Stock Car Racing: Winners keep on winning at North Central

Results from North Central Speedway Saturday, June 19.


BARROWS — With the season at the halfway mark, Tommy Bawden, Brandon Bombardo and Dylan Nelson all built on impressive win totals with feature victories Saturday, June 19, at North Central Speedway.

Bawden has been the hottest driver at the speedway and recorded his fifth win of the season, leading eight laps of the 15-lap feature and in doing so, increased his points lead to 11 over Chad Funt.

Bombardo led just one lap of the Hobby Stock feature but it was the most important one as he moved past Ryan Kleinschmidt to nail down his fourth win of the year. Bombardo now holds a 29-point lead over Chris Seidel.

Dustin Nelson holds a three-point lead over Dylan Nelson, but it was Dylan Nelson coming away with his fourth win of the season, moving past Austin Niemeyer with just six laps remaining in the 20-lap feature.

Jacob Jordan notched his first win of the year driving his Sport Mod to a second-place finish behind Brendon Yamry, but Yamry was disqualified after a post-race inspection, which meant Jordan was declared the winner. It was a big one for Jordan who sits just five points behind David Siercks and eight behind Jake Hagemann.


Aaron Johnson raced for just the second time in his Stock Car but nailed down second place behind winner Rob VanMil, who recorded his first win of the season.

It was Travis Roush winning for the Sport Compact class and Erick Thiesse getting his first win of the season for the Modifieds.

Greg Kohl leads Jenna Hagemann by four points in the Sport Compact points race and Aaron Johnson leads Shawn Fletcher by six points for the Modified class.

There will be a two-week break from points racing with the two-day 10,000 Lakes 10K happening Friday, June 25, and Saturday, June 26, with $10,000 on the line and three classes of cars, the IMCA Modifieds, Sportmods and Stock Cars competing. Over 150 drivers have pre-registered for the event.

IMCA Modifieds
Feature: 1-Erick Thiesse, 2-Chuck Olson, 3-Aaron Johnson
Heat 1: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Erick Thiesse, 3-Matt Aukland
Heat 2: 1-Chuck Olson, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-AJ Viehauser

WISSOTA Super Stock
Feature: 1-Dylan Nelson, 2-Austin Niemeyer, 3-Jordan Henkemeyer
Heat 1: 1-Dustin Nelson, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Kevin Schmidt
Heat 2: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Jordan Henkemeyer, 3-Austin Niemeyer

IMCA Sportmods
Feature: 1-Jacob Jordan, 2-David Siercks, 3-Zachery Schreder
Heat 1: 1-Jim Horejsi, 2-Jacob Jordan, 3-Mark Martini
Heat 2: 1-Torey Fischer, 2-Brendon Yamry, 3-Zachery Schreder
Heat 3: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-Mike Brenny, 3-Brandon Hines

Feature: 1-Tommy Bawden, 2-Skyler Smith, 3-Dustin Hotquist
Heat 1: 1-Skyler Smith, 2-Tommy Bawden, 3-Chad Funt
Heat 2: 1-Abby Garin, 2-Dean Larson, 3-Dean Shaver
Heat 3: 1-Robert Holtquist, 2-Dustin Holtquist, 3-Josh Litzau

IMCA Stock Car
Feature: 1-Rob VanMil, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Kris Peterson
Heat 1: 1-Dean Cornelius, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Rob VanMil

IMCA Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1-Brandon Bombardo, 2-Ryan Kleinschmidt, 3-Scott Blood
Heat 1: 1-Brandon Bombardo, 2-Scott Blood, 3-Scott Herron
Heat 2: 1-Chris Seidel, 2-William Herron, 3-Ryan Kleinschmidt


IMCA Sport Compacts
Feature: 1-Travis Roush, 2-Greg Kohl, 3-Kaleb Ruikka
Heat 1: 1-Greg Kohl, 2-Austin Raths, 3-Kaleb Ruikka
Heat 2: 1-Jenna Hagemann, 2-Harry Ruikka, 3-Alyssa Nelson
Heat 3: 1-Nathan Kohl, 2-Travis Roush, 3-John Maleski
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