BARROWS-Jake Goetze and Dylan Nelson will battle to the final week of the points season in the Super Stock class while David Siercks all but sealed his second straight Sportmods points title Saturday, Aug., 18 at North Central Speedway.

Going into the Saturday's racing, Super Stock and Sportmods were the only two of the six classes where a battle was still going on.

Just one point separated Troy Jordan and David Siercks prior to the feature. Siercks and Jordan each started from Row 5 in the 15-lap feature. Disaster struck for Jordan early as his car was caught in an early caution and he had to leave the race early, which resulted in a 14th-place finish.

Siercks stayed up front and just one driver, Troy Jordan's son Jacob, was able to hold him off from grabbing the checkered flag. Jacob Jordan went on to win with Siercks finishing second and Jake Hagemann third.

With the win, Siercks pushed his lead to 11 over Troy Jordan for the points championship with just next week's race Saturday, Aug. 25, remaining.

The 13-car, 20-lap Super Stock feature was a crazy race. Racing veteran Tim Johnson made an appearance and he earned a front row start in the feature. Goetze started on Row 1 opposite of Johnson while Nelson started from Row 5.

With a lap to go, Nelson worked his way up to fourth place while Johnson was running in front of Jordan Henkemeyer and Goetze running in third. In Turn 4 of the final lap, Henkemeyer got into Johnson, knocking him off the track and bringing out a yellow flag, meaning their would be a two-lap dash to the checkered flag.

With Henkemeyer sent to the back for causing the caution, Johnson, Goetze and Nelson started in the first three spots on the restart, and the race finished that way.

Going into the final week, Goetze holds a one-point lead over Nelson.

In the Sport Compact feature, Dustin Virkus made it back to victory lane for his sixth win of the season.

Tim Gonska has the points championship clinched in the Hobby Stock class and he widened the gap with his eighth win of the season.

Jerry Esler made it back to the winners' podium running past Jess Geesey, who has a safe margin in the points lead in the Mod 4 class.

Shawn Fletcher will win his second straight Modified points championship next week, but Saturday was all about teammate AJ Viehauser who got the win in the 20-lap feature.

IMCA Sport Compacts:

Feature: 1-Dustin Virkus, 2-Dannie Burkholder, 3-Zachery Schreder

Heat 1: 1-Dustin Virkus, 2-Travis Roush, 3-Zach Besmehn

Heat 2: 1-Derek Stanoch, 2-Zachery Schreder, 3-Jenna Hagemann

IMCA Hobby Stocks:

Feature: 1-Tim Gonska, 2-Joe Gonska, 3-Devin Larson

Heat 1: 1-Devin Larson, 2-Tim Siercks, 3-Trista Pankratz

Heat 2: 1-Tim Gonska, 2-Joe Gonska, 3-Cory Lodermeier

NCS Mod 4s:

Feature: 1-Jerry Esler, 2-Jess Geesey, 3-Gerry Nohner

Heat 1: 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Gerry Nohner, 3-Bob Holtquist

Heat 2: 1-Abby Garin, 2-Jerry Esler, 3-Katrina McMartin

IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds:

Feature: 1-Jacob Jordan, 2-David Siercks, 3-Jake Hagemann

Heat 1: 1-Ariel Mueller, 2-Adam Bohlman, 3-David Siercks

Heat 2: 1-Todd Rizer, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Jacob Jordan

NCS Super Stock:

Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Jake Goetze, 3-Dylan Nelson

Heat 1: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Jake Goetze, 3-Austin Niemeyer

Heat 2: 1-Jordan Henkemeyer, 2-Shawn Wageman, 3-Dylan Nelson

IMCA Modifieds:

Feature: 1-AJ Viehauser, 2-Luke Hines, 3-Shawn Fletcher

Heat 1: 1-Luke Hines, 2-Justin Jones, 3-Erick Thiesse