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What's Up Outdoors: Ice fishing gift ideas to add to the Christmas list

Jamie Dietman with a bluegill caught through the ice recently on an area lake.

Since most of my time lately is spent at ice fishing events all over the state, I've been seeing a few new products that I think might make great Christmas gifts.

First was the Flame King, a kit that allows you to safely refill your one pound propane tanks. There are two reasons I thought it was pretty cool. First it refills tanks for about 25 percent of what it costs to buy them, and secondly it saves all those empty tanks from hitting the landfill or being left on the ice. It shouldn't take long to start saving money being it retails for under 50 bucks, and they are available at the hardware store.

I will say I thought the second product was kind of a gimmick, until I really thought about it. It is called the Ice Well and it sits in a hole and you throw your fish in to keep them alive. And every fisherman knows fresh fish is the best, so why let them freeze. Also, if you only catch one or two fish you don't have to clean them, just throw them back.

And last but not least the new Striker Ice Climate floating suit. It has a removable liner in the bibs and jacket so it's the perfect suit for any temperature. And with all the choices in floating suits for men, women and kids there is no excuse not to have one. They do save lives and the price is pretty affordable.

So that's a few ideas for you for the outdoors person in your family. And one more thing—I have snuck out a few time chasing panfish and the bite has been pretty good once you find them, and who doesn't like huge bluegills fighting on 2-pound test.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you on the ice.

JAMIE DIETMAN, What's Up Outdoors, may be reached at 218-820-7757.