SARTELL-All three Brainerd doubles teams won in straight sets, but for the second time this year, the St. Cloud Tech Tigers dealt the Warriors a 4-3 loss, this time in the semifinals of the Section 8-2A team tournament Friday, Oct. 12, at Sta-Fit.

The loss ends the Warrior team season with a 20-3 record. The regular season 4-3 loss to Tech Sept. 18 ended similar to Friday's loss, with St. Cloud sweeping the singles and Brainerd ruling the doubles.

Brainerd's only other loss was 5-2 to Foley Sept. 27. Friday evening, Tech defeated Foley 4-3 for the 8-2A title and a return trip to the state tournament.

"Today we gave everything we had in our semifinal match against Tech," said Brainerd head coach Lisa Salo. "We knew we had to compete with a lot of grit and be fearless and everyone stepped up big time and did that.

"We switched up a few things with the lineup to give Tech a different look and each position did a great job of competing as Warriors."

Doubles winners were Heidi Jacobson and Jaycie Hinrichs, Lily Jones and Audrey Collins, and Ally Goeden and Addie Sanford.

"It was a great match, and we know we competed with full effort, a positive attitude and sportsmanship," Salo added. "Our athletes are talented, classy and highly respected in our section. It is difficult to see a team season end, but this team ended the season with so much success.

"More than the wins, however, is the growth in skill sets, the confidence that these young athletes pushed each other to achieve each day of the season, and most importantly, the relationships that we all build with one another. This is a close-knit team. We applaud our seniors and their exemplary leadership all season."

Salo went on to say the rivalry with Tech over recent years has pushed the Warriors and continues to make them a better team.

"Warrior tennis remains strong, and the tradition will continue," she said. "We now focus on the individual tournament Saturday with Britney Fletcher and Kate Kurtzman in the singles draw and Taya Person and Heidi Jacobson in the doubles draw. These Warriors are ready to compete."

St. Cloud Tech 4, Brainerd 3


No. 1: Ashley Tarrolly (SCT) def. Britney Fletcher 6-0, 6-1

No. 2: Kate Inderieden (SCT) def. Kate Kurtzman 6-3, 6-2

No. 3: Anne Bowe (SCT) def. Taya Person 6-0, 6-3

No. 4: Natalie Peterson (SCT) def. Kate Chaussee 6-1, 6-4


No. 1: Heidi Jacobson-Jaycie Hinrichs (Brd) def. Carly Heine-Erin Hobday 6-0, 6-2

No. 2: Lily Jones-Audrey Collins (Brd) def. Leah Donnelly-Brooke Wilfong 6-3, 6-2

No. 3: Ally Goeden-Addie Sanford (Brd) def. EhrinQuinn-Ella Marohl 6-0, 6-2

Overall: Brd 20-3, SCT 16-5. Next: Brainerd in Section 8-2A individual tournament.