One day you are basking in the sun and the next you are facing freezing rain. That’s what you have to deal with this time of year when you never know if this day on the ice will be the last time you get out until open water.

Last week we hit it really hard because the warm weather was something you had to take advantage of. We started off on Leech Lake for some jumbo perch and, even though the people on the ice probably outnumbered the fish, we did pretty well.

As we closed in on our limit we started heading south for some crappies and although it took a couple of lakes to find them, once again the bite was on.

The next morning we were rolling north before the sun came up to find some giant bluegills. After checking a few spots with the Aqua-Vu we found some good weeds and it wasn’t long before the fish found us. Some 10-plus inch gills and some eater crappies were hammering small spoons and tungstens tipped with waxes in 7-10 inches of water.

Next it was on to trout. And after a few hours of drilling holes and looking we ended up leaving without a fish, but after the weekend we had it didn’t matter. And with cooler temps coming back we will get another chance to repeat it in the following weeks, hopefully.

See you on the ice!

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