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'Duck Dynasty' cast members visit the frozen north

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Duck Dynasty" cast members Uncle Si Robertson (left) and Jay Stone talk with Brainerd dog sledder Maury Duval Friday, Feb. 8, before the celebrities go dog sledding for the first time near Bay Lake. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch Gallery and Video 2 / 4
Uncle Si Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame rides a dog sled for the first time with Brainerd man Maury Duval guiding his dog team Friday, Feb. 8, through a field near Bay Lake east of Brainerd. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch Gallery and Video 3 / 4
With Maury Duval steering his dogs, Uncle Si Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" smiles as the dogs pick up speed Friday, Feb. 8, near Lonesome Pine Restaurant and Bar on Bay Lake near Deerwood. From Monroe, La., Robertson experienced his first ride on a dog sled and his first attempt at other winter sports, such as ice fishing. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch Gallery and Video 4 / 4

DEERWOOD—Cast members of the former A&E show "Duck Dynasty" got a taste of the winter in the Brainerd lakes area Friday, Feb. 8.

The trip up north came about after Uncle Si Robertson experienced Minnesota in November 2018 for the first time at the 40th Annual Mayors Prayer Breakfast in St. Cloud. Robertson was the guest speaker and talked about his life and his faith in God at the event. In between shows, Robertson went fishing with Walleye Dan Eigen at Blanchard Dam on the Mississippi River.

St. Cloud Realtor Amy Legatt and Adam Kretsch with Luther Mazda asked if he would like to come back up north in the winter and experience ice fishing and dog sledding, meet Paul Bunyan and dine in the Brainerd lakes area.

The trip was made by cast members Robertson, Phillip McMillan and his son Blake, along with Jay Stone of Fin Commander, the son-in-law of Alan Robertson, the "beardless" one.

During the visit, the celebrities were invited to Lonesome Pine Restaurant and Bar on Bay Lake for a buffet meal by general manager Josh Goolsbee and a chance to experience riding a dog sled with Brainerd resident Maury Duval and his family. Trails were made in a nearby field and Si Robertson and the other "Duck Dynasty" folks experienced their first dog sled ride through the deep Minnesota snow. It was said Robertson made a snow angel after the rides were completed.

The cast members agreed to the lakes area trip if proceeds of their appearance would benefit a favorite charity, the Learning and Outreach Center in West Monroe, La.

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