Alpine Skiing: Mount Ski Gull team collects 4 firsts

Results for the Mount Ski Gull race team from its last three events.

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DULUTH — Jacob Halbur, Natalie Lumemann, Alex Pape and Kaleb Pape were first-place finishes in the final regular-season competition of the Northland Junior Race Series Feb. 26, at Spirit Mountain.

Halbur won the boys’ 12-13 division with a time of 1:04.9. Lunemann’s win came in the 8-9 girls’ division with a 1:11.4.

Alex Pape posted a 1:11.5 to win the boys’ 8-9 class and Kaleb Pape won his title in the boys’ 6-7 age group.

A total of 29 athletes from Mount Ski Gull competed against racers from Detroit Mountain, Duluth, Lutsen, Giants Ridge and Mont Du Lac.

The NJRS Championships will be held Sunday, March 5, at Mount Ski Gull in Lake Shore.


“The entire team has worked very hard and done very well throughout the season,” team spokesperson Melissa Alberg said. “We are excited for the championship to be on our own race hill and hope to see as many people as possible cheering on the racers throughout the day.

“The team has been led by coaches Paul Noskowiak, Terry Lutz, Mara Williams, Chelsea Gilsrud, Taylor Essen, and Mackenzie Dondelinger. All these coaches have worked hard to get these racers ready for championships.”

On Feb. 11, The Mount Ski Gull team competed at Andes Tower Hills in Kensington. Each racer completed two slalom runs and two giant slalom runs with the fastest of both runs being added together for their total times.

Bringing home wins were Kaleb Pape, Elliot Noskowiak, Jewel Benson, Henry Torfin, Annika Singh, Ezra Noskowiak and Jacob Halbur.

The team competed in an NJRS event Feb. 12 at Detroit Mountain in Detroit Lakes. This race had each racer doing two slalom runs with both runs being added together for their total time.

Kaleb Pape, Alex Pape, Jacob Halbur, Derek Halbur and Jewl Benson were once again victorious.

Mount Ski Gull Team results

From Spirit Mountain

Boys 6-7: 1-Kaleb Pape 1:19.1, 5-Lucas Pape 1:27.0

Girls 6-7: 5-Emily Rowlette 1:32.6

Boys 8-9: 1-Alex Pape 1:11.5, 4-Phillip Majka 1:15.9, 8-Oliver Pieper 1:19.4, 10-Henry Torfin 1:19.6, 12-Mac Thuringer 1:20.8, 15-Elliot Noskowiak 1:21.7, 19-Harvey Ruttger 1:28.8

Girls 8-9: 1-Natalie Lunemann 1:11.4, 12-Thea Ude 1:31.9, 14-Anna Rowlette 1:25.9, 16-Jewel Benson 2:07.4

Boys 10-11: 2-Ezra Noskowiak 1:06.9, 18-Norman Majka 1:21.0, 24-Charlie Ruttger 1:23.9, 31-Avery Moen 1:33.3

Girls 10-11: 7-Johanna Benson 1:06.6, 8-Kelsey Pape 1:08.4, 9-Clara Anderson 1:09.4, 10-Haddy Holbrook 1:10.6, 20-Annika Singh 1:18.3

Boys 12-13: 1-Jacob Halbur 1:04.9, 3-Beau Thuringer 1:06.6, 13-Landon Hagen 1:27.3

Girls 12-13: 9-Grace Rangen 1:18.0

Boys 14-15: 3-Derek Halbur 1:04.1

From Andes Tower Hills

Boys 6: 1-Kaleb Pape 47.38, 7-Evan Noskowiak 1:13.6

Girls 6: 4-Everleigh Noskowiak

Boys 8: 1-Elliot Noskowiak 49.05, 2-Phillip Majka 49.33

Girls 8: 1-Jewel Benson 51.17, 2-Harper Brekken 47.45

Boys 9: 1-Henry Torfin 46.83

Girls 9: 1-Annika Singh 57.94

Boys 10: 1-Ezra Noskowiak 47.15, 4-Norman Maja 1:01.0

Girls 10: 2-Johanna Benson 48.23, 3-Clara Anderson 48.42, 4-Kelsey Pape 49.36

Boys 11: 4-Hudson Brekken 45.66

Boys 12: 1-Jacob Halbur 42.15

Boys 15: 2-Derek Halbur 36.1

From Detroit Mountain

Boys 6-7: 1-Kaleb Pape 45.91, 3-Lucas Pape 52.75, 5-Evan Noskowiak

Girls 6-7: 4-Emily Rowlette 55.34, 11-Franki Burton 1:06.0

Boys 8-9: 1-Alex Pape 1:10.4, 3-Phillip Majka 1:11.3, 7-Mac Thuringer 1:15.9, 9-Elliot Noskowiak 1:21.5, 10-Oiver Pieper 1:22.5, 13-Harvey Ruttger 1:40.4

Boys 10-11: 2-Hudson Brekken 56.58, 5-Ezra Noskowiak 1:02.8, 12-Norman Majka 1:16.9, 13-Maxon Bussler 1:17.2, 14-Charlie Ruttger 1:18.0, 18-Bennett Isaacson 1:29.5

Boys 12-13: 1-Jacob Halbur 51.33, 4-Beau Thuringer 1:00.7,12-Landon Hagen 1:28.8

Boys 14-15: 1-Derek Halbur 44.07

Girls 8-9: 1-Jewel Benson 1:08.5, 3-Harper Brekken 1:17.4, 4-Reagan O’Brien 1:18.6, 5-Thea Ude 1:20.0, 9-Anna Rowlette 1:32.5

Girls 10-11: 2-Clara Anderson 59.92, 3-Kelsey Pape 1:01.4, 8-Annika Singh 1:21.4

Girls 12-13: 4-Grace Rangen 1:21.2

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