Area Track and Field: Mount, Rangers find success in subsections

Results from two subsection track and field meets.

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ESKO — Jordan Mount won the long and triple jumps and helped Crosby-Ironton’s 4x200-meter relay to first Wednesday, May 24, during the Subsection 7-1 meet.

Mount broke his own school record to win the long jump with a 22-foot-1 effort. He also helped C-I’s 4x400 relay to second place.

The Rangers are in second place currently. The pole vault wasn’t able to finish Wednesday and will conclude Friday, May 26.

Joey Ringhand won the 800 run and Dylan Klancher finished second in the shot put and discus.

Aitkn’s Alex Palm won the 300 hurdles for the Gobbler who are tied for sixth.


The top seven individuals in each event and the top four relays will advance to the Section 7-1A finals June 1.

On the girls’ side, Aitkin’s Tika May won the 300 hurdles. She also placed third in the 100 hurdles as the Gobblers advanced all three of their girls to the section final in that event.

Margaret Ringhand finished second in the 800 run and helped C-I’s 4x80 relay to second place.

Boys team scores: 1-Esko 110, 2-Crosby-Ironton 103, 3-Two Harbors 90, 4-Barnum 73, 5-Cromwell 64, 6t-Aitkin 55, 6t-Moose Lake-Willow River 55, 8-Carlton 41, 9-Lakeview Christian Academy 30, 10-McGregor 24, 11-Duluth Marshall 12

110 hurdles: 1-Carter Zezulka (Esko) 17.29, 4-Camden Visnovee (A) 18.22, 5-Elio Mendoza Delgado (CI) 19.07

300 hurdles: 1-Alex Palm (A) 44.47, 6-Visnovee 46.88, 7-Mendoza-Delgado 48.17

100 dash: 1-Tate Nelson (Two Harbors) 11.34, 6-Jack Grell (A) 12.38, 8-Jacob Williams (A) 12.51

200 dash: 1-Nelson 23.98, 7-Evan Rydberg (CI) 25.96

400 dash: 1-Roma Jacques (Cromwell) 52.89, 2-Noah Larson (CI) 55.59, 7-Oliver Toftness (CI) 57.84

800 run: 1-Joseph Ringhand (CI) 2:07.58

1600 run: 1-Ian Thorpe (Two Harbors) 4:46.58

3200 run: 1-Noah Foster (Cromwell) 9:47.54

4x100 relay: 1-Two Harbors 46.17

4x200 relay: 1-Crosby-Ironton (Rydberg, Larson, Jordan Mount, John Paul Fitzpatrick) 1:37.38, 3-Aitkin (Jackson Cline, Jack Burchett, Grell, Palm) 1:40.72

4x400 relay: 1-Cromwell 3:35.33, 2-Crosby-Ironton (Larson, Nathan Hachey, Ringhand, Mount) 3:38.10

4x800 relay: 1-Cromwell 8:39.7

Shot put: 1-Wyatt Hudspith (Esko) 48-0, 2-Dylan Klancher (CI) 41-9.5, 7-Ethan Kunz (A) 37-9

Discus: 1-Hudspith 137-2, 2-Klancher 121-8, 6-Martin Henke (A) 114-11

Long jump: 1-Mount 22-1

Triple jump: 1-Mount 41-9, 2-Mason Boyd (A) 41-2, 3-Baker (A) 38-0.5

High jump: 1-Zezulka 5-10, 2-Nathan Hachey (CI) 5-4, 4-Larson 5-4, 6-Isaiah Baker (A) 5-2

Pole vault: 1-To be finished Friday

Girls team scores: 1-Two Harbors 142, 2-Esko 122.5, 3-Moose Lake-Willow River 70, 4-Carlton 69, 5-Crosby-Ironton 61.5, 6-Aitkin 53, 7-McGregor 44, 8-Cromwell 38, 9t-Lakeview Christian Academy 27, 9t-Barnum 27, 11-Duluth Marshal 8

100 hurdles: 1-Lilly Gwendolyn (Esko) 17.08, 3-Tika May (A) 17.78, 5-Brita Westman (A) 18.41, 7-Savannah Holm (A) 18.82

300 hurdles: 1-May 52.55

100 dash: 1-Kaitlyn McConnell (Esko) 13.28, 3-Teagan Piecek (A) 14.06

200 dash: 1-Jenna Marxhausen (Two Harbors) 27.87, 5-Piecek 29.11

400 dash: 1-Trinity Giddings (Two Harbors) 59.74

800 run: 1-Emaleigh Olesiak (Cromwell) 2:38.16, 2-Margaret Ringhand (CI) 2:39.79, 6-Madeline Lecerte (CI) 2:44.11

1600 run: 1-Lamar Gordon (Two Harbors) 5:43.51, 4-Anna Westin (CI) 6:09.66, 7-Kira Hamilton (A) 6:20.97

3200 run: 1-Brielle Simula (Carlton) 12:41.37, 5-Gabby Rosecrans (CI) 13:37.21m 7-Molly Franke (A) 14:31.06

4x100 relay: 1-Esko 53.71, 3-Aitkin (Holm, Melaina Collins, MacKenzie Hamilton, Piecek) 56.12

4x200 relay: 1-Two Harbors 1:53.12

4x400 relay: 1-Two Harbors 4:17.24

4x800 relay: 1-Two Harbors 10:24.8, 2-Crosby-Ironton (Margaret Ringhand, Ruby Westin, Maria Ringhand, Anna Westin) 10:58.2

Shot put: 1-Annaka Bogenholm (Barnum) 33-7.5

Discus: 1-Julia Peterson (Carlton) 107-7

Long jump: 1-Kaitlyn McConnell (Esko) 16-9.75, 3-Margaret Silgen (CI) 15-5, 4-Samantha Hachey (CI) 15-3.75

Triple jump: 1-Karly Holm (Two Harbors) 33-10, 2-Silgen 31-11, 3-Emma Jacobson (A) 31-9, 7-Caitlin Armbrust (CI) 31-0

High jump: 1-Kyra Johnson (Esko) 4-8, 5-Mariah Fitzpatrick (CI) 4-4, 7-Grace Larson (CI) 4-4

Pole vault: 1-To be finished Friday

Next: Section 7-1A Final at University of Minnesota, Duluth 10:30 a.m. Thursday, June 1.

