With the crazy summer that will go down in the history books as simply “2020,” I have to admit I haven’t had much good to write about some weeks.

So I apologize for not being too regular this summer and I’ll try to be better about that. A lot about this year is just a little different from a normal summer, but last week history repeated itself and for a couple days things seemed normal.

Tim Milo and I headed up north for our annual muskie trip and right off the bat we knew we made the right decision to keep our plans. This year, we headed to a lake that I had never fished for muskies, the same thing we did on our first muskie trip. I picked a starting point that looked good and we started off with high hopes. Within 10 minutes, the water around Tim’s lure blew up from a strike.

The exact same thing happened on our first trip. And of course, after a great battle, I netted his fish and we erupted with high fives. And of course the same thing happened on our first trip. But the thing that makes it very special is that both times this happened on 9/11. So with all the bad memories of that day, we seem to make good ones. As for the rest of the weekend, I had a couple misses, but no muskie for me. I guess I’ll just practice on being a great net guy. But at least I caught the big walleye for the trip. Now with the smell of fall in the air and the leaves changing it time to start switching gears to hunting. See you on the water, and maybe in the woods.

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