It’s definitely that time of year when you have to keep a stocking cap in the boat, right under the sunscreen. With 40 degree temperature swings you really have to be ready for anything.

The fall bite has definitely been heating up on many area lakes, and if you are heading north the walleye bite on the Rainy River is just starting as the shiners are starting to make their run up the river. I know when I was up there this week there was definitely tons of waterfowl around so we should be in for a pretty good waterfowl opener. Although grouse hunting opened last week there is too much foliage on the trees yet to tell if it’s going to be a good year, but hopefully it is.

And as far as bow hunting, or deer hunting in general, I don’t have much good to say. Zone 604, which is much of the Brainerd area, is going to take quite a hit with such liberal limits and extended dates. But I’m sure they know what their doing, I mean look at the wonderful job being done on Mille Lacs Lake. And another shocker for you , in Zone 604 and many others using doe in heat, buck urine, salt and mineral blocks are illegal now. You know, because herds of deer often congregate around you when you use deer scent, right?

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