But he said Moorhead has switched some things on offense and defense since last season and knew it would take time for players to adjust.

"We knew coming into this season we would be in a little bit of a transition year," Feeney said. "Unfortunately we've found ways to not compete in games. I think in every phase of the game we've showed glimpses of being a decent football team and in every phase of the game we've showed glimpses of not being a very good football team.

"It's been a tale of whether it's quarters or halves, we would play a solid first half then not play well in the other half or vice versa. Our room for error is not large. We knew that coming in. We've yet to play four quarters of good football consecutively."

One thing is certain—the Warriors aren't overlooking Moorhead.

"They've lost some close games that probably could have gone the other way," Stolski said, "then you're looking at a 4-2 team. You look at your opponent for what strengths that opponent has and Moorhead's got plenty of them."

Brainerd Warriors (3-3)

OFFENSE QB: 7-Sam Miller, 23-Owen Davis

RB: 25-Joe Klang, 22-Ben Staehling, 26-Davon Stuckey, 2-Braden Kramer, 21-Bryson Bassett, 5-Taylor Ludwig

WR: 8-Pat Gervenak, 35-Levi McDonald, 24-Gabe Smith, 23-Owen Davis, 43-Harry Carlson, 10-Brett Besenfelder, 36-Jon Nelson, 84-Renzen Caughey

T: 66-Jason Jennette, 64-Cameron Olson, 75-Brady Seidl

G: 60-Isaac Chappuis, 57-Garret Gardiepy, 64-Cameron Olson, 56-Nate Bessingpas

C: 53-Brett Hague, 60-Isaac Chappius


T: 45-Morgan Gibson, 57-Garret Gardiepy, 66-Jason Jennette, 71-John Berry, 90-Mannie Uketegbe, 67-Logan Thede

NG: 78-Nick Moline, 95-Elias Lies, 93-Isaac Winter, 58-Fletcher DeRosier, 96-D'Khori Sturkey

OLB: 5-Taylor Ludwig, 2-Braden Kramer, 28-Josh McLain, 30-Tom Fickett

ILB: 17-Jacob Drietz, 40-Forrest Gibson, 28-Josh McLain, 55-Simon Nelson

CB: 35-Levi McDonald, 15-Jack Olson, 44-Devlin Lamke, 31-John Barr, 47-Calvin Foss, 16-Joey Wiskow, 26-Davon Stuckey

SS: 8-Pat Gervenak, 22-Ben Staehling, 41-Mark Boran, 27-Devin Emslander, 32-Caleb Nagel

FS: 20-Brady Anderson, 23-Owen Davis


P: 25-Joe Klang, 23-Owen Davis

K: 81-Zach Henke

LS: 15-Jack Olson

H: 7-Sam Miller

Returns: 20-Brady Anderson, 26-Davon Stuckey, 22-Ben Staehling, 8-Pat Gervenak, 23-Owen Davis, 25-Joe Klang


Moorhead Spuds (1-5)


T: 70-Logan Garcia

T: 67-Jameson Cozad

G: 54-Evan Gray

G: 73-Ali Younis

C: 87-Houston Hall

TE: 47-Alec Thinvold

WR: 8-Peter Narum

RB: 46-Riley Schock

RB: 48-Keenan Wendt

RB: 55-Nathan Johnson

QB: 3-Trey Feeney


75: DE-Seth Anderson

DE: 82-Gunnar Parr

NG: 60-Tristan Duerr

LB: 40-Hayden Netland

LB: 5-Jackson Gotta

LB: 88-Curtis Shereck

LB: 45-Noah Anderson

CB: 7-Tommy Horan

CB: 2-Wyatt Gunkel

FS: 28-Nick Johnson

SS: 19-Hudson Hodges




Aug 31, at Buffalo — Lost 38-28

Sept 7, St. Cloud Tech at St. John's University — Lost 32-26

Sept 14, Alexandria — WON 36-7

Sept 21, Sauk Rapids — WON 34-14

Sept 28, at Bemidji — Lost 12-7

Oct 6, Becker — WON 35-21 (homecoming)

Friday, Oct 12, Moorhead 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct 17, at Sartell 7 p.m. Section 8-5A Playoffs

Tuesday, Oct 23, opening round

Saturday, Oct 27, semifinals

Friday, Nov 2, championship




St. Cloud Tech 4-1, Sauk Rapids 4-1, Bemidji 3-1, Brainerd 2-2, Alexandria 1-3, Moorhead 1-3, Sartell 0-4

Oct. 5 Results

Sauk Rapids 34, Tech 6

Bemidji 30, Alexandria 12

Moorhead 37, Sartell 17

Oct. 6 Result

Brainerd 35, Becker 21

Friday, Oct. 12

Games at 7 p.m.

Moorhead at Brainerd

Sauk Rapids at Alexandria

Tech at Princeton

Bemidji at Sartell




No. 10-Bemidji, 17-Brainerd, 33-Alexandria, 37-Moorhead, 47-Sartell


Bemidji 5-1, Brainerd 3-3, Alexandria 2-4, Moorhead 1-5, Sartell 0-6



Points per-game average: Brainerd 27.7, Opponents 20.7

Yards per game average: Brainerd 379.8, Opponents 386.2