The past few years we have headed to Door County in Wisconsin for cherry picking since the blueberry crop here has been slim. But that’s not the case this year.

We got to spend the week up north for some fishing and berry picking, but mostly it was about getting away and sitting by the campfire. As soon as we pulled into our secret spot, it was pretty easy to see that it was a bumper crop. You could not step without having them under your foot.

It seemed every plant was so full it couldn’t hold another berry. It didn’t take long to fill all the buckets we had, so with around 5 gallons we had all we could use.

A bucket full of blueberries after a successful pick. Photo by Jamie Dietman
A bucket full of blueberries after a successful pick. Photo by Jamie Dietman

We didn’t run into many other pickers, which I thought was odd being everyone seems to be doing a lot more outdoor stuff. But that just meant more for us. We even managed to hit the end of the raspberry crop as well so that was a great bonus.

You should still have another week or so to get out there blueberry picking. Hopefully next week the blackberries will be starting, although they usually do a good job of evading me for some reason.

As far as fishing it’s still been pretty good, if we can just get a few days where the weather is reasonably stable. But the cool weather earlier this week was sure a nice break for this heatwave. And as soon as the hot weather takes a break and water temps get a little lower it will be time to chase some muskies, but for now it’s better just to give them a break and not stress them out with these high water temps.

See you on the water, or maybe in the woods.

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