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What’s Up Outdoors: Time to start talking about ice fishing

Early reports have been great so far, with lots of anglers getting limits pretty quickly.

As we hit the middle of the muzzleloader season I haven’t heard of any good success from most of my friends that are out still chasing deer. I just couldn’t waste the money on a tag this year with the deer I saw during rifle season, we’ll just put that money in next year's “Out West” fund.

Another thing that takes place this time of year is the traffic jams of anglers headed to Red Lake chasing first ice crappies. Early reports have been great so far, with lots of anglers getting limits pretty quickly.

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I’ll be at the ice fishing shows for the next few weeks, talking about everything ice fishing. One thing I can suggest this year rather than a certain product is not waiting for that great deal. With containers full of ice fishing gear not showing up, if you are thinking about a purchase and waiting for it to be a good deal, that deal probably won’t come. Retailers haven’t gotten a lot of stock so whatever they have will be gone relatively quickly. So if you are thinking about that new 24 volt Strikemaster auger, you better get it now.

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Jamie Dietman

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