Track and Field: Warriors sweep home Quad

The Brainerd Warriors hosted Bemidji, Fergus Falls and Pequot Lakes Tuesday, April 25.

Photos from the track and field meet at Brainerd
Brainerd Warrior Dylan Gross throws the discus Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at the Brainerd track and field meet.
Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

BRAINERD — It’s a grueling double, but Emily Bastian is happy to do it.

And Dylan Gross is showing his versatility and health, too.

The two Brainerd athletes helped the Warriors to a sweep Tuesday, April 25, at the Warrior Quadrangular at Adamson Field.

Bastian, a senior, leads off the Warriors’ 4x800-meter relay and also runs the 400 dash a few events later. In both cases, she brought home gold as the Warriors’ 4x8 relay posted a first-place time of 9:48.71 and Bastian won the 400 in 1:01.01.

“It’s pretty taxing, but it’s manageable,” Bastian said. “I mean you feel it a lot more after you finish the 400, but it’s a really fun time. It’s definitely worth it. I'm so excited about that relay. I’m beyond excited. Our time today was so great. We were just trying to make it to Hamline this Friday and we just blew our expectations away, which is a nice surprise.”


Tuesday’s goal for most of the Warrior athletes was to put down times and distances that would qualify them for Friday’s Hamline Elite Meet. Only the top nine times and distances in the state are invited to the meet.

The foursome of Bastian, Katelyn Kennedy, Madi Miller and Annelise Baird won by almost 12 seconds over second-place Bemidji.

Photos from the track and field meet at Brainerd
Brainerd Warrior Madi Miller runs in the girls 1600-meter race Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at the Brainerd track and field meet.
Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

Then in the 400 dash, Bastian won by more than two seconds.

“Honestly, I just tried to start out really fast,” Bastian said. “That’s something I’ve struggled with in the past. I just tried to coast and then build at the 200 Then in the final 100, I think the main part is my teammates always push me in practice so I just pretend they’re right there with me and that pushes me through.”

Bastian said she was pleased with her time, but says she’s running with confidence this season.

“I mean, there are always the jitters, but we have an amazing coach who works us through all that stuff on the daily so there isn’t much to think about when we get to a meet," Bastian said. "That’s really nice because it can get in your way.”

Just as she started the meet, Bastian ended it with a brilliant final leg of Brainerd’s 4x400 relay. Bastian erased a large gap and caught the leading Pequot Lakes team to capture the win in 4:26.88.

Another confident athlete is Gross, who is back after a season-ending injury took him out of state qualifying contention last spring.


Gross, who saw his former teammate Andrew Albright win the state shot put title last season won Tuesday’s shot with a 57-foot-8.5 toss. That was one foot and two inches better than second place.

“Shot put went pretty good,” Gross said. “I won and threw a 57-8. Watching Andrew last year was really motivating because I knew I would be right there with him. I trained hard and came back strong this year.”

Gross finished third in the discus with a 119-05 effort.

“My goal is to hit 60 feet in the shot put and after I hit that then hit 65,” Gross said. “Then just get better every meet. Discus, I’ve been struggling with so far with the technique, but I’ll get it done.”

Gross not only came back strong, but he came back fast. For the first time in his varsity track and field career, the junior is running the 100 dash. He ran a fourth-place time of 11.80. The only people to beat him were his teammates Isaak Malay in 11.4, Dillon MacLaughlin in 11.43 and Austin Asher in 11.73.

Also, new this year is Gross teaming up with Malay, MacLaughlin and Charlie Pikula to run the 4x100 relay.

Photos from the track and field meet at Brainerd
Brainerd Warrior Isaak Malay anchors the first-place 4x100 relay Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at the Brainerd track and field meet.
Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

“I love doing relays and contributing to the team and stuff,” Gross said. “I’ve always trained on speed as well as strength. I think that 4x1 can do really well through the season. Last meet we had a 45.2 so we’re just trying to go faster.”

The foursome ran a first-place 44.94 Tuesday to win by almost two seconds.


The Brainerd girls also got a double win from Violet Goodwin in the 100 and 300 hurdles. Goodwin also teamed with Kate Stadum, Molly Hagelie and Cora Clough to win the 4x200 relay in 1:51.14.

Brenna Deason won the 100 dash and pole vault and anchored Brainerd’s first-place 4x100 relay with Hagelie, Stadum and Ava Loney.

Clough won the high jump and the 200 dash with a 26.96.

Photos from the track and field meet at Brainerd
Brainerd Warrior Cora Clough clears the bar in the girls' high jump Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at the Brainerd track and field meet.
Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

The Pequot Lakes Patriots earned first-place finishes in the shot put from Amelia Davis, Kayla Joyce in the discus and Carlie Eggert in the triple jump.

On the boys’ side, Pequot’s Charles Schiessel swept the hurdles and the Patriots’ 4x4 relay placed first.

Brainerd got wins from Malay in the 100 dash, Brandon Stark won the 200 and 400 dashes and teamed with Pikula, MacLaughlin and Malay to win the 4x100 relay. Gavin Hoelzel won the pole vault with a 12-6 effort.

