Stock Car Racing: Bombardo wins hobby stock feature

Results from Saturday night racing acton at North Central Speedway.


BARROWS โ€” The hobby stock class was featured for the fifth annual Hobby Stock Tour Saturday, July 24, at North Central Speedway.

Twenty three drivers participated in the 25-lap feature and Brandon Bombardo captured his sixth win of the season in front of Jesse Vanlaningham and Dylan Nelson. Bombardo's win increased his points lead to 37 over Chris Seidel, who wasn't able to finish the race.

Sport Mod driver David Siercks moved into the top spot in the points race with his second feature win. It was a vintage Siercks win as he started from the sixth row and stayed out of harm's way, witnessing eight of the fifteen drivers leave the race, including Jake Hagemann, who started the night as the points leader. After all of the carnage, Siercks worked through the remaining traffic and came away with the victory.

Greg and Nathan Kohl have staged a year-long battle in the sport compact class, but Jenna Hagemann keeps reminding people that there is another player in the point's game. It was Nathan's turn Saturday as he collected his fourth win of the season, with Greg finishing second and Hagemann gaining the third spot. Both Greg and Nathan have four wins for the year and Hagemann has two. Just 25 points separate the three drivers with five weeks of racing left.

Aaron Johnson took the checkered flag in the modified and stock car feature races and he has three wins in his last four feature races at NCS


Tommy Bawden notched his seventh win of the year in the mod four feature event.

Results from July 24
IMCA Modifieds
Feature: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-AJ Viehauser, 3-Tyler English
Heat 1: 1-Seth Kramer, 2-Dano Ostrander, 3-Zack Fletcher

IMCA Sportmods
Feature: 1-Dru Nelson, 2-Troy Jordan, 3-Dru Nelson
Heat 1: 1-Troy Jordan, 2-Mark Martini, 3-Jacob Kierstead
Heat 2: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-Dru Nelson, 3-Jacob Jordan

Wissota Mod Fours
Feature: 1-Tommy Bawden, 2-Gerrald Nohner, 3-Abby Garin
Heat 1: 1-Abby Garin, 2-Chad Funt, 3-Patrick Specht
Heat 2: 1-Nick McCann, 2-Gerrald Nohner, 3-Josh Litzau
Heat 3: 1-Tommy Bawden, 2-Dean Shaver, 3-Peewee Kuhnau

IMCA Stock Car
Feature: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Tim Gonska, 3-AJ Dancer
Heat 1: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Alex Dostal, 3-AJ Dancer

IMCA Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1-Brandon Bombardo, 2-Jesse Vanlaningham, 3-Dylan Nelson
Heat 1: 1-Jesse, Vanlaningham, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-William Herron
Heat 2: 1-Dave Johnson, 2-Ryan Kleinschmidt, 3-Scott Koep
Heat 3: 1-Brandon Bombardo, 2-Devin Larson, 3-Brad Becker

IMCA Sport Compacts
Feature: 1-Nathan Kohl, 2-Greg Kohl, 3-Jenna Hagemann
Heat 1: 1-Nathan Kohl, 2-Josh Maleski, 3-Harry Ruikka

Heat 2: 1-Greg Kohl, 2-Kaleb Ruikka, 3-Alex Fenstermaker

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