Jan. 5--EMDASH--CO Report

District 9 - Brainerd area CO Mike Lee (Crosslake) spoke to anglers and monitored ice conditions. Ice conditions varied around the Crosslake Station. Officers continued investigations into cases from the Firearms deer season with violations being...

District 9 - Brainerd area

CO Mike Lee (Crosslake) spoke to anglers and monitored ice conditions. Ice conditions varied around the Crosslake Station.

Officers continued investigations into cases from the Firearms deer season with violations being encountered for taking antlerless deer without a valid antlerless tag.

CO Tim Collette (Pequot Lakes) saw many anglers trying the ice for the first time this week.

Ice conditions vary from lake to lake and are marginal at best. One group of anglers trying a lake for the first time this season broke through the ice with their ATV near shore. Nobody was hurt and they were able to get the ATV out with a few hours of work. Enforcement


activity included no angling license in possession, expired ATV and snowmobile registrations and angling without a valid license.

CO Patrick McGowan (Pine River) continued training a conservation officer candidate on field training. The officers worked a Red Lake detail and report numerous violations encountered for angling with extra lines. Officers also patrolled for snowmobile and trapping activity.

CO Jim Guida (Brainerd) worked sport fishing and snowmobile enforcement. Anglers who leave shelters out overnight unattended require information on the shelter in additional to a current shelter tag. Anglers are reminded to please put the top half of the shelter tag within sight of the front door and remove the bottom half that contains personal information. Enforcement action was taken on no spearing license, no shelter information, and failure to renew ATV Registration. A snowmobile safety class was instructed and kids were anxious to hit the lightly covered snowmobile trails.

CO Bob Mlynar (Aitkin) worked angling and spearing activity. Deer season case work continued and a DWI report was completed.

CO Karl Hadrits (Crosby) reports patrol focused on holiday outdoor recreational activity including fishing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and the Cuyuna Country State Recreational Area. Evidence was prepared for an upcoming waterfowl case trial, and complaints of illegal use of GIA ski trails were responded to. Numerous enforcement contacts were made for no ski passes, illegal activities on ski trails, no fishing licenses and licenses not in possession.

Cuyuna SRA - vacant.

District 10 - Mille Lacs area

CO Greg Verkuilen (Garrison) checked angling and snowmobile activity on area lakes despite spotty ice conditions ranging from 2-9 inches. ATV's were the preferred method for getting out, however, one third of ATV registrations expired on Jan. 1. Verkuilen also checked trapping activity and some grouse hunters out for the final weekend of the season.


CO Chris Tetrault (Isle) checked people spearing for pike on area lakes. People are having luck and having fun. Anglers on Mille Lacs Lake were checked. Ice conditions on the lake vary greatly. A few groups of hunters were out for the last weekend for various critters. Enforcement action was taken for transporting loaded firearms on an ATV, operating ATV's on snowmobile trails, expired snowmobile and ATV registrations and other various violations.

CO Scott Fitzgerald (Malmo) reports checking fishermen on Mille Lacs Lake and other area lakes. The ice conditions on all lakes vary so please check the ice before venturing out.

Snowmobile traffic was also monitored but the trails need more snow and cold weather.

Please remember to check your registration on your sled to see if it is current before hitting the trails. A fishing TIP complaint was investigated and some car kill deer permits were issued during the week. Time was also spent checking some small game hunters and also trapping activity was monitored throughout the week and weekend. Lots of snowmobiling, hunting, ATV, and fishing related questions were answered throughout the week and weekend. Enforcement action was taken for various ATV and fishing violations.

CO Dan Starr (Onamia) worked fishing, snowmobile, trapping, and ATV activities. Enforcement action was taken for extra lines, possessing marijuana, ATV registration, and no license in possession. The pressure is high on a couple lakes. Officer Starr recommends some common sense when it comes to drilling holes, yelling, and cussing. There are little kids trying to enjoy the outdoors and need not hear vulgarity. Several adult males were coached on their behavior.

CO Bret Grundmeier (Hinckley) found an increase in ice fishing activity throughout the week. Anglers were finally finding 4 to 5 inches of ice on many area lakes but still had to use caution due to still finding areas that had just frozen over. Snowmobile trails were rideable but not holding up very well due to minimal snow cover and no established snow base.

CO Luke Croatt (Wealthwood) patrolled area lakes and state forest. Some crappie limits were seen on smaller lakes and dark house spearing success was also seen. Ice conditions still remain sketchy on most lakes. A lot of fishermen chose to walk to fishing spots and reported ice still not consistent so use due caution. A few hunters were contacted on state forest land taking their last chance at a grouse. Enforcement action was taken on ATV and fishing violations.

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