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Nordic skiing: Baird, Anikin top Jaunters

Janet Hennies crosses the finish line as the top female in the 16K classic Sunday, Feb. 3, during the Lumberjack Jaunt at the Northland Arboretum. Kelly Humphrey / Brainerd Dispatch - Gallery

Owen Baird posted a 48:52 to win the 16-kilometer classic portion of the Lumberjack Jaunt Sunday, Feb. 3 and Nikolai Anikin won the 16K freestyle in 44:40 at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd.

Janet Hennies was the top female in the 16K classic. Her time of 1:14:33 placed her ninth overall.

Mata Argre posted a 49:46 in the 16K freestyle for the female finish. She was fifth overall.

Ben Guida landed in the top spot of the 6K classic race with a 26:14. He was followed by Pedro Pesta in second and Annelise Baird in third with a 31:05.

Alex Lelwica, a 12-year-old, crossed in 24:13 to win the 6K freestyle. He was followed by another 12-year-old, Anja Storbakken, who was the top female finisher with a 25:31.

They both beat their likely future head coach in Mary Claire Ryan, who was third in 26:35.

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16K classic

1-Owen Baird 48:52, 2-Thomas Dooher 57:32, 3-Eric Storbakken 1:04.49, 4-Steve Mulauka 1:06:22, 5-Jim Smith 1:06:28, 6-Bryan Pike 1:09:07, 7-Bob Skar 1:10:44, 8-Randall Luken 1:13:05, 9-Janet Hennies 1:14:33, 10-Richard Dubay 1:14:39, 11-Mark Stadem 1:17:50, 12-Heather Baird 1:18:20, 13-Samantha Bahr 1:23:48, 14-Thaddeus McCamant 1:25:52, 15-John King 1:27.55, 16-Loren Beilke 1:28:46.

17-Jennifer Borders 1:31:27, 18-Rob Palmer 1:40:24

16K freestyle

1-Nikolai Anikin 44:40, 2-Tim Dirks 46:29, 3-Derrick Justin 48:24, 4-Christopher Hanson 48:44, 5-Mata Agre 49:46, 6-Dan McKeon 49:58, 7-Sam Nesheim 51:09, 8-Braden Capelle 52:30, 9-Bennet Capelle 54:05, 10-Steve Agre 54:53, 11-Jon Shorter 56:13, 12-Evan Ingebrigtson 56:53, 13-Joe Morehouse 58:25, 14-Jenna Lee 58:36, 15-Travis Crego 59:34, 16-Leon Zeug 59:50, 17-Lynden Stegman 1:01:40, 18-Tom Heinrich 1:03:13, 19-Shane Riffle 1:04:22, 20-Carrie Agre 1:05:56, 21-Cally Robertson 1:06:11, 22-Ben Robertson 1:06:13, 23-Kayo Aslagson 1:06:54, 24-John Lindblom 1:07:42

6K classic

1-Ben Guida 26:14, 2-Pedro Pesta 29:54, 3-Annelise Baird 31:05, 4-Josh Pennington 31:25, 5-Becky Staden 33:13, 6-Jane Hauer 34:20, 7-Paul Sanberg 39:05, 8-John Sandberg 39:07, 9-Karen Olsen 1:00:43

6K freestyle

1-Alex Lelwica 24:13, 2-Anja Storbakken 25:31, 3-Mary Claire Ryan 26:35, 4-Tess Capell 30:11, 5-Sipke DeBoer 35:00