Clotheslines all over Minnesota are covered in blaze orange and there is a horrible smell coming from a leaking bottle of deer scent somewhere in your hunting gear. It means one thing -- yep, it’s the Minnesota deer firearms opener that hunters have been waiting roughly 350 days for.

It’s crazy how one thing can mean so many different things to so many people. For some it’s getting up early to head to the deer stand, and for others it’s camping in a wall tent and roughing it for a week away from everything. For some it means shooting a deer for the freezer, and for others it’s waiting for that trophy buck to finally make an appearance when your in your stand.

For many young hunters it will be their year to bag their first deer, and sadly for some it will be the last time they hunt.

For me it mean going back home to Park Rapids with my wife to hunt the same land I’ve hunted for 34 years, and seeing everyone at “deer camp.” That part really means more to me than shooting anything, partially due to the fact that I’ve got an elk in the freezer already. But also because as life gets busier we don’t take the time to see old friends as much as we used to.

So no matter what kind of deer season you plan on having, have fun doing it. Good luck in the woods everyone.

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