Track and Field: Warriors post meet records at Wayzata

The Brainerd Warriors competed Friday, May 5, in the Wayzata Relays.

Brandon Stark
Brandon Stark
Kelly Humphrey

WAYZATA —Brainerd’s 800-meter sprint medley relay of Charlie Pikula, Dillon MacLaughlin, Isaak Malay and Brandon Stark posted a first-place and meet record time of 1:36.3 Friday, May 5, at the Wayzata Relays to lead the Warrior boys to fifth.

Stark also won the 400 dash with a 49.96 and placed third in the 200 dash.

Dylan Gross won the shot put with a 56-foot-10 toss and MacLaughlin added a fifth-place showing in the 100 dash.

Brenna Deason won the 100-meter dash with a meet-record time of 12.26. She also placed second in the pole vault to help the Warrior girls to fourth place.

Brenna Deason
Brenna Deason
Kelly Humphrey

Ellie Brown placed second in the discus with a toss of 111-foot-11.


The Warriors landed two relays in third place starting with the 4x800 team of Emily Bastian, Madelyn Miller, Bridget Collins and Annelise Biard. Brainerd’s 800 sprint relay team of Kate Stadum, Payton Miller, Cora Clough and Cally Robertson also finished third.

Violet Goodwin placed fourth in the 100 hurdles and fourth in the 300 hurdles.

Clough placed second in the high jump with Stadum placing fourth.

In the girls’ 3200 run, Madelyn Miller placed third followed by Hannah Drietz in fourth and Julia Rademacher in sixth.

Boys team scores: 1-Wayzata 282.5, 2-Mounds View 127, 3-Minnetonka 116.5, 4-Woodbury 92, 5-Moorhead 88, 6-Brainerd 68, 7-Annandale 49, 8-Minneapolis Southwest 28

110 hurdles: 1-Jack Ohmann (Mounds View) 15.82, 11-Kyle Peterson 17.43, 16-Preston Miller 19.22, 20-David Herath 20.48

300 hurdles: 1-David Nelson (Wayzata) 41.46, 12-Herath 46.58, 14-Miller 47.24, 20-Peterson 48.33

100 dash: 1-Tyler Milkes (Wayzata) 10.62, 5-Dillon MacLaughlin (Brd) 11.3, 7-Isaak Malay (Brd) 11.36, 11-Charlie Pikula (Brd) 11.54

200 dash: 1-Kamron Williams (Wayzata) 22.16, 3-Brandon Stark (Brd) 22.71, 15-Austin Asher (Brd) 4.86, 16-Preston Siebolds (Brd) 24.91

400 dash: 1- Stark (Brd) 49.96, 10-Matt Toews (Brd) 54.67, 11-John Hagen (Brd) 55.41

800 run: 1-Will Weber (Wayzata) 1;59.45, 18-Nolan Thiesse (Brd) 2:15.33, 19-Joey Otto (Brd) 2:18.03

1600 run: 1-Hayes McMillan (Wayzata) 4;27.46, 18-Nolan Thiesse (Brd) 4:53.49, 22-Weston Thiesse (Brd) 5:18.55, 23-Jason Feigum (Brd) 5:19.6

3200 run: 1-Daniel McCollor (Wayzata) 9;36.69, 11-Ben Stadum (Brd) 10:48.74, 15-Gabe Hallgren (Brd) 11:17.17

4x100 relay: 1-Moorhead 43.21, 4-Brainerd (Pikula, MacLaughlin, Dylan Gross, Malay) 44.46

4x200 relay: 1-Moorhead 1:32.52, 5-Brainerd (Austin Asher, Preston Siebolds, Jake Merseth, Matt Toews) 1:38.18

4x400 relay: 1-Minnetonka 3:30.65

4x800 relay: 1- Wayzata 8:06.6, 6-Brainerd (Joey Otto, Ben Stadum, Weston Thiesse, Leif Hoffman) 9:10.46

800 sprint medley relay: 1-Brainerd (Pikula, MacLaughlin, Malay, Stark) 1:36.27

1600 sprint medley relay: 1-Wayzata 3:49.78, 7-Brainerd (Travis Albrecht, Jordan Davis, Joe Neumann, Leif Hoffman) 4:04.58

Shot put: 1-Dylan Gross (Brd) 56-10, 9-Mitch Wind (Brd) 45-3, 14-Daxum Hastings (Brd) 40-11.5

Discus: 1-Jordan Dunigan (Woodbury) 171-9, 17-Mitch Wind (Brd) 95-1, 19-Matt Lekatz (Brd) 88-1

Long jump: 1-Michael Haugo (Moorhead) 21-6.25, 10-Jake Merseth (Brd) 18-11, 15-Joe Smith (Brd) 17-4, 17-Cole Fjeld (Brd) 16-10

Triple jump: 1-Colin Elliott (Mounds View) 43-2, 7-Ty Nelson (Brd) 39-5, 17-Alex Lelwica (Brd) 36-8.75, 19-Cole Fjeld (Brd) 35-3

