As kids all over Minnesota hit the woods over the long MEA weekend, many of them will be putting on blaze orange for the youth deer hunt. It looks like the weather will cooperate so they will just need some deer to cooperate and maybe just a little luck.

As for the others that will be chasing waterfowl or perhaps doing some fall fishing, well it looks like a great time to do that also.

As for myself, I’ve lost all focus on doing anything but getting packed for Montana. By now I’ve rearranged and repacked all my gear at least three times, constantly checked weather conditions and changed my mind fives times on what tents and sleeping bag to bring.

All I can say for sure is that by this time next week, I will be waking up with an amazing view and miles from anywhere. And, if I’m lucky and all my planning pays off, I’ll get to see some elk. Unlike the last few years, this year I didn’t get a mule deer tag so I could just concentrate on chasing elk.

So we will see you all in a week or two, unless things really go my way -- wish me luck.

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