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Nordic Skiing: Wasniewski leads Warrior girls to 2nd

Brainerd's Gina Wasniewski races down the trails Thursday, Jan. 10 during the Detroit Lakes Invite at Maplelag-Little Sugarbush Lake. Forum News Service/ Robert Williams

CALLAWAY—Gina Wasniewski posted a seventh-place 30:32.2 to lead the Brainerd Warriors girls to second place at the Detroit Lakes Invite at Maplelag-Little Sugarbush Lake.

"This is the first time Gina has led our group and she skied extremely well," Warriors co-head coach Mary Claire Ryan said. "She skied in the second wave and caught up with the first-wave skiers.

"She has really been coming on well. She said after the race today that it's all about being mentally tough and determined and she was definitely that today."

Wasniewski was followed by Grace Erholtz in 10th place, Liliana Schaeffer in 12 and Elle Juranek in 14th for the Warriors 361 team points. That trailed first-place Bemidji by 28 points.

"Lily got caught up in a big tangle and got taken down a time or two so anytime you fall it's going to cost you a little bit," Ryan said. "The girls are bunching up and moving up well so we're excited about that."

The Little Falls girls finished fourth with Katie Corbett posting a fourth-place time of 30:03.6.

The Flyers' boys finished second with Colton Yorek's second-place time of 24:57.8 leading the way. Jackson Grant was third, Cormac Shanoff ninth and Colton Gottwalt 10th.

Brainerd slipped to fourth on the boys' side. Evan Storbakken led the Warriors with an eighth-place time of 26:04.0. Nick Whiteman followed in 15th place. Maxim Osborne placed 16th and Nole Robertson was 17th.

"We had a few glitches today," Ryan said. "This was a continues pursuit where you go out in classic and then you switch skis and poles if you choose and then head out right away and finish it up. Evan, who normally does better than what he did today, things didn't switch over as well as he hoped. He chose to not switch over some of his equipment and in the long run, the short poles over skate poles in the race didn't help him.

"But if you're going to have a race where things didn't quite go how you wanted them, better now than later in the year."

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Bemidji 382, 2-Little Falls 380, 3-Moorhead 366, 4-Brained 348, 5-Detroit Lakes 293, 6-Alexandria 264, 7-TrekNorth 220, 8-Fergus Falls 137

Individual winner: Nick Youso (Bemidji) 24:34.6

Brainerd results: 8-Evan Storbakken 26:04.0, 15-Nick Whiteman 27:04.4, 16-Maxim Osborne 27:14.5, 17-Nole Robertson 27:22.0, 23-Jacob Olson 28:29.8, 37-Ben Renner 28:46.7, 28-David Dewey 28:53.4, 32-Atticus Osborne 29:38.7, 36-Nick Porisch 30:05.0, 37-Nick Schneider 30:06.1

Little Falls results: 2-Colton Yorek 24:57.8, 3-Jackson Grant 24:58, 9-Cormac Shanoff 26:17.8, 10-Colton Gottwalt 26:22.1, 19-Connor Grant 28:00.3, 20-Simon Park 28:07.9, 29-John Stockard 29:10.9, 31-Brett Gottwalt 29:34.8, 35-Eli Segler 30:00.3, 43-Scott Kahler 30:57.1

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Bemidji 389, 2-Brainerd 361, 3-Alexandria 353, 4-Little Falls 345, 5-Moorhead 329, 6-Detroit Lakes 187, 7-Fergus Falls 143

Individual winner: Kinley Prestegard (Bemidji) 28:04.7

Brainerd results: 7-Gina Wasniewski 30:32.2, 10-Grace Erholtz 31:09.5, 12-Liliana Schaeffer 31:32.5, 14-Elle Juranek 31:51.7, 15-Emma Storbakken 32:08.6, 19-Sarah Nesheim 32:48.4, 25-Callie Knapp 33:12.7, 33-Abbygail Wohl-Kovatovitch 34:45.9, 39-Jenna Lee 36:12.5, 44-Allyson Goeden 37:20.7

Little Falls results: 4-Katie Corbett 30:03.6, 16-Molly Lange 32:23.1, 18-Camilla Johnson 32:43.5, 21-Adrienne Kresha 33:03.3, 26-Claire Zack 33:22.5, 36-Breanna Barchus 35:57.1, 41-Beth Ahlin 36:39.0, 45-Kaylee Zupko 37:56.9, 50-Martha Berg 39:33.7

Next: Brainerd, Little Falls in Alexandria Invite at Andes Tower Hills 2 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15.