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What's Up Outdoors: In search of sturgeon on Lake Winnebago

A view from the hole of a dark house while sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, Wis. Photo by Jamie Dietman1 / 3
An angler taking part in the recent Sturgeon Spectacular at Fond du Lac, Wis., poses with a 171-pound sturgeon he speared. Photo by Jamie Dietman (Click on the image to view the entire photo.)2 / 3
Spearing dark houses dot the landscape of Lake Winnebago during the recent Sturgeon Spectacular at Fond du Lac, Wis. Photo by Jamie Dietman3 / 3

On a cold winters weekend people find things to pass the time in many different ways. Some stay indoors and stay warm, and others embrace the weather and find many outdoor hobbies to pass the time.

Well, for us, we have had a tradition over the years of traveling to Wisconsin's Lake Winnebago to try our luck spearing a sturgeon. We find year after year there are many new things to do in Fond du Lac for the Sturgeon Spectacular.

Now for some people, staring down a huge hole in the ice for hours on end might be a little odd. But actually getting to see a sturgeon—let alone spear one—is a pretty big deal. This year Bret Amundson, my wife Tammy and I didn't get the opportunity to see one but that hardly dampened our spirits. There is always some other activity to do, and this will give us an excuse to try again next year.

The event on Winnebago is truly like no other anywhere in the world and it's pretty cool to just be a part of it. So for another year we won't be able to try smoked sturgeon and we will have to get by on fried walleye, but that's not so bad either.

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