Track and Field: Warriors 2nd and third in the CLC

Brainerd competed in the Central Lakes Conference Championship.

Brenna Deason

SAUK RAPIDS — Brenna Deason is a three-time Central Lakes Conference champion and led the Brainerd Warriors girls to second place in the Central Lakes Conference championship meet Thursday, June. 3.

Hanna Caughey secured two CLC titles in the discus, with a heave of 118-7, and the shot put with a toss of 39-8.75.

Deason opened with a winning 12.60 in the 100-meter dash. She paced the pole vault field with a 9-foot-6 effort and then teamed with Madison Genz, Myah Nelson, Emma Storbakken to win the 4x200 relay in 1:48.67.

Genz, Nelson, Molly Hagelie and Kate Stadum also captured the 4x100 relay.

Storbakken recorded a runner-up finish in the 400 dash. Deason placed second in the 200 dash with Nelson right behind her in third.


The Brainerd boys opened the meet with a win from its 4x800 relay team of Ethan Klisch, Baden Bastian, Brandon Stark and Thomas Ruhl. Then Brainerd ended the meet with a CLC title in the 4x400 relay by the team of Ruhl, Bastian, Klisch and Brandon Stark.

That led the team to a third-place finish.

Ruhl then won the 800 run with a time of 1:57.48 and Andrew Albright won the long jump with a 21-4 effort.

Third-place finishes came from Brandon Stark (400 dash), Dylan Gross (shot put) and Gabe Wagner (pole vault). The Warriors 4x200 relay team also placed third.

The top three individual finishers in each event earned all-conference honors with honorable mention going to the next three places. The top two relays are all-conference with third and fourth earning honorable mention.

Boys team scores: 1-Alexandria 131.50, 2-Willmar 131, 3-Brainerd 107.5, 4-St. Cloud Apollo 93, 5-Sartell 75, 6-St. Cloud Tech 60, 7-Sauk Rapids 43.50, 8-Fergus Falls 34.5, 9-Rocori 26
110 hurdles: 1-Sam May (Will) 15.25, 5-Andrew Albright (Brd) 16.34, 11-Max Lelwica (Brd) 18.21
300 hurdles: 1-May (Will) 41.05, 4-Gavin Hoelzel (Brd) 43.23, 12-Mitch Degen (Brd) 47.93
100 dash: 1-Nolan Morical (Alex) 11.25, 4-Dillon MacLaughlin (Brd) 11.43, 12-Brandt Patton (Brd) 11.95, 26-Sebastian Sawyer (Brd) 13.31
200 dash: 1-David Boyd Jr. (SCA) 22.32, 23-Sawyer 27.73
400 dash: 1-Jack Theien (Alex) 50.62, 3-Brandon Stark (Brd) 51.78, 15-Aaron Stark (Brd) 56.76, 21-Tristan Dawson (Brd) 59.26
800 run: 1-Thomas Ruhl (Brd) 1:57.48, 6-Baden Bastian (Brd) 2:07.50, 8-Noah Schaeffer (Brd) 2:09.64
1600 run: 1-Myles Sansted (Alex) 4:33.44, 5-Adam Cady (Brd) 4:40.73, 11-Braden Capelle (Brd) 4:59.50, 15-Ethan Klisch (Brd) 5:03.80
3200 run: 1-Samuel Brewer (SCA) 9:45.88, 3-Adam Cady (Brd) 10:37.72, 8-Ryan Cady 10:42.92, 13-Nolan Thiesse (Brd) 11:15.8
4x100 relay: 1-St. Cloud Apollo 43.67, 3-Brainerd (Hoelzel, MacLaughlin, Marcus Yliniemi, Brandt Patton) 44.62
4x200 relay: 1-Willmar 1:31.83, 3-Brainerd (Hoelzel, Aaron Stark, Yliniemi, Patton) 1:35.74
4x400 relay: 1-Brainerd (Ruhl, Bastian, Klisch, Brandon Stark) 3:33.06
4x800 relay: 1-Brainerd (Klisch, Bastian, Brandon Stark, Ruhl) 8:17.16
Shot put: 1-Alexander Jensen (FF) 54-7.75, 3-Dylan Gross (Brd) 49-9, 4-Albright 48-0.25, 12-Degen 39-10.25
Discus: 1-Jensen (FF) 135-2, 10-Dante Bernal (Brd) 115-5, 17-Gross 104-9, 21-Caden Jager (Brd) 100-3
Long jump: 1-Albright 21-4, 14-Patton 18-4.25
Triple jump: 1-Aaron Watland (Wil) 43-7, 4-Albright 41-3, 10-Lelwica 39-5, 11-Gage Borders (Brd) 38-2
High jump: 1-Garrison Murray (SCT) 6-2, 9- Borders 5-4, 9-Yliniemi 5-4, 11-Lelwica 5-4
Pole vault: 1-Evan Flores (Sar) 13-3, 3-Gabe Wagner 12-3


