Last weekend was the annual Rodbenders Memorial Tournament and Tammy and I gave it our all but the river decided it want going to help us at all.

We fished some of our good spots and actually this year tried quite a few new spots. With it being a multi-species tournament you have to decide how much time to spend on each species or fish in a way that might catch various fish.

We started out having a great morning with a couple nice bass right away. We switched things up and got our limit of pike and bass and proceeded to get some upgrades. But we really needed to get some bigger pike or a couple walleyes in the livewell and, as luck would have it, our bite continually slowed.

Good, bad or otherwise we always look forward to spending the day on the river for this event. In the end it raises a bunch of money for Fishing Has No Boundaries, and you’ve got to love that.

Congrats to all the winners this year including Mike Reiner and Dustin Erickson for the win. Good job guys.

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