WEST FARGO, N.D.-Griffin Blegen won the 50-yard freestyle and Isaac Herrlich scored a first-place 328 in diving for the Brainerd Warriors as they finished second at the Fargo West Invite Saturday, Jan. 5.

Brainerd, which lost to Alexandria in a dual meet Thursday, trailed the first-place Cardinals by just 16.5 points

Brainerd's, Andy Dillon placed second in the 200 individual medley and the 100 butterfly. Tristan Dawson was second in the backstroke.

Blake Cumming placed second in diving with 326.6 points for the Warriors.

Blegen also scored a second in the 100 free. Mason Kuepers placed third in the 500 free and the Warriors finished third in the 200 medley and 200 free relays.

Team scores: 1-Alexandria 453, 2-Brainerd 436.5, 3-West Fargo 276, 4-Willmar 240, 5-Melrose 240, 6-Fargo Davies 153, 7-Bemidji 146.5, 8-West Fargo Sheyenne 125, 9-Detroit Lakes 112

200 medley relay: 1-Alexandria (Williams,Olson, Molesworth, Maras) 1:43.80, 3-Brainerd (Dawson, Dillon, Evans, Blegen) 1:45.29;

200 freestyle: 1-Patrick Chromey (Alex) 1:52.19, 4-Connor Lund (Brd) 1:56.88, 5-Mason Kuepers (Brd) 1:57.71

200 individual medley: 1-Nicolas Welle (Alex) 2:05.43, 2-Andy Dillon (Brd) 2:09.39

50 freestyle: 1-Griffin Blegen (Brd) 22.78

Diving: 1-Isaac Herrlich (Brd) 328.85, 2-Blake Cummings (Brd) 326.60, 11-Cruz Lemmerhirt (Brd) 245.05

100 butterfly: 1-Nick Olson (Alex) 55.82. 2-Andy Dillon (Brd) 58.44, 6-Tristan Dawson (Brd) 1:00.37

100 freestyle: 1-Patrick Chromey (Alex) 50.28, 2-Griffin Blegen (Brd) 50.41, 6-Riley Backstrom (Brd) 54.39

500 freestyle: 1-Anthony Hoyt (Alex) 5:10.45, 3-Mason Kuepers (Brd) 5:16.03, 5-Connor Lund (Brd) 5:21.76

200 freestyle relay: 1-Alexandria (Olson, Welle, Molesworth, Chromey) 1:32.02; 3-Brainerd (Dawson, Paulson, Dillon, Blegen) 1:34.34; 5-Brainerd (Hebert, Kuepers, Parker, Lund) 1:38.28

100 backstroke: 1-Thomas Williams (Alex) 57.87, 2-Tristan Dawson (Brd) 58:00, 6-Thomas Ruhl (Brd) 1:00.78

100 breaststroke: 1-Timothy Hulbert (West Fargo) 1:01.73, 8-Cody Evans (Brd) 1:10.11

400 freestyle relay: 1-Alexandria (Olson, Welle, Maras, Chromey) 3:26.68; 4-Brainerd (Paulson, Rosenwald, Keupers, Lund); 7-Brainerd (Backstrom, Bastien, Ruhl, Kelm) 3:47.83

Next: Brainerd hosts St. Cloud Tech 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10.