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What's Up Outdoors: Braving ugly ice for ugly fish

Kyle Bahr displays an eelpout he caught recently. Eelpout are near their spawning time, so are just beginning to bite. Photo / Jamie Dietman1 / 2
Tyler Bahr holds a large eelpout he caught recently. Photo / Jamie Dietman2 / 2

Boy this weather has made the lakes ... well, ugly would describe them well.

And while many anglers have given up and are looking forward to open water some local "pout chasers" are still catching fish. Kyle and Tyler Bahr have been battling the slush and being rewarded with some nice fish for their troubles.

Now, I've caught a ton of eelpout but haven't really targeted them, but it's a trend that's really been catching on. They do put up a good fight and fishing them in 30-40 feet of water can be fun.

The Bahr boys usually look for a mud/gravel bottom while using their favorite pout lures. Those are 1-ounce Lucky Joel Pout Candy super glow spoons, which are also made right here in Brainerd. Tip them with some dead bait and fish tight to the bottom, and if they are around, you will know pretty quick.

Another reason this has become a popular thing to do after walleye season closes is the pout bite is just starting as they are near their spawning time. So if you feel like giving it a try now is the time, you just might need to dig out your waders ...