High jump: 1-Abiola Bakare (Mounds View) 6-2, 14-Ayden Wheeler-Carranza (Brd) 5-4, 18-Joe Smith (Brd) 5-4, 20-Kaden Schilling (Brd) 5-2

Pole vault: 1-Thunor Berthiaume (Mounds View) 13-6, 5-Joe Smith (Brd) 11-0, 9-Sebastian Tisdell (Brd) 9-0

Girls team scores: 1-Wayzata 211, 2-Minnetonka 188.5, 3-Roseville 110.5, 4-Brainerd 107, 5-Mounds View 61, 6-Moorhead 60, 7-White Bear Lake 38, 8-Woodbury 25, 9-Annandale 14

100 hurdles: 1-Ruby Pajibo (Minnetonka) 14.88, 4-Violet Goodwin (Brd) 16.45, 10-Natalie Smith (Brd) 17.33, 12-Madi Bertram (Brd) 17.7

300 hurdles: 1- Kendall Barnes (Roseville) 46.68, 4-Goodwin 48.11, 10-Smith 50.79, 12-Bertram 52.18

100 dash: 1-Brenna Deason (Brd) 12.26, 26-Alison Bachman (Brd) 14.12, 27-Alexis Lugo (Brd) 14.83

200 dash: 1-Ava Mateega (Wayzata) 26.23, 23-Semme Hiltner (Brd) 29.03, 24-Holly Bergin 30.21

400 dash: 1-Jessica Haux (Wayzata) 59.98, 13-Lilly DeRosier (Brd) 1:07.99, 16-Elizabeth Rademacher (Brd) 1:10.47, 17-Holly Bergin (Brd) 1:12.98

800 run: 1-Teegan Anderson (Wayzata) 2:10.74, 7-Bridget Collins (Brd) 2;29.54, 10-Annelise Baird (Brd) 2:31.71, 15-Katelyn Kennedy (Brd) 2:34.49

1600 run: 1-Taylor Isabel (Mounds View) 5:00.32, 8-Katelyn Kennedy (Brd) 5:23.09, 14-Brooke Wenz (Brd) 5:30.01

3200 run: 1-Kailey Lai (Minnetonka) 11:28.99, 3-Madelyn Miller (Brd) 11:41.16, 4-Hannah Drietz (Brd) 11:47.03, 6-Julia Rademacher (Brd) 11:59.44

4x100 relay: 1-Roseville 50.16, 4-Brainerd (Katherine Stadum, Ava Loney, Cora Clough, Deason) 50.46

4x200 relay: 1-Minnetonka 1:46.29, 7-Brainerd (Payton Miller, Semme Hiltner, Goodwin, Avery Duerr) 1:53.08

4x400 relay: 1-Wayzata 4:01.61, 5-Brainerd (Cally Robertson, Natalie Smith, Lilly DeRosier, Avery Duerr) 4:24.3

4x800 relay: 1-Minnetonka 9:20.38, 3-Brainerd (Emily Bastian, Madelyn Miller, Bridget Collins, Annelise Baird) 10:03.32

800 sprint medley relay: 1-Minnetonka 1:55.28, 3-Brainerd (Stadum, Miller, Clough, Cally Robertson) 1:59.15

1600 sprint medley relay: 1-Minnetonka 4:05.91, 3-Brainerd (Loney, Deason, Duerr, Bastian) 4:21.27

Shot put: 1-Katie Kelzenberg (Wayzata) 38-4, 6-Ellie Brown (Brd) 33-9.5, 6-Elianna Riley (Brd) 33-4.5, 23-Serena Caspers (Brd) 26-5

Discus: 1-Katie Kelzenberg (Wayzata) 112-1, 2-Ellie Brown (Brd) 111-11, 13-Elianna Riley (Brd) 84-6, 20-Josie Naillon (Brd) 65-1

Long jump: 1-Lucy Hiller (Minnetonka) 18-3.75, 9-Ava Loney (Brd) 15-8.75, 18-Emma Sheflo (Brd) 14-4.75, 23-Alison Bachman (Brd) 13-9

Triple jump: 1-Hiller (Minnetonka) 37-6.5, 7-Molly Hagelie (Brd) 33-4, 14-Lauren Castle 31-3, 15-Alyssa Schommer (Brd) 31-2.5

High jump: 1-Mya Folken (Minnetonka) 5-6, 2-Cora Clough (Brd) 5-2, 4-Kate Stadum (Brd) 5-0, 12-Lauren Castle (Brd) 4-8

Pole vault: 1-Jayda Wilson (Roseville) 11-6, 2-Brenna Deason (Brd) 10-6, 9-Malina Schiller (Brd) 8-0, 17-Abigail Tanner (Brd) 8-0

Next: Brainerd hosts Section 8-3A True Team meet 3 p.m. Tuesday, May, 9.

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