Warriors Athletes of Year

A list of all the Warrior Athletes of the Year.


Warriors Athletes of Year

2022: Olivia Tautges, Thomas Ruhl

2021: Emma Storbakken, Max Lewica

2020: Gabbie Smith, Owen Davis

2019: Olivia King, Braden Kramer


2018: Regan McElfresh, Jack Evans

2017: Allyson Smith, Cole Kubesh

2016: Maddie Ellingson, Chris Pederson

2015: Jenna Degen, Lydia Herath, David Supinski

2014: Sara Wennerstrand, Cole Smith, Grant Reuer

2013: Allison Kosobud, Marcus Comstock

2012: Chelsie Manton, Tommy Olson

2011: Katy Etterman, Tyler Kohlmeier


2010: Kelsi Ring, Madison Smith, Kyle Crocker

2009: Jared Anderson, Thomas Ruttger, Samantha Smith

2008: Jess Bye, Bronson Shepherd, Tom Lyscio

2007: Justin Tyner, Robyn Wernberg

2006: Carl Sneep, Aani Rangen

2005: Chris Woodard, Ally Hartje, Taylor Hartje, Hilary Smith

2004: Megan Arns, Christina Roberts, Justin Grunewald

2003: Katie Diiro, Andy Pickar


2002: Megan Steiger, Cori Severson, Mike Zauhar

2001: Lisa Renneke, Trevor McCulloch

2000: Marni Lundbohm, Mitch Feierabend

1999: Jared Reese, Joel Clough, Katie Johnson

1998: Mark Tuchscherer, Emily Hadland, Katy Johnston

1997: Lindsay Lewis, Dan Whirley

1996: Jade Oโ€™Brien, Mindy Walker

1995: Wade Haapajoki, Justin Kieffer, Jayna Mathieu


1994: Jaime Mueller, Tim Kidder

1993: Turena Johnson, Margit Rinke, Chris Heitkamp

1992: Shelly Breen, Al Stier

1991: Julie Beasley, Keith Bartholomaus

1990: Stephanie Jones, Jason Heitkamp, Todd Vanek

1989: Angie Moudry, Darec Liebel

1988: Amy Schmitz, Mike Musty

1987: Jennifer Knippel, Mike Headlee


1986: Judy Bialka, Sandy Smith

1985: Sherri Kappes, Steve Gohl

1984: Carla Link, Kurt Muesing, Jon Stolski

1983: Nina Borgwarth, Joe Vrudny

1982: Ramona Rugloski, Rob Veith

1981: Darla Magtibay, Mark Mathews

1980: Lehtitia Moilanen, Barry Sorensen

1979: Dawn Clabo, Craig Holm


1978: Kathleen Borgwarth, Gail Dailey, Bruce Rimmereid

1977: Sue Miller, Tony Veith

1976: Kathy Schultz, Bob Jensen

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