Girls team scores: 1-Alexandria 170.5, 2-Brainerd 127, 3-Willmar 106, 4-Rocori 89, 5-Sartell 62.5, 6-Sauk Rapids 43.5, 7-Fergus Falls 42.5, 8-St. Cloud Apollo 39.5, 9-St. Cloud Tech 17.5
100 hurdles: 1-Cecelia Woods (Rocori) 15.24, 5-Violet Goodwin (Brd) 17.40, 10-Hannah Gabrielle (Brd) 18.33, 11-Lydia Olson (Brd) 18.47
300 hurdles: 1-Noelle Hackenmueller (SCA) 46.80, 11-Goodwin 53.55, 12-Marcella Dircks (Brd) 53.68
100 dash: 1-Brenna Deason (Brd) 12.60, 5-Madison Genz (Brd) 13.33, 18-Sophia Laube (Brd) 14.47
200 dash: 1-Sam Christoffer (Wil) 26.15, 2-Deason 26.48, 3-Myah Nelson (Brd) 26.81, 16-Laube 29.28
400 dash: 1-Elena Fuglestad (Alex) 1:00.66, 2-Emma Storbakken (Brd) 1:02.13, 6-Emily Bastian (Brd) 1:05.12, 7-Chandler Niemeyer (Brd) 1:05.13
800 run: 1-Myah Kremer (Alex) 2:23.0, 13-Liliana Schaeffer (Brd) 2:42.04, 14-Annelise Baird (Brd) 2:43.62, 15-Brooke Wenz (Brd) 2:44.32
1600 run: 1-Aleah Miller (Alex) 5:11.43, 9-Madelyn Miller (Brd) 5:51.65, 19-Kately Kennedy (Brd) 6:35.03
3200 run: 1-Jaelyn Miller (Alex) 11:48.08, 9-Julia Rademacher 12:53.16, 15-Gabrielle Chalupsky (Brd) 14:18.79, 16-Annika Gearey (Brd) 15:05.49
4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Genz, Nelson, Molly Hagelie, Kate Stadum) 50.83
4x200 relay: 1-Brainerd (Genz, Nelson, Storbakken, Deason) 1:48.67
4x400 relay: 1-Willmar 4:09.21, 3-Brainerd (Erin Hoelzel, Emily Bastian, Emma Sheflo, Storbakken) 4:15.17
4x800 relay: 1-Willmar 9:49.39, 4-Brainerd (Schaeffer, Rademacher, Miller, Baird) 10:50.78
Shot put: 1-Hanna Caughey (Brd) 39-8.75, 15-Elianna Riley (Brd) 30-3, 24-Anna Tupy (Brd) 25-4.5
Discus: 1-Caughey 118-7, 13-Riley 83-7, 20-Tupy 72-4
Long jump: 1-Sam Christoffer (Will) 18-0, 7-Sheflo 16-5.25, 12-Kamryn Peterson (Brd) 15-7.5, 18-Nelson 14-8
Triple jump: 1- Hagelie , Peterson , Dircks
High jump: 1-Ainsley Hansen (FF) 5-3, 3-Stadium 4-11, 9-Hagelie 4-8, 10-Lily Birks (Brd) 4-8
Pole vault: 1-Deason 9-6, 3-Sabrina Buffetta (Brd) 8-10, 10-Peterson 7-6
Next: Brainerd in Section 8-2A prelims at Sartell Wednesday, June 9.
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