36 Pierz athletes advance to sections

HINCKLEY — Thirty-six Pierz athletes qualified for the section finals in the Subsection 5-1A meet Tuesday, May 23.

Ashley Kimman qualified for four events and posted wins in the 100-meter hurdles, 300 hurdles and the high jump.

Chloe Lochner won the 800 run and Allison Skiba won the discus.

The Pierz boys became Sub-Section Champions behind Jonathan Cheney who advanced in four events.


Derek Stangl won the 100 dash and Pierz’s 4x200 relay team won. Wyatt Dingmann took first place in the discus for the Pioneers.

Boys Results

110 hurdles: 1-Nolan Anderson (RC) 15.46, 2-Jonathan Cheney (Prz) 15.58, 5-Kaleb Poser (Prz) 18.37

300 hurdles: 1-Emanuel Kutzera (SSC) 41.28, 3-Jonathan Cheney 43.73

100 dash: 1-Derek Stangl (Prz) 11.46

200 dash: 1-Jacob Eickhoff (SCC) 23.02 4-Aiden Jones (Prz) 24.75

400 dash: 1-Eickhoff 50.49, 2-Derek Stangl 51.96

1600 run: 1-Mark Swanson (NN) 4:31.19, 3-Nathan Tax (Prz) 4:53.53

3200 run: 1-Nick Hansen (SJ) 9:53.69, 3-Ethan Kowalczyk (Prz) 10:29.37, 5-Wyatt Betsinger (Prz) 10:54.87

4x100 relay: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 46.23, 2-Pierz (Kyle Stangl, Logan Gross, Caleb Koch, Aiden Jones) 47.58

4x200 relay: 1-Pierz (Kyle Stangl, Derek Stangl, Travis Gross, Jonathan Cheney) 1:35.02

Shot put: 1-Marcel Richey (HF) 48-3, 2-Ian Oberfeld (Prz) 46-7.25, 4-Wyatt Dingmann (Prz) 45-4.75, 5-Austin Pawlu (Prz) 43-4.5

Discus: 1-Wyatt Dingmann 138-11, 4-Ian Oberfeld 124-5, 6-Lucas Kunstleben 113-9

Long jump: 1-Anderson 19-10, 2-Derek Stangl 18-11, 5-Travis Gross 18-6

High jump: 1-Natahn Zielinski (EC) 6-2, 3-Jonathan Cheney 6-0, 6-Paul Nieman (Prz) 5-6

Pole vault: 1-Blake Fleege (SSC) 11-5 3-Caleb Koch (Prz) 10-11

Girls Results

100 hurdles: 1-Ashley Kimman (Prz) 15.49, 3-Alexys Hanneken (Prz) 17.89

300 hurdles: 1-Ashley Kimman (Prz) 49.45, 2-Evalie Gall (Prz) 50.82

100 dash: 1-Hope Schueller (SCC) 12.86, 5-Clarie Gruber (Prz) 13.41

200 dash: 1-Schueller 26.75, 7-Claire Gruber (Prz) 28.11, 8-Mahalia Algarin (Prz) 28.12

400 dash: 1-Corrina Tvedt (HF) 1:01.40, 5-Mahalia Algarin 1:04.52

800 run: 1-Chloe Lochner (Prz) 2:23.84, 6-Sophie Leidenfrost (Prz) 2:38.58

1600 run: 1-Olivia Pauly (SJ) 5:08.62, 7-Emma Kowalczyk (Prz) 6:13.73

3200 run: 1-Clara Schad (SSC) 11:43.07, 8-Carissa Andres (Prz) 12:48.20, 9-Quinn Gruber (Prz) 13:02.09

4x100 relay: 1-Royalton 51.53, 3-Pierz (Avery Gruber, Mataya Pohlkamp, Ashley Kimman, Alexys Hanneken) 52.56

4x200 relay: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 1:48.34, 2-Pierz (Evalie Gall, Maddie Lochner, Kara Bakke, Claire Gruber) 1:52.27

4x400 relay: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 4:12.25, 2-Pierz (Sophie Leidenfrost, Mahalia Algarin, Evalie Gall, Chloe Lochner) 4:21.97

4x800 relay: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 10:15.98, 3-Pierz (Kaleah Olesch, Clara Tax, Sophie Leidenfrost, Morgan Litke) 10:43.79

Shot put: 1-Mya Yourczek (Roy) 34-1.25, 2-Aliison Skiba (Prz) 32-0.25, 4-Beverly Rentz (Prz) 29-9.75

Discus: 1-Aliison Skiba 95-1, 5-Beverly Rentz 88-4

Long jump: 1-Corrina Tvedt (HF) 15-8.5, 4-Maddie Lochner (Prz) 15-0.75

Triple jump: 1-Yourczek 34-4, 5-Maddie Lochner 31-0.5

High jump: 1-Ashley Kimman 5-2

Pole vault: 1-Svea Carlson (ML) 9-2, 2-Eden Andres (Prz) 8-2

Next: Pierz in Section 5-1A Finals at St. John’s University, Collegeville, 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 31.

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