Area Track and Field: Pierz boys, W-DC girls score 2nds

Six area teams competed in the John Reimer Classic.

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PILLAGER — Amber Collins won the 400-meter dash and the 800 run and Wadena-Deer Creek go a win from Layla Sharp in the 100 dash to place second at the John Reimer Classic Thursday, April 28.

The Pierz boys also placed second behind Park Rapids. Jonathan Cheney won the 110 hurdles for the Pioneers.

Remington Converse won the 100 and 200 dashes and was part of the first-place 4x100 relay for the fourth-place Staples-Motley Cardinals boys. Hunter Miller also won the high jump.

The W-DC girls also received wins from Gracie Arm in the shot put and Isabelle Larson in the triple jump.

The Pillager girls placed fourth with Jessa Kimman winning the 300 hurdles and placing second behind cousin Ashley Kimman of Pierz in the 100 hurdles. Kimman was also part of the first-place 4x100 relay for the Huskies.


Staples-Motley’s 4x800 relay finished first as did Madysen Hull in the discus for the fifth-place Cardinals.

Boys team scores: 1-Park Rapids 149.33, 2-Pierz 84, 3-Becker 66.33, 4-Staples-Motley 61, 5-United North Central 58, 6-Pillager 51, 7-Wadena-Deer Creek 46, 8-Crosby-Ironton 43.33, 9-Browerville 20, 10-Pequot Lakes 3

110 hurdles: 1-Jonathan Cheney (Prz) 16.83, 4-Tim Moyer (Pil) 18.43, 5-Caleb Kuske (Prz) 18.69

300 hurdles: 1-Owen Angell (Becker) 43.16, 2-Jonathan Cheney (Prz) 44.11, 4-Caleb Kuske (Prz) 46.54, 6-Tim Moyer (Pil) 48.56

100 dash: 1-Remington Converse (SM) 11.71, 2-Quintin Laveau (Pil) 12.00, 3-Bryce Hutchinson (Pil) 12.06, 4-Evan Miller (CI) 12.23, 6-Jordan Mount (CI) 12.28

200 dash: 1-Remington Converse (SM) 24.14, 3-Quintin Laveau (Pil) 24.25, 4-Jordan Mount (CI) 24.39, 5-Corey Hansen (SM) 24.77

400 dash: 1-Carter Leither (Becker) 51.89, 4-Sivert Kelfsaas (SM) 54.74, 5-David Ringhand (CI) 55.19

800 run: 1-Thomas Lopez (PR) 2:11.19, 5-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 2:13.11, 6-Joseph Ringhand (CI) 2:13.75

1600 run: 1-Noah Huot (PR) 4:40.00, 4-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 4:57.15, 5-Ethan Kowalczyk (Prz) 4:57.81

3200 run: 1-Noah Huot (PR) 10:25.87, 2-Ethan Kowalczyk (Prz) 10:41.46, 4-Logan Robben (SM) 10:58.04, 6-Nathan Tax (Prz) 11:18.15

4x100 relay: 1-Staples-Motley (Sivert Klefsaas, Hunter Miller, Remington Converse, Corey Hansen) 45.56, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek (Matthew Pugsley, Brady Domier, Charlie Bushinger, D’Andre Hammond) 46.66, 4-Pillager (Bryson Kriegl, Chase Mannie, DJ Reynolds, Brayton Kriegl) 48.61, 5-Pierz (Caleb Koch, Travis Gross, Derek Stangl, Kyle Stangl) 48.9

4x200 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek (Matthew Pugsley, Brady Domier, Charlie Bushinger, MJ Lunde) 1:36.77, 2-Pierz (Derek Stangl, Travis Gross, Caleb Kuske, Jonathan Cheney) 1:38.57, 6-Staples-Motley (Noah Greenwaldt, Hunter Miller, Owen Winter, Ramiro Gallardo) 1:43.60

