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What's Up Outdoors: When weather changes your plans, roll with it

You can plan a trip, double check your list and have all the reservations you want. But that doesn't mean things will go your way. Mother Nature will always have her say, and usually it's not for the good.

That's what happened last week when we made the trip to Sturgeon Bay, Wis., to go chase some king salmon on Lake Michigan. Soon after arriving we talked to our boat captain, who said we might get a blown-out day, and sure enough the next morning at 3 a.m. we got the call. We were tentatively going to fish whenever it let up, but it never did. So when a fishing trip turns into a road trip all you can do is make the best of it.

There was still plenty to do in Door County, so we turned into tourists. We filled the time with cherry picking, cheese shops and went to some great restaurants—things we usually don't get time to do when you are focused on fishing. And because the wind was blowing we had to go check out Whitefish Bluffs, and as it turns out it's best seen when it's windy.

So when Mother Nature throws a wrench in your plans just roll with it and you will still have a trip to remember, just with less fish.

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