Normally for the trout opener we head to one of the trout lakes in Minnesota with a few buddies and make a weekend out of it. This year was a little different. We decided that with the slush on our favorite lakes being a little deep this year we would head to the Red Lake Reservation to fish with good friend and guide Darwin Sumner. And since we were going with fishing buddy Bret Amundson we were also filming a show for Prairie Sportsman.

Now usually whenever you bring a camera the fish seem to know it and it can be a struggle. But not on this day -- within seconds of dropping the first line Bret had the first fish on the ice. And the next few hours as we figured out exactly what they wanted we reached our limits of very nice rainbow and a few brook trout.

Usually I have my best luck in water shallower than 10 feet but on this day we got most of the fish in 25-40 feet. Smaller buckshot spoons and slender spoons in a bright UV color tipped with a few wax worms was the lure of choice.

I’m not sure what’s better, the fight of a trout on light gear or the sight of them coming out of the smoker. We do have some great trout lakes close to Brainerd so if you heat the chance I suggest you give it a try, and you’ll be hooked.

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