Football: Gindorff’s next chapter involves NFL

Former Crosby-Ironton Ranger and North Dakota State University tight end Noah Gindorff still has football left to play after signing with the Seattle Seahawks.

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Tight end Noah Gindorff rumbles through the defense for the North Dakota State University Bison football team. The former Crosby-Ironton Ranger signed with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.
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CROSBY — Having undergone two surgeries, it was kind of what Noah Gindorff expected.

The Crosby-Ironton High School and North Dakota State University graduate knew the likelihood of getting drafted into the NFL was going to be slim, but there was still a lingering hope.

With friends and family stationed at Cuyuna Rolling Hills Golf Course in Deerwood, Saturday, April 29, for the final four rounds of the draft, Gindorff and his fans waited.

The high school quarterback turned college tight end watched as all the picks were selected and his name wasn’t called.

The sadness quickly faded, however, when the son of Mike and Wendy Gindorff signed an undrafted free-agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks moments after the draft.


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Q: Was it a bittersweet day or is this kind of what you figured would happen?

NG: It was a little bittersweet just knowing with the injuries and stuff that things probably would have looked a lot different last weekend. I’m just fortunate to be on a roster right now and heading into a camp. I’m exactly where I want to be.

Q: How difficult was the process of having the second surgery and getting back to where you need to be?

NG: It was tough. I was just glad to be back in the mix and working on football stuff again after sitting out for a long time. I was just very thankful to be feeling good, having my good health back and being ready to go. Plus, just having the opportunity to do my own pro day was pretty special. I was glad with how everything worked out.

Q: What was your pro day like?

NG: It was pretty cool to have a pro day that late in the process. I think we had seven or eight teams show up. That was pretty rare that late into it. Most teams are settling down for their last meetings before the draft. To even have that many teams show up was pretty special. I was pretty fortunate.”

Q: Was Seattle one of those teams?

NG: They were not actually. I’d had a few conversations with them. I talked to their tight ends coach and he was a really nice guy. I was talking to their college scouting director. They were on the radar a little bit, but at the end of the day, they emerged as the favorite.


Q: What was the NFL Combine like and not being able to do anything physical?

NG: It was tough. It was still good to do all the interviews and stuff, obviously, the medical testing was big for me to show that I was healthy. It was tough. You grow up watching that as a kid and watching the 40-yard dash, but you’re just standing there watching everyone else get to do it. It definitely was a little bit bittersweet, but I was just fortunate enough to even be invited there to even watch. That was pretty cool.

Q: Watching the other tight ends were you thinking to yourself, ‘I’m better than these guys.’

NG: There was a little bit of that, but I’m trying my best not to compare. That doesn’t benefit me at all. I do feel like if I had been able to work out there I could show that I belong with these guys and I’m capable of playing at a high level. I’m headed forward into rookie camp and all my focus is there and show the coaches what I’m capable of and just proving I’m healthy and ready to go.

Q: How quickly after the draft ended did you get your call from Seattle?

NG: My agent and I were working it through the whole seventh round of the draft. There were a few teams that looked like they were going to draft me and then pulled the rug out at the last second. Then Seattle was kind of there the whole time of the seventh round because I think they made their last pick early in the seventh. After they picked, my agent started working with them. They were on the radar the entire time and there were a couple of teams that were in and out. Eventually, they were the last ones standing. That whole seventh round was chaotic. We knew I was going to Seattle with five or 10 picks left.

Q: How many other teams were trying to sign you?

NG: There were a few other teams coming in and out, but we had a pretty good offer from Seattle on the board so we wanted to get that done before they pulled their offer. There were several others we could have picked. That’s just how it ended up working out.


Q: How much motivation is there to get back to work?

NG: There is definitely a chip on my shoulder a little bit moving forward. Just to prove everyone wrong and prove the Seahawks right. They were the only ones to give me a chance. I definitely have something to prove now and I’m just ready to get to work now.

Q: What does it mean to say you’re on an NFL roster?

NG: It feels cool definitely. It still doesn't exactly feel real, but I’ve kind of been preparing for this day for a long time. I guess you could say the easy part is done now. I just have to go out and do my best to try to make the team. Now it’s all just about proving I can play football.

Q: Were you ever a Seahawks fan growing up?

NG: Not necessarily. I’m a Minnesota kid so I was always a Vikings fan and they knocked us out of the playoffs a few times. I kind of knew going into this that my fans were going to change up pretty quickly.

Q: How have your family, friends and community embraced your next chapter?

NG: We were at Cuyuna Rolling Hills watching the draft. It’s been awesome to feel the support. You could even just feel it on Saturday. Everyone was on edge. It wasn’t just me. My whole family was nervous and just sitting there with anticipation. It’s been really cool. All the messages that I’ve gotten from home-town friends and old classmates and my parents’ friends and family. Everyone you can think of has shot me a message. I’m very thankful to have this group of people around me. Crosby has just been great so far through this whole thing.


Q: When do you go to Seattle?

NG: In about 10 days I’ll fly out for rookie mini-camp. It will be fun. I’m definitely excited for it.

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