4x400 relay: 1-Park Rapids 3:44.81, 2-Pillager (Brayton Kriegl, Joe Putnam, Luke Hartung, Kaleb Stearns) 3:44.81, 4-Pierz (Kaleb Poser, Nathan Becker, Austin Pawlu, Hayden Dodge) 4:14.83, 5-Pequot Lakes (Kalan Larson, Dane Mudgett, Amias Kjonaas, Jay Nangle) 4:27.8, 6-Crosby-Ironton (Nathan Hachey, Evan Miller, David Ringhand, Joseph Ringhand) 4:45.68

4x800 relay: 1-Park Rapids 8:58.38, 2-Staples Motley (Isaiah Tabatt, Odin Trif, Grant Johnson, Logan Robben) 9:23.77; 4-Pierz (Wyatt Betsinger, Nathan Becker, Guy Clemons-Virnig, Nathan Tax) 9:53.01; 5-Pillager (Jakeb Hooge, Tyson Decker, Dawson Weinhandl, Chris Bock) 10:07.90; 6-Pequot Lakes (James Johnson, Luke Johnston, Ryder Schultz, Shane Crowley) 10:10.53

Shot put: 1-Tristan Hill (PR) 46-5.5, 2-Kolby Brezinka (Prz) 44-9, 3-Ian Oberfeld 41-1, 5-Dylan Klancher (CI) 39-2, 6-Asher Scull (Pil) 37-11.5

Discus: 1-Luke Hartung (PR) 138-8, 3-Kolby Brezinka (Prz) 126-3, 4-Dylan Klancher (CI) 116-0, 5-Zach Macheel (Pil) 113-7, 6-Abe Posner (Pil) 108-8

Long jump: 1-Connor Korvela (UN) 20-5, 2-Quintin Laveau (Pil) 20-0, 3-Jordan Mount (CI) 19-7, 4-D’Andre Hammond (WDC) 19-0, 5-Travis Gross (Prz) 18-4

Triple jump: 1-Joe Nedoroscik (Brow) 41-6, 2-Jordan Mount (CI) 40-3, 3-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 39-9, 5-Sawyer Ferdon (SM) 36-7

High jump: 1-Hunter Miller (SM) 6-0, 2-Jonathan Chaney (Prz) 5-9, 3-Lane Hoefs (WDC) 5-6, T6-Noah Larson (CI) 5-6

Pole vault: 1-Owen Angell (Beck) 13-0, 2-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 12-6, 3-Nick Nierenhausen (CI) 11-6, 4-John Paul Fitzpatrick (CI) 11-0, 6-Diego Guillen (Prz) 10-6

Girls team scores: 1-Becker 117, 2-Wadena-Deer Creek 105, 3-Park Rapids 96.4, 4-Pillager 52.7, 5-Staples-Motley 50.7, 6-Pierz 45.4, 7-United North Central 34, 8-New York Mills 20.4, 9-Crosby-Ironton 15.7, 10-Pequot Lake 14.7, 11-Browerville 6

100 hurdles: 1-Ashley Kimman (Prz) 15.72, 2-Jessa Kimman (Pill) 16.57; 5-Charlie Snyder (WDC) 18.1

300 hurdles: 1-Jessa Kimman (Pill) 49.69; 3-Violette Metz (Pill) 53.03; 5-Jayce Kobliska (SM) 53.27

100 dash: 1-Layla Sharp (WDC) 14.11; 3-Marian Williams (Pill) 14.43; 5-Violette Metz (Pill) 14.43

200 dash: 1-Josie Taylor (PL) 28.96; 2-Aften Robinson (SM) 29.02; 4-Amber Collins (WDC) 29.85; 5-Evalie Gall (Prz) 30.04; 6-Marian Williams (Pill) 30.06

400 dash: 1-Amber Collins (WDC) 1:01.87; 5-Katie Leidenfrost (Prz) 1:05.95

800 run: 1-Amber Collins (WDC) 2:31.19, 6-Britta Sweeney (WDC) 2:34.59

1600 run: 1- Lexi Rose (Beck) 5:34.26, 2-Audrey Brownell (SM) 5:36.71; 5-Lindy Cordes (Pill) 5:56.22, 6-Johanna Brunsberg (WDC) 6:00.56