Boys team scores: 1-Brainerd 103.25, 2-Bemidji 62.75, 3-Fergus Falls 56.25, 4-Pequot Lakes 52.75

110 hurdles: 1-Charles Schiessel (PL) 16.26, 2-Kyle Peterson (Brd) 18.98, 3-Preston Miller (Brd) 19.83, 4-David Herath (Brd) 20.03

300 hurdles: 1-Charles Schiessel (PL) 42.92, 2-Gavin Hoelzel (Brd) 44.56, 4-David Herath (Brd) 4609, 5-Preston Miller (Brd) 47.47

100 dash: 1-Isaak Malay (Brd) 114, 2-Dillon MacLaughlin (Brd) 11.43, 3-Austin Asher (Brd) 11.73, 4-Dylan Gross (Brd) 11.8, 6-John Hagen (Brd) 12.01, 7-Dane Mudgett (PL) 12.07

200 dash: 1-Brandon Stark (Brd) 22.87, 2-Charles Schissel (PL) 23.73, 4-Matt Toews (Brd) 24.17, 5-Charlie Pikula (Brd) 24.17

400 dash: 1-Brandon Stark (Brd) 50.37, 2-Matt Toews (Brd) 55.37, 4-John Hagen (Brd) 56.23, 6-Alex Kriesel (PL) 56.69, 7-Levi Barnes (PL) 56.93

800 run: 1-David Ronnevik (FF) 2:14.62, 3-Jason Feigum (Brd) 2:18.6, 4-Leif Hoffman (Brd) 2:22.23, 5-Weston Thiesse (Brd) 2:24.09

1600 run: 1-Jaden Miller (FF) 4:48.82, 6-Leif Hoffman (Brd) 5:07.96, 7-Jason Feigum (Brd) 5:12.79

3200 run: 1-Carson Maish (Bem) 9:52.44, 3-Liam Zins (PL) 10:32.71, 5-Ben Stadum (Brd) 10:44.85, 6-Gabe Hallgren (Brd) 10:46.04, 7-Axton Svir (Brd) 11:14.08, 8-James Johnson (PL) 11:40.3

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Charlie Pikula, Dillon MacLaughlin, Dylan Gross, Isaak Malay) 44.94, 3-Pequot Lakes (Dane Mudgett, Kade Mudgett, Thomas Blomer, Tade Magnusson) 47.13

4x200 relay: 1-Brainerd (Charlie Pikula, Dillon MacLaughlin, Brandon Stark, Isaak Malay) 1:317, 4-Pequot Lakes (Ben Westerman, Logan Happke, Becke Lipke, Justin Sievert) 1:49.88

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes (Nicholas Holmberg, Bode Eggena, Tade Magnusson, Kade Mudgett) 3:35.91, 3-Brainerd (Joey Otto, Nolan Thiesse, Weston Thiesse, Leif Hoffman) 3:58.2

4x800 relay: 1-Bemidji 8:24.38, 3-Brainerd (Joey Otto, Nolan Thiesse, Ben Stadum, Weston Thiesse) 9:03.3

Shot put: 1-Dylan Gross (Brd) 57-8.5, 3-Lucas Ganley (PL) 47-3, 4-Riley Peters (PL) 46-6.5, 5-Mitch Wind (Brd) 44-9, 6-Daxum Hastings (Brd) 38-9, 7-Dane Mudgett (PL_ 37-11.5

Discus: 1-Alexander Jensen (FF) 156-6, 2-Riley Peters (PL) 126-1, 3-Dylan Gross (Brd) 119-5, 4-Lucas Ganley (PL) 118-07, 5-Ethan Stohr (PL) 100-10.5, 6-Mitch Wind (Brd) 97-11

Long jump: 1-Sane Zierden (FF) 18-10, 2-Jake Merseth (Brd) 18-7.5, 4-Wyatt Balmer (PL) 18-0, 8-Alex Kriessel (PL) 17-4.5

Triple jump: 1-Shane Zierdan (FF) 43-7.5, 2-Ty Nelson (Brd) 40-3.5, 5-Wyatt Balmer (PL) 36-10, 6-Ayden Wheeler-Carranza (Brd) 36-4

High jump: 1-Quinten Yueng (Bem) 5-10, 2t-Bode Eggena (PL) 5-8, 4-Joe Smith (Brd) 5-6, 5t-Becker Lipke (PL) 5-4, 5t-Kaden Schilling (Brd) 5-4

Pole vault: 1-Gavin Hoelzel (Brd) 12-6, 2-Joe Smith (Brd) 10-6, 4t-Ryder Schultz (PL) 9-0, 4t-Wyatt Balmer (PL) 9-0, 4t-Micah Loukota (PL) 9-0

Girls team scores: 1-Brainerd 135, 2-Pequot Lakes 65, 3-Fergus Falls 43.5, 4-Bemidji 32.5

