BARROWS-The 2018 racing season at North Central Speedway officially came to an end with the second day of the Mighty Axe Nationals Sunday, Sept 2.

Traditionally, the Mighty Axe Nationals is a two-day grind for the drivers with a lot of yellow caution flags, twisted sheet metal and cars on the hook being pulled off the track.

That was the case again for the 2018 Nationals and when the dust cleared one driver was able to complete the weekend sweep, Billy Kendall III in the Modified class.

More than 140 drivers participated in the program and two more classes were added, the Micro Sprints and the Outlaw Mini Mods.

Kendall III is familiar with the winners stand as he was a six-time features winner this summer. The driver finishing in the No. 2 spot was Shawn Fletcher.

Kendall III and Fletcher finished in the top two spots in the 17-car feature event Saturday, Sept. 1. It was the same result for Sunday's 20-lap feature.

Racing is a family sport and there were several memories that developed over the weekend.

In the Northern Sportmod class, Troy Jordan had a great view of his son, Jacob, getting the feature win Saturday. Troy Jordan finished second.

David Siercks celebrated with his son, Tim, who won the Axe in the Hobby Stock feature Saturday. Then Siercks won the Axe in the Northern Sportmod feature Sunday.

Points champion Tim Gonska recorded the Hobby Stock feature win Sunday, with his brother Joe getting the second-place spot.

In a talented, veteran Mod 4 field, Mitchell Hribar visited the winners stand Saturday and Jerry Esler claimed the top spot Sunday.

The season's most competitive points battle was in the Super Stock class between Dylan Nelson and Jake Goetze. The two drivers enjoyed a healthy, and sometimes heated battle, with Goetze coming away with the points championship.

Nelson got the win Saturday night. Goetze was one of the drivers to give him the thumbs up at the winners stand.

Sunday, veteran Super Stock driver Tim Johnson claimed the Axe, followed by Kendall III's second victory to end the season.

Results for Saturday, Sep. 1

IMCA Sport Compacts:

Feature: 1-Max Nelson, 2-Brian Adams, 3-Dustin Virkus

Heat 1: 1-Curt Derichs, 2-Derek Stanoch, 3-Terry Blowers

Heat 2: 1-Zachery Schreder, 2-Peewee Kuhnau, 3-Lexy Kastner

Heat 3: 1-Dustin Virkus, 2-Austin Lammers, 3-Aaron Reimers

Heat 4: 1-Max Nelson, 2-Brian Adams, 3-Travis Roush

IMCA Hobby Stocks:

Feature: 1-Tim Gonska, 2-Joe Gonska, 3-Dave Johnson

Heat 1: 1-Tim Gonska, 2-Joe Gonska, 3-Greg Sidles

Heat 2: 1-Dave Johnson, 2-Tim Siercks, 3-Devin Larson

NCS Mod 4s:

Feature: 1-Mitchell Hribar, 2-Gerry Nohner, 3-Jerry Esler

Heat 1: 1-Mitchell Hribar, 2-Jerry Esler, 3-Keith Roush

Heat 2: 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Matt Halls, 3-Abby Garin

IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds:

Feature: 1-Jacob Jordan, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Tim Bergerson

Heat 1: 1-Jacob Jordan, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Tim Bergerson

Heat 2: 1-Tim Bergerson, 2-Jacob Jordan, 3-Alan Bohlman

Heat 3: 1-Jason Vejtruba, 2-Mark Martini, 3-Brendon Yamry

NCS Super Stock:

Feature: 1-Dylan Nelson, 2-Dan Nissalke, 3-Butch Butcher

Heat 1: 1-Josh Anderson, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Jake Goetze

Heat 2: 1-Seth Kramer, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Andrew Hedtke

IMCA Modifieds:

Feature: 1-Billy Kendall III, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-Clint Hatlestad

Heat 1: 1-Shawn Fletcher, 2-Josh Anderson, 3-Seth Kramer

Heat 2: 1-Luke Hines, 2-Larry Zeller, 3-Clint Hatlestad

Heat 3: 1-Ryan Canon, 2-Billy Kendall III, 3-Randy Klein

Micro Sprints:

Feature: 1-Zack Nelson, 2-Austin Letourneau, 3-Jack Berger

Heat 1: 1-Trevor Olson, 2-Austin Letourneau, 3-Zack Nelson

Heat 2: 1-Jack Berger, 2-Adam Prieve, 3-Dylan Larson

Outlaw Mini Mods:

Feature: 1-Blake Ferris, 2-Nathan Kilwine, 3-Taton Hansen

Heat 1: 1-Nathan Kilwine, 2-Jerry Larson, 3-John Dulmage

Heat 2: 1-Blake Ferris, 2-Dane Olson, 3-Ben Van Zile

Heat 3: 1-Taton Hansen, 2-Kelly Steele, 3-Justin Cutre

Results for Sunday, Sept. 2

IMCA Sport Compacts:

Feature: 1-Corey Mehrwerth, 2-Dustin Virkus, 3-RJ Esqueda

Heat 1: 1-Dan Kastner, 2-Alex Dostal, 3-Terry Blowers

Heat 2: 1-Dustin Virkus, 2-Corey Mehrwerth, 3-Eric Mehlhaff

Heat 3: 1-Derek Stanoch, 2-Austin Lammers, 3-Zachery Schreder

IMCA Hobby Stocks:

Feature: 1-Tim Siercks, 2-Rod Manthey, 3-Brandon Bombardo

Heat 1: 1-Joe Gonska, 2-Greg Sidles, 3-Chad Visser

Heat 2: 1-Dave Johnson, 2-Tim Siercks, 3-Rod Manthey

NCS Mod 4s:

Feature: 1-Jerry Esler, 2-Gerry Nohner, 3-Mitchell Hribar

Heat 1: 1-Mitchell Hribar, 2-Justin Pogones, 3-Josh Sautbine

Heat 2: 1-Jess Geesey, 2-Jerry Esler, 3-Gerry Nohner

IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds:

Feature: 1-David Siercks, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Tim Bergerson

Heat 1: 1-Adam Bohlman, 2-Dru Nelson, 3-Tim Bergerson

Heat 2: 1-Jason Vejtruba, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Mike Johnson

Heat 3: 1-Todd Rizer, 2-David Siercks, 3-Mark Martini

NCS Super Stock:

Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Jake Goetze

Heat 1: 1-Dan Nissalke, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Chad Fouquette

Heat 2: 1-Butch Butcher, 2-Devin Fouquette, 3-Dylan Nelson

IMCA Modifieds:

Feature: 1-Billy Kendall III, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-Justin Jones

Heat 1: 1-Randy Klein, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-Josh Anderson

Heat 2: 1-Luke Hines, 2-Billy Kendall III, 3-Justin Jones

Micro Sprints:

Feature: 1-Austin Letourneau, 2-Jeremy Snow, 3-Adam Prieve

Heat 1: 1-Austin Letourneau, 2-Adam Prieve, 3-Zack Nelson

Heat 2: 1-Jeremy Snow, 2-Dylan Larsen, 3-Grant McIntosh

Outlaw Mini Mods:

Feature: 1-Kelly Steele, 2-Jerry Larson, 3-Nathan Kilwine

Heat 1: 1-Justin Cutrer, 2-Nathan Kilwine, 3-Tommy Patton

Heat 2: 1-Blake Ferris, 2-Tanner Prehn, 3-Ben Van Zile

Heat 3: 1-Kelly Steele, 2-Talon Hansen, 3-Jerry Larson