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Area Girls Swimming and Diving: Flyers' Foote 2-event section champion

Alice Foote

MORRIS—Alice Foote qualified for state by winning the 50- and 100-yard freestyles for the Little Falls Flyers who finished sixth in the Section 6-1A finals Saturday at the University of Minnesota-Morris.

Rachel Josephson also qualified for state by time standard with a third-place finish in the 50 free for the Flyers.

Little Falls' 400 free relay team of Rachel Josephson, Caitlin Gustafson, Rachel Pusc, Alice Foote finished fourth also qualified for state by time standard.

Top finisher for the Staples-Motley Cardinals was the 10-place 200 medley relay of Emily Veronen, Lili Schneider, Autumn Nelsen and Aleeah Halverson.

Veronen, Adriana Dickey, Aleeah Halverson and Lili Schneider also finished 10th in the 400 free relay for the Cardinals

Section 6-1A Finals

Team Scores: 1-Sartell 567, 2-Sauk Center 303, 3-Melrose 279, 4-Alexandria 231, 5-Rocori 218, 6-Little Falls 187, 7-Minnewaska/Morris 153, 8-Albany 117, 9-Holdingford 89, 10-Staples-Motley 48, 11-Apollo 43

200 medley relay: 1-Sartell 1:49.77; 5-Little Falls (Alice Foote, Hannah Jones, Katie Corbett, Rachel Josephson) 1:55.50; 9-Staples-Motley (Emily Veronen, Lili Schneider, Autumn Nelsen, Aleeah Halverson) 2:05.10

200 freestyle: 1-Madelyn Hedlund (Sart) 1:56.72; 10-Rachel Pusc (LF) 2:07.26

200 individual medley: 1-Anna Ellis (Sart) 2:10.81; 13-Rachel Reller (LF) 2:30.90

50 freestyle: 1-Alice Foote (LF) 24:45; 3-Rachel Josephson (LF) 24.89

100 butterfly: 1-Kali Sayovitz (SCTR) 59.37

Diving 1-Olivia Motter (Roco) 417.20; 9-Emma Gustafson (LF) 313.70; 16-Olivia Nuehring (LF) 247.95

100 freestyle: 1-Alice Foote (LF) 52.93; 9-Rachel Josephson (LF) 55.40; 14-Caitlin Gustafson (LF) 58.25; 15-Rachel Pusc (LF) 58.53

500 freestyle: 1-Kristin Martens (Sart) 5:22.03; 10-Meghan Fritz (LF) 5:42.19; 14-Madison Carper (LF) 5:51.22

200 freestyle relay: 1-Sartell 1:40.10; 9-Little Falls (Hannah Jones, Caitlin Gustafson, Rachel Pusc, Lindy Welinski) 1:48.41; 11-Staples-Motley (Emma Gerard, Jaden Engebretson, Autumn Nelsen, Joelle Bounds) 1:57.65

100 backstroke: 1-Anna Ellis (Sart) 57.80; 13-Emily Veronen (STMO) 1:06.78; 16-Caitlin Gustafson (LF) 1:08.36

100 breaststroke: 1-Betsy Weil (Sart) 1:05.74; 9-Hannah Jones (LF) 1:13.38

400 freestyle relay: 1-Sartell 3:37.17; 4-Little Falls (Rachel Josephson, Caitlin Gustafson, Rachel Pusc, Alice Foote) 3:44.53; 10-Staples-Motley (Emily Veronen, Adriana Dickey, Aleeah Halverson, Lili Schneider) 4:12.23

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