100 hurdles: 1-Violet Goodwin (Brd) 17.22, 2-Madi Bertram (Brd) 17.72, 3-Natalie Smith (Brd) 18.07, 5-Matia Bruggeman (Brd) 18.75

300 hurdles: 1-Violet Goodwin (Brd) 48.99, 2-Natalie Smith (Brd) 50.31, 3-Allison Gladen (PL) 52.69, 4-Madi Bertram (Brd) 52.79, 5-Matia Bruggeman (Brd) 54.8

100 dash: 1-Brenna Deason (Brd) 12.77, 2-Ava Loney (Brd) 13.31, 4-Josie Taylor (PL) 13.55, 5-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 13.8, 6-Ava Merta (PL)13.81

200 dash: 1-Cora Clough (Brd) 26.96, 2-Josie Taylor (PL) 27.56, 3-Katherine Stadum (Brd) 28.03, 4-Ashley Slaybaugh (PL) 28.59, 6-Carlie Eggert (PL) 28.98, 7-Lilly DeRosier (Brd) 29.24

400 dash: 1-Emily Bastian (Brd) 1:01.01, 3-Lilly DeRosier (Brd) 1:05.74, 4-Georgie Thompson (PL) 1:05.77, 5-Carlie Eggert (PL) 1:06.93, 6-Cally Robertson (Brd) 1:08.07

800 run: 1-Regan Dewitt (Bem) 2:23.47, 2-Katelyn Kennedy (Brd) 2:31.58, 3-Annelise Baird (Brd) 2:34.55, 4-Bridget Collins (Brd) 2:38.01

1600 run: 1-Alivia Thompson (Bem) 5:31.51, 2-Madi Miller (Brd) 5:36.82, 7-Erika English (PL) 6:09.5, 8-Scarlett Anderson (Brd) 6:14.6, 9-Danika Ramler (Brd) 6:22

3200 run: 1-Mia Hoffman (Bem) 11:32.96, 2-Hannah Drietz (Brd) 11:52.01, 3-Julia Rademacher (Brd) 12:13.68, 6-Emma Bitzer (PL) 14:54.71

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Brenna Deason, Katherine Stadum, Molly Hagelie, Ava Loney) 50.73, 2-Pequot Lakes (Ashley Slaybaugh, Ava Marta, Joselyn Rinio, Josie Taylor) 52.74

4x200 relay: 1-Brainerd (Katherine Stadum, Molly Hagelie, Cora Clough, Violet Goodwin), 1:51.14, 3-Pequot Lakes (Allison Gladen, Isabel Larson, Georgie Thompson, Haylie Crutcher) 1:56.59

4x400 relay: 1-Brainerd (Lilly DeRosier, Bridget Collins, Emma Sheflo, Emily Bastian) 4:26.88, 2-Pequot Lakes (Veronica Broskovetz, Georgie Thompson, Erika English, Allison Gladen) 4:27.88

4x800 relay: 1-Brainerd (Emily Bastian, Katelyn Kennedy, Madi Miller, Annelise Baird) 9:48.71, 4-Pequot Lakes (Emma Flaws, Emma Bitzer, Emily Held, Hailee Polchow) 12:36.76

Shot put: 1-Amelia Davis (PL) 38-09, 2-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 32-3.5, 3t-Joyce Kayla (PL) 31-0, 3t-Ellianna Riley (Brd) 31-0, 5-Ellie Brown (Brd) 30-09

Discus: 1-Kayla Joyce (PL) 96-4, 2-Amelia Davis (PL) 95-09, 3-Ellie Brown (Brd) 90-06, 4-Elianna Riley (Brd) 89-06, 6-Anah Miller (PL) 80-03

Long jump: 1t-Ava Loney (Brd) 16-4, 1t-Ella Starzl (FF) 16-4, 3-Reese Laposky (PL) 15-9.5, 4-Emma Sheflo (Brd) 14-10, 5-Hannah Sigler (PL) 14-6

Triple jump: 1-Carlie Eggert (PL) 32-10, 2-Molly Hagelie (Brd) 32-6, 4-Ellie Brown (Brd) 32-3, 7-Lauren Castle (Brd) 32-0, 8-Olivia Den Hartog (PL) 31-0.5

High jump: 1-Cora Clough (Brd) 5-1, 5-Reese Laposky (PL) 4-8, 6-Isabel Larson (PL) 4-6, 7t-Lauren Castle (Brd) 4-6, 7t-Racine Schommer (Brd) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Brenna Deason (Brd) 9-6, 2t-Abigail Tanner (Brd) 8-0, 2t-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 8-0, 4t-Malina Schiller (Brd) 7-0, 4t-Erika English (PL) 7-0

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Warrior Quad

Boys’ team winner: Brainerd won with a 103.25 points


Girls’ team winner: Brainer won with 135 points

Warrior highlights: Emily Bastian, Cora Clough, Violet Goodwin, Brenna Deason, Isaak Malay and Brandon Stark all finished with three first-place finishes

Next: Brainerd, Pequot Lakes in Hamline Elite Meet at Hamline University 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 28.

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