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What's Up Outdoors: Still fishing through the ice Illustration

This week, instead of fighting literally hundreds of boats on the Rainy River, I decided to try something new.

Sitting on 2 feet of ice, only a few miles from total chaos, I'm the only one out here. Hoping to land a giant sturgeon through a hole, so far a few walleyes and a bunch of pike is all that has been biting. There is no mistaking it on the locator, there are some sturgeon swimming by but not really interested in biting. But it's nice to just be away from everything and have some alone time.

After a week in Baudette taking classes and studying I can proudly say that I'm officially An U.S. Coast Guard captain. It's something I've wanted to do for a while so now I can take a few weeks this summer and be driving a sport craft on Lake of the Woods and any other federal waters. It should add a lot more to my guiding schedule, and take me to many interesting places. If we ever get open water, so maybe June, or early July.

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