Stock Car Racing: Bawden, Siercks and Johnson win at NCS


BARROWS — Tommy Bawden, Tim Siercks and Aaron Johnson each tallied their third win of the season Saturday, July 11 at North Central Speedway.

Johnson finished second to Billy Kendall II in last week's Modified feature event, but he made it back to the winner's podium, driving past Shawn Fletcher and Tim Johnson for the win.

Siercks scored his third win and his fourth top five finish of the season with Mark Martini getting the second spot and Torey Fischer gaining third.

Bawden holds a 54 point lead in the Mod 4 class and he collected his third win. Patrick Specht won the heat race but he wasn't able to make the green flag start of the feature due to car issues.

Greg Kohl made his first appearance of the season at the winner's podium in the Sport Compact feature and Chris Seidel notched his first career win of the year for the Hobby Stocks.


Tim Johnson came away with the win for the Super Stock class, finishing in front of Ryan Studanski and Austin Niemeyer.

The Micro Sprint cars also made an appearance with Zack Nelson getting the win. Jeremy Snow finished in second with Noah Berglund taking the third spot.

IMCA Sport Compacts
Feature: 1-Greg Kohl, 2-Nathan Kohl, 3-Jenna Hagemann
Heat 1: 1-Greg Kohl, 2-Peewee Kuhnau, 3-Harry Ruikka
Heat 2: 1-Nathan Kohl, 2-Jenna Hagemann, 3-Kaleb Ruikka

IMCA Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1-Chris Seidel, 2-Brandon Bombardo, 3-Dave Johnson
Heat 1: 1-Chris Seidel, 2-Brandon Bombardo, 3-Austin Niemeyer
Heat 2: 1-Tim Gonska, 2-Michael Nelson, 3-Devin Larson

Wissota Mod Four
Feature: 1-Tommy Bawden, 2-Jamie Lenarz, 3-Dean Shaver
Heat 1: 1-Patrick Specht, 2-Chad Funt, 3-Keith Roush
Heat 2: 1-Tommy Bawden, 2-Jamie Lenarz, 3-Jerry Esler

IMCA Sportmods
Feature: 1-Tim Siercks, 2-Mark Martini, 3-Torey Fischer
Heat 1: 1-Mark Martini, 2-Brendon Yamry, 3-Dru Nelson
Heat 2: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-David Siercks, 3-Torey Fischer

Wissota Super Stock
Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Ryan Studanski, 3-Austin Niemeyer
Heat 1: 1-Dustin Nelson, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Kevin Schmidt
Heat 2: 1-Ryan Studanski, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Tommy Patton

IMCA Modifieds
Feature: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-Tim Johnson
Heat 1: 1-Shawn Fletcher, 2-AJ Viehauser, 3-Erick Thiesse
Heat 2: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Luke Hines, 3-Tim Johnson

Micro Sprints
Feature: 1-Zack Nelson, 2-Jeremy Snow, 3-Noah Berglund
Heat 1: 1-Jeremy Snow, 2-Noah Berglund, 3-Zack Nelson
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