Leo McKeon topped the field of 18 competitors to win the 1.8-kilometer race during the youth portion of the Lumberjack Jaunt Feb. 3 at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd.

McKean, a 10-year-old, posted a time of 6:23 to top runner-up Maeve Storbakken and Sam Renner, who was third.

Claire Lundy raced to a 1:07 in the 0.5-K to better the field. The five-year-old was followed by Lydia Jennings in 1:14 and Elsie Anderson in 1:21.

The youngest competitor was three-year-old, Orion Alexander, who was seventh in 3:50.

Youth results

1.8K race

1-Leo McKeon 6:23, 2-Maeve Storbaken 8:16, 3-Sam Renner 9:12, 4-Sophia Lundy 9:27, 5-Luke Jennings 10:55, 6-Grace McArdell 10:57, 7-Jillian McArdell 10:58, 8-Gabriella Bratney 11:10, 9-Ava Capelle 11:20, 10-Elliot Turcotte 11:46, 11-Leo Ingebrigtson 12:23, 12-Joshua Clinkenbeard 13:14, 13-Ben Ingebrigtson 13:38,14-Juno Paine 14:24, 15-Mary McArdell 15:05, 16-Katherine Lundy 15:26, 17-Jaesa Paine 20:30, 18-Tayia Pennington 21:26

0.5K race

1-Claire Lundy 1:07, 2-Lydia Jennings 1:14, 3-Elsie Anderson 1:21, 4-Jack Town 2:31, 5-Emily Town 2:33, 6-Sullivan Bratney 2:38, 7-Orion Alexander 3:503