Racing: Speed common element for Kendall

BARROWS--Rookie modified driver Billy Kendall has a common link between his winter sport, ice hockey as a Brainerd High School athlete, and his summer racing--speed.

BARROWS-Rookie modified driver Billy Kendall has a common link between his winter sport, ice hockey as a Brainerd High School athlete, and his summer racing-speed.

Kendall is off to a fast start this season with a first-place finish at Princeton and a second-place finish Saturday in the modified feature at North Central Speedway.

"The fast pace really gets your adrenaline going and keeps you interested," Kendall said. "There is never a dull moment in either sport."

Racing has long been part of the Kendall family with his father driving many years and Billy getting his start at age six.

"My dad has been racing forever," Kendall said. "He has raced drag cars and jet skis and also got into the asphalt oval racing. When we were growing up, he wanted to get us involved and we started getting big into go-kart racing. I started that when I was six and my dad kind of took over doing the work instead of driving and now we are racing modifieds all across the Midwest.


"My dad works on the car all the time. I am very lucky to have that or else I wouldn't be able to do it and I really appreciate that. I work on the car on the weekends because hockey is during the week."

Kendall first introduced himself to the North Central Speedway crowd in a pure stock car. He drove both a street stock and a Northern Sport Modified car last season before moving to the modified car this season. He is third in the points race just 10 points behind leader Josh Beaulieu.

"This has been a really good start to the year and our car has been really good," he said. "We are kind of wondering what the future can bring.

"Whenever I came to the track, I always liked watching the big boys play in the big cars and I wanted to get there. The Northern Sport Mods and street stocks were a good stepping stone. The more seat time in the two cars really helped and we learned a lot from that."

Fellow Brainerd High School student Aaron Johnson is just one point behind Kendall in the points race.

"We have always been super competitive out here and that makes it even more fun," Kendall said of Johnson.

In other action Saturday, Northern Sport Mod points leader Ashley Mehrwerth followed her first career win last week with a second-place behind David Siercks in the feature. Mehrwerth leads by 10 points in the season standings.

Only three cars made the field for the Mod 4's and it was Jess Geesey getting the feature win.


Brendon Yamry and Derek Stenoch have been in a season-long sports compact battle. It continued with Yamry edging Stenoch for the feature win and building on a one-point lead.

Timothy Gonska was the hobby stock winner and Dylan Nelson captured the super stock.

IMCA Sport Compact

Feature: 1-Brendon Yamry, 2-Derek Stenoch, 3-Devin Flannigan

Heat 1: 1-Derek Stenoch, 2-Brendon Yamry, 3-Tyler Kunz

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1-Timoth Gonska, 2-Robert Young Jr., 3-David Dosh

Heat 1: 1-Timothy Gonska, 2-David Dosh, 3-Robert Young Jr.


NCS Mod 4's

Feature: 1- Jess Geesey, 2-Dean Blanchard Jr., 3-Rod Berg

Heat 1: 1- Dean Blanchard Jr., 2-Rod Berg, 3-Jess Geesey

IMCA Northern Sport Modified

Feature: 1-David Siercks, 2-Ashley Mehrwerth, 3-Brandon Mehrwerth

Heat 1: 1-Ashley Mehrwerth, 2-Brandon Mehrwerth, 3-David Siercks

NCS Super Stocks

Feature: 1-Dylan Nelson, 2-Dexton Koch, 3-Jesse Smolik


Heat 1: 1-Dylan Nelson, 2-Trent Brutger, 3-Jesse Smolik

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1-Ryan Canon, 2-Billy Kendall, 3-Lance Schilling

Heat 1: 1-Mark Prueser, 2-Billy Kendall, 3-Josh Beaulieu

Heat 2: 1-Ryan Canon, 2-Lance Schilling, 3-Erick Thiesse

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