Girls Swimming and Diving: Warriors land in 2nd in 14-team invite

The Brainerd Warriors and Little Falls Flyers competed in the West Fargo Invite Saturday, Sept. 17.

Izzy Olson
Izzy Olson
Kelly Humphrey / Brainerd Dispatch
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WEST FARGO — Izzy Olson defended her title by winning the diving title at the West Fargo Invite Saturday, Sept. 17, and helping the Brainerd Warriors to a second-place finish.

Olson posted a 371.25 to clear the field by more than 12 points. Evie Helsene finished fourth and Brenna Deason sixth. Meghan Wirtz found herself in the top 10 as she placed eight with 306.85 points. Brainerd was the only school to have four divers with at least 300 points.

Mya Tautges added a second-place finish in the 50-yard freestyle as she swam a 25.18. She also teamed with Avery Duerr, Mariah Alderson and Isabelle Ploof to place third in the 200 medley relay and anchored the second-place 200 free relay with Ploof, Gabby Chalupksy and Scarlett Anderson.

Kaia Iske added a runner-up finish in the 100 butterfly in 1:04.54

Iske was also part of Brainerd’s third-place 400 free relay with Chalupksy, Aralyn Marcello and Scarlett Anderson.


The Little Falls Flyers finished 13th. Ella Rausch finished sixth in the 200 freestyle with a 2:09.82 for the Flyers' top individual finish. She was eighth in the 100 free, too.

Team score: 1-West Fargo, Sheyenne 388.5, 2-Brainerd 352.5, 3-Alexandria 276, 4-Andover 184, 5-Fargo North 176, 6-Albany 148, 7-Horace 141, 8-Detroit Lakes 123, 9-Willmar 117, 10-Shanley 109, 11-West Fargo 106, 12-Bemidji 66, 13-Little Falls 65, 14-Wahpeton 44

200 medley relay: 1-West Fargo Sheyenne 1:53.33, 3-Brainerd (Mya Tautges, Avery Duerr, Mariah Alderson, Isabelle Ploof) 1:58.42; 12-Little Falls (Claire Anderson, Sabina Moe, Kendra Couture, Jayda Alholm) 2:12.80, Exh-Brainerd (Kaia Iske, Brynn Haapajoki, Autumn Larson, Joze Tautges) 2:08.65, Exh-Brainerd (Greta Geary, Gabriella Bratney, Maggie Neptuen, Layla Wallace) 2:19.85, exh-Brainerd (Libby Lake, Cleo Weber, Haddy Akr, Casey Provost) 2:25.56 exh-Little Falls (Emma Catlin, Sarah Wolbeck, Stella Moe, Nora Dalen) 2:32.48, exh-Brainerd (Elizabeth Adamson, Addison Wirtz, Josie Nailion, Baylee Fasching) 2:40.11, exh-Little Falls (Abby Horton, Abi Nagorski, Ellie Larsen, Walker Johnson) 2:43.88

200 freestyle: 1-Brooklyn Keney (WFS) 2:04.02, 4-Duerr 2:08.07, 6-Ella Rausch (LF) 2:09.82, 8-Gabby Chalupsky (Brd) 2:11.72 , 10-Aralyn Marcello (Brd) 2:13.62, 13-Sophie Mattson (Brd) 2:14.06, 16-Ella Ostrowski (Brd) 2.17.18, 22-Vanessa Anderson 2:19.48, 23-Ella McCulley (Brd) 2:19.49, 39-Grace Kludt (LF) 2:33.09, 47-Maya St. George (LF) 2:42.61, 52-Georgia Lapos (LF) 2:53.13, 53-Elizabeth Adamson (Brd) 2:53.32

200 individual medley: 1-Bree Triplett (WFS) 2:21.99, 9-Jayda Alholm (LF) 2:32.97, 13-Haapajoki 2:36.9, 16-Alderson 2:39.82, 17-Wolbeck 2:43.08, 18-Lake 2:43.34, 34-Bratney 2:8.73, 41-Johnson 3:03.65, 43-Weber 3:05.94, 45-Naillon 3:06.69

50 freestyle: 1-Cate Pawlaski (Andover) 24.52, 2-Tautges 25.18, 9-Ploof 26.8, 14-Scarlett Anderson 27.34, 35-Couture 29.07, 38-Neptune 29.42, 46-Wallace 30.04, 70-Aker 32.27, 74-St. George 32.96, 77-Dalen 33.84, 81-Lapos 35.14, 84-Lauren Yeager (Brd) 35.36, 96-Baylee Fasching (Brd) 37.42