3200 run: 1-Ella McDonald (Beck) 11:40.61, 2-Kyanna Burton (SM) 11:40.94; 5-Bella Hines (SM) 12:57.62; 6-Naila Mikhaeil (SM) 12:58.24

4x100 relay: 1-Pillager (Jessa Kimman, Violette Metz, Marian Williams, Alayna Kavanaugh) 54.89; 2-Wadena-Deer Creek (Madison Packer, Lydia Oldakowski, Kylee Collins, Layla Sharp) 55.17, 3-Pierz (Alexis Hanneken, Kara Bakke, Claire Gruber, Evalie Gall) 55.53

4x200 relay: 1-Park Rapids 1:54.89; 3-Pierz (Evalie Gall, Alexis Hanneken, Claire Gruber, Maddie Lochner) 1:58.13; 4-Wadena-Deer Creek (Isabelle Larson, Lydia Oldakowski, Kylee Collins, Charlie Snyder) 1:59.71; 5-Pequot Lakes (Hannah Sigler, Hailey Crutcher, Sonja Palmer, Josie Taylor) 2:00.01; 6-Crosby-Ironton (Maria Ringhand, Sofia Del Pin, Londyn Eastwood, Hannah Pederson) 2:05.32

4x400 relay: 1-Park Rapids 4:18.62; 3-Pierz (Sophie Leidenfrost, Katie Leidenfrost, Chloe Lochner, Maddie Lochner) 4:30.36; 4-Wadena-Deer Creek (Britta Sweeney, Emma Schmitz, Payton Gravelle, Ally Pavek) 4:35.77; 5-Pequot Lakes (Josie Taylor, Natalie Blank, Ana Blank, Sonja Palmer) 4:38.13; 6-Pillager (Alainna Dobson, Libbie Lorentz, Lindy Cordes, Elsie Turner) 4:51.12

4x800 relay: 1- Staples Motley (Ashley Robben, Aften Robinson, Kyanna Burton, Audry Brownell) 10:85.05; 4-Pierz (Chloe Lochner, Morgan Litke, Sophie Leidenfrost, Katie Leidenfrost) 10:47.95; 5-Wadena-Deer Creek (Payton Gravelle, Ally Pavek, Britta Sweeney, Brielle Kern) 11:14.82; 6-Pillager (Lindy Cordes, Alainna Dobson, Zoe Adams, Elsie Turner) 11:14.82

Shot put: 1-Gracie Arm (WDC) 30-06; 2-Ellie Hale (WDC) 29-01

Discus: 1-Madysen Hull (SM) 99-04, 2-Lauren Gravelle (WDC) 89-02, 4-Hailee Colgrove (Pgr) 85-04, 6-Jetta Boser (Prz) 80-09

Long jump: 1-Aidyn Baune (NYM) 15-03, 4-Maddie Lochner (Prz) 15-01, 5-Jessa Kimman (Pgr) 15-00.75

Triple jump: 1-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 32-04, 2-Margaret Silgen (CI) 31-04.5, 5-Maddie Lochner (Prz) 30-11.50, 6-Jayce Kobliska (SM) 30-07.50

High jump: 1- Sarah Woelfel (Beck) 4-06, 4-Katie Leidenfrost (Prz) 4-03, 4-Sonja Palmer (PL) 4-03, 4-Sophie Schlosser (SM) 4-03, 4-Emily Dosey (Pill) 4-03, 4-Kara Bakke (Prz) 4-3, 4-Margaret Silgen (CI) 4-3

Pole vault: 1-Lauren Woelfel (Beck) 9-06, 3-Haley Jones (CI) 8-06, 3-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 8-6, 5-Abigail Virnig (Prz) 8-0, 5-Mary Fleming (CI) 8-0

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