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Mountain Biking: Anderson, C-I capture state titles

Crosby-Ironton’s Braeden Anderson crosses the finish line Oct. 28 at Mt. Kato near Mankato to win the Division II individual state mountain biking title. Anderson's win led C-I to the team title. Submitted Photo / Mari Kivisto

MANKATO—Crosby-Ironton's Braeden Anderson made it a clean sweep en route to winning the state championship as well as leading Crosby-Ironton to the Division II team title Sunday, Oct. 28 at Mt. Kato.

Anderson won his fifth race of the season and his first state title with a time of 59:12.2.

"I just wanted to ride with a fast group of guys for the first few laps and then make my move on the big ski hill with about a lap to go," Anderson said. "The big climb up the ski hill helps me as a light rider. I weigh less than everybody else. I'm able to just go up that hill faster.

"My endurance is my strength. The more you train the more it pays off, I think."

Anderson was the only varsity boy racer to break the hour barrier. In last year's state meet, Anderson placed second to Prior Lakes' Calvin Sandberg. He was fourth as an eighth-grader so the C-I sophomore was confident going into the race.

"I was pretty confident, but you can never really count anyone out," Anderson said. "I was nervous on race day, but everything came together and I was able to get the win."

C-I tallied 2,272 points to top runner-up St. Paul Highland Park by 156 points. Anderson's win in the varsity boys race handed C-I 625 points. C-I got 569 from Lance Anderson, who placed third in the junior varsity boys race. Noah Coughlin was eighth in varsity boys and Anna Coughlin's fourth in junior varsity girls to account for the rest of C-I's points.

"I think it was the team's third year winning state so we were all pretty excited," Anderson said. "Crosby is an excellent team. We have a few girls that are really good and they've been scoring some big points for us. That helps out a ton. We got some good top 10 results from the guys who race varsity and the guys who race JV."

Jay Hunter placed third in freshmen boys and Ean Hunter was eighth in junior varsity event. Brooke Johnson also registered a top 10 finish as she was seventh in the freshmen girls event.

Cuyuna Lakes placed sixth with 2,018 points.

Peter Nierenhausen finished 12th in varsity boys. Jack Hennies was fifth in junior varsity boys. Nicholas Nierenhausen was seventh in the freshmen class and Gracen Hardy posted an 18th-place finish in varsity girls.

Brainerd rounded out the area's teams with its 25th-place finish. The Warriors scored 1,409 points.

Baden Bastian was the top point getter with 484 points with his eighth place in freshmen boys. Sam Pikula was 16th in junior varsity boys. Parker Linn's 11th in freshmen boys rounded out Brainerd's scoring. The lack of a female competitor hurt Brainerd's overall scoring.

"We all practice together and it just feels like we're all on the same team. We just score separate," Anderson said.

In middle school competition, Brainerd's Hayden Hagen was the top seventh-grade boy and James Foster was the third-fastest eighth-grade boy.

Addie Ryan of Cuyuna Range was the second-fastest seventh-grade girl.

Team scores (47 total teams): 1-Crosby-Ironton 2,272, 2-St. Paul Highland Park 2,116, 3-Chaska 2,111, 4-Armstrong 2,082, 5-Alexandria 2,055, 6-Cuyuna Lakes 2,018, 7-St. Croix 2,014, 8-Minneapolis South 1,957, 9t-Hudson 1,940, 9t-Mankato 1,940, 11-Cannon Valley 1,913, 12-New Prague 1,857, 13-Bloomington 1,823, 14-White Bear Lake 1,814, 15-Osseo 1,686, 16-Minneapolis Southside 1,672, 17-Eastview 1,667, 18-Elk River 1,653, 19-Winona 1,629, 20-Eden Prairie 1,617, 21-Rochester 1,616, 22-Lakeville North 1,580, 23-Roseville 1,468, 24-Champlin Park 1,467, 25-Brainerd 1,409, 26-Maple Grove 1,402, 27-Austin 1,391, 28-Duluth 1,384, 29-Century 1,352, 30-St. Paul Central 1,351

Brainerd results

Varsity boys: 30-Javan Hemsworth 1:07:39.1, 33-Christopher Boucher 1:09:01.8, 52-Kaden Sheflo 1:22:00.3

Junior varsity boys: 16-Sam Pikula 50:54.1, 13-Dominic Craig 36:24.2, 22-Ethan Cady 52:09.3, 43-Talon Yost 38:37.7, 54-Briston Domino 39:58.9, 76-Landon Mertens 42:16.1

Freshmen boys: 8-Baden Bastian, 11-Parker Linn 34:26.2, 15-Cole Weinrich 34:44.8, 22-Henry Stephens 35:38.3, 47-Logan Omberg 38:05.5, 56-Christopher Tix 40:00.2

Eighth-grade boys: 3-James Foster, 7-Will Thomes, 37-Jackson Beckers

Seventh-grade boys: 1-Hayden Hagen, 57-Matt Thomes

Crosby-Ironton results

Varsity boys: 1-Braeden Anderson 59:12.2, 8-Noah Coughlin 1:03:52.2, 15-Kaleb Bauer 1:05:54.4, 16-Sam Roberts 1:05:54.4, 36-Cuyler Rono 1:09:49.1, 45-Evan Hutchison 1:14.46

Varsity girls: 19-Courtney Johnson 1:30:02.6

Junior varsity boys: 3-Lance Anderson 48:42.6, 8-Ean Hunter 49:35.6, 23-Trevor Hutchison 52:31.5, 24-Ben Gujer 52:33.5

Junior varsity girls: 4-Anna Coughlin 40:37.4

Freshmen boys: 3-Jay Hunter 32:55.4, 45-Easton Maucieri 37;59.2

Freshmen girls: 7-Brooke Johnson 40:08.4

Eighth-grade boys: 17-Bradley Hachey, 51-Caleb Jacobson

Seventh-grade boys: 14-Samuel Coughlin, 16-Kolbe Severson, 23-James Lewandowski

Cuyuna Lakes results

Varsity Boys: 12-Peter Nierenhausen 1:05:14.7

Varsity girls: 18-Gracen Hardy 1:27:28.7

Junior varsity boys: 5-Jack Hennies 35:24.4, 17-Nathan Rom 36:49.3, 33-Austin Schroeder 53:48.8

Freshmen boys: 7-Nicholas Nierenhausen 33:30.4, 12-Isaiah Hamilton 34:32.5, 27-Ben Harris 36:37.9

Eighth-grade boys: 28-Kal Larson

Eighth-grade girls: 27-Dana Hammer

Seventh-grade boys: 29-Enoch Anderson

Seventh-grade girls: 2-Addie Ryan, 20-Amelia Pederson