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Nordic Skiing: Warrior girls, Flyer boys 13th at Giants Ridge

BIBIWAK—Brainerd's Evan Storbakken finished eighth in classic at the Mesabi East Invite as the Brainerd Warrior boys placed 23rd and the Warrior girls finished 13th Saturday, Jan. 5 at Giant's Ridge.

Jackson Grant was 12th in classic for the Little Falls Flyer boys as they finished in 13th, and the Flyers girls came in 25th.

Brainerd's Grace Erholtz placed 31st in freestyle followed by Lili Schaffer in 36th place. Gina Wasniewski (48th) and Emma Storbakken (49th) both posted top 50 results in Minnesota's largest high school skiing event.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Forest Lake 523, 2-Stillwater 497, 3-Ely 491, 4-Grand Rapids 487, 5-Superiorland 484, 13-Little Falls 400, 23-Brainerd 352

Brainerd results: Classic: 8-Evan Storbakken (16:05.9), 95-Ben Renner (20:03.7), 98-David Dewey (20:08.8); Freestyle: 41-Maxim Osborne (16:39.5), 62-Mitchell Neumann (17:17.9) 76-Nick Whiteman (17.48)

Little Falls results: Classic: 12-Jackson Grant (16:14), 33-Colton Yorek (17:21.9), 99-Colton Gottwalt (20:09.3); Freestyle: 55-Simon Park (17:06.7), 58-John Stockard (17:06.7), 130-Ben Peterson (21:02.9)

Girls results

Team scores: 1-St. Paul Highland Park 525, 2-Duluth East 513, 3-Forest Lake 491, 4-Wayzata 488, 5-Stillwater 478, 13-Brainerd 396, 25-Little Falls 328

Brainerd results: Classic: 48-Gina Wazniewski (21:45.2), 49-Emma Storbakken (21:52), 52-Sarah Nesheim (21:55); Freestyle: 31-Grace Erholtz (19:06.3), 36-Lili Schaeffer (19:32.8), 80-Callie Knapp (21:25.5)

Little Falls results: Classic: 64-Adrienne Kresha (22:27.5), Molly Lange (22:45.7); Freestyle: 42-Katie Corbett (19:51.1), 55-Claire Zack (20:14.4), 119-Breanna Barchus (23:53.6)