Diving: 1-Izzy Olson (Brd) 371.25, 4-Evie Helsene (Brd) 334.7, 6-Brenna Deason (Brd) 329.85, 8-Meghan Wirtz (Brd) 306.85, 20-Grace Grimsley (LF) 136.7, 22-Ella Dircks (Brd) 135.15, 24-Berit Gustafson (LF) 124.3, 25-Malina Schiller (Brd) 120.2, 28-Kylie Tervo (LF) 110.15

100 butterfly: 1-Triplett (WFS) 1:03.3, 2-Iske 1:04.54, 6-Alderson 1:07.64, 7-Larson 1:07.77, 26-Couture 1:17.11, 40-Aker 1:27.44, 45-Ellie Larsen (LF) 1:44.46

100 freestyle: 1-Tierney Howell (WFS) 54.26, 4-Tautges 55.94, 7-Ploof 58.44, 8-Rausch 58.69, 10-Scarlett Anderson 59.27, 12-Chalupsky 59.62, McCulley 1:04.66, 33-Joze Tautges 1:05.14, 35-Wallace 1:05.53, 42-Nagorski 1:08.35, 43-Sabina Moe 1:08.64, 49-Stella Moe 1:10.19, 54-Wirtz 1:11.02, 55-Catlin 1:11.15, 63-Casey Provost 1:15.23, 73-Elizabeth Adamson 1:17.55, 81-Lauren Yeager 1:21.38, 85-Faschig 1:24.56

500 freestyle: 1-Brooklyn Keney (WFS) 5:35.24, 11-Larson 5:55.49, 12-Marcello 5:57.95, 13-Mattson 5:59.05, 17-Alholm 6:12.56, 25-Neptune 6:30.09, 37-Kludt 7:00.66, 4-Dalen 7:11.40, 42-Ellie Larsen 7:14.20

200 freestyle relay: 1-Alexandria 1:45.18, 2-Brainerd (Ploof, Chalupsky, Scarlett Anderson, Tautges) 1:45.31; 13-Little Falls (RAusch, Sabina Moe, Stella Moe, Couture) 1:57.51, ex-Brainerd (Duerr, Marcello, Mattson, Ostrowski) 1:53.81, ex-Brainerd (Aker, McCulley, Naillon, Adamson) 2:08.73, ex-Little Falls (Claire Anderson, Catlin, Kludt, Johnson) 2:11.15, ex-Little Falls (Moe, St. George, Lapos, Abby Horton) 2:21.66

100 backstroke: 1-Sydni Roberts (Wahpeton) 1:04.02, 11-Geary 1:09.99, 14-Iske 1:10.57, 18-Vanessa Anderson 1:11.89, 23-Claire Anderson 1:15.17, 24-Lake 1:15.19, 31-Joze Tautges 1:17.7, 47-Wirtz 1:25.58, 51-Provost 1:26.64, 55-Catlin 1:30.55, 65-Horton 1:43.23

100 breaststroke: 1-Pawlaski 1:06.6, 6-Duerr 1:12.49, 10-Haapajoki 1:17.47, 18-Wolbeck 1:22.24, 19-Sabina Moe 1:22.49, 29-Bratney 1:28.45, 36-Weber 1:29.95, 44-Naillon 1:34.36, 51-Cecily Moe 1:38.48

400 freestyle relay: 1-West Fargo Sheyenne 3:45.46, 3-Brainerd (Chalupsky, Marcello, Iske, Scarlett Anderson) 3:58.75; 11-Little Falls (Gustafson, Nagorski, Alholm, Rausch) 4:11.58, ex-Brainerd (Aldrson, Mattson, Ostrowski, Larson) 4:14.63, ex-Brainerd (Vanessa Anderson, Geary, Neptune, Haapajoki) 4:18.24, ex-Brainerd (Wallace, Lake, McCulley, Joze Tautges) 4:27.53, ex-Little Falls (Claire Anderson, Kludt, Wolbeck, Stella Moe) 4:37.45, ex-Brainerd (Adamson, Bratney, Provost, Fasching) 5:11.82, ex-Little Falls (Larsen, Dalen, St. George, Lapos) 5:16.01

Next: Brainerd at Alexandria 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22; Little Falls at St. Cloud Apollo 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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