They called their shot.

Brainerd Warriors' junior Gabbie Smith figured one was close and the other had to happen eventually. She was right on both counts as she led off two school-record-breaking relays to help the Warrior girls team to third place at the Section 8-3A True Team meet Tuesday, May 7, at Adamson field in Brainerd.

The Brainerd boys placed fourth with wins coming from Zach Henke in the 110- and 300-meter hurdles and the 4x400 relay.

The girls' 4x200 relay of Gabbie Smith, Ellie Selisker, Kayla Deason and Brenna Deason broke a 30-year-old school record with a first-place time of 1:46.16

The foursome knocked off the team of Cassie Pearson, Stephanie Jones, Nikki Tanner and Tracey Brown, which posted a 1:46.69 in 1989.

"The 4x2 is only our second time every running together," Smith said. "We got second all time at our last meet so we knew we were close."

The foursome ran a 1:47.21 Friday at the Wayzata Relays forcing the group to call their record-breaking performance to Warrior girls head coach Howie Jacobs before Tuesday's meet.

Gabbie Smith led off another record-breaking relay in the 4x100. Smith, Kayla Deason, Myah Nelson and Brenna Deason posted a winning time of 49.67 to secure another school record.

"The 4x1, we've been so close every time so it's nice to finally break it," Smith said. "All of our handoffs were perfect. We haven't had a race where all of our handoffs have been on. I think the weather had a lot to do with it."

The foursome broke the record held by the 2010 team of Courtney Ryan, Allison Reuer, Kelsi Ring and Hannah Lundstrom at 50.09.

"I think we're pretty aggressive with our exchanges, but with this meet we had to be a little bit more careful," Smith said. "They said to get the baton around the track because it's True Team and we needed the points, but I think we are really aggressive."

Smith finished second in the triple jump with a season best 34-foot-7 effort. She was followed by Emma Smith in fourth place and Ellie Selisker in ninth place handing Brainerd 78 points in the one event.

Gabbie Smith won the long jump with a 17-1.25 with Selisker in fifth and Emma Smith in Sixth. The three girls collected 81 total points for the Warriors

Eden Worden won the pole vault with a 9-6 effort. Kayla Deason finished fourth.

Brenna Deason placed second in the 100 dash as did Mari Devine in the 100 hurdles. Delaney Schaeffer added a seventh-place finish in the hurdles for the Warriors.

Kayla Deason finished second in the 200 dash with Nelson ninth.

Amanda Cook finished fifth in the discus and Olivia Wiskow placed sixth in the discus.

Avery Eckman posted a fourth-place finish in the high jump with Emma Smith scoring a sixth-place.

Henke captured the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 15.18. He posted a 40.78 to win the 300. Caelan Barnett finished fifth in the 300.

He also helped the Warriors 4x400 relay to first place. The foursome of Henke, Ethan Hebert, Ben Renner and Hunter Turcotte posted a winning time of 3:28.51 as Turcotte hung on despite a hard push from Alexandria.

"I kind of saved myself for the last 100 so he had to run wider on the turn," Turcotte said. "He tried to cut me off a little bit, but I snuck my way back in."

Turcotte said he knew Alexandria was going to be their toughest competition.

Brett Hague threw a personal best 50-feet in the shot put to place third. Nate Bessingpass was eighth and Isaac Chappuis ninth helping Brainerd to 73 points in the one event.

Hague was also seventh in the discus.

Hunter Turcotte placed fifth in the 400 dash followed by Ben Renner in seventh and Ethan Hebert in 10th place. The threesome collected 71 points for the Warriors.

Connor Powers collected a second in the triple jump and a fifth in the high jump. Ethan Hebert was third in the pole vault. Renner finished seventh in the 200 dash with Turcotte in eighth.

"The 400 went pretty well," Turcotte said. "The 200 went all right, but the 4x400 went really good. This is the best event, in my opinion. Everybody is watching. You're under the lights most of the time.

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Boys team scores: 1-Alexandria 989, 2-Moorhead 9105, 3-St. Michael-Albertville 872, 4-Brainerd 823, 5-Bemidji 739, 6-Sartell 721.5, 7-St Cloud Apollo 705, 8-Sauk Rapids 595, 9-St. Cloud Tech 495, 10-Buffalo 472

110 hurdles: 1-Zach Henke (Brd) 15.18, 13-Caelan Barnett (Brd) 17.31, 22-Michael Olson (Brd) 19.44

300 hurdles: 1-Henke 40.78, 5-Barnett 43.11, 17-Olson 46.15

100 dash: 1-Drew Olson (Alex) 10.90, 16-Brett Besenfelder (Brd) 11.93, 20-Anthony Menghini (Brd) 12.14, 28-Justin Youngquist 12.65

200 dash: 1-Drew Olson (Alex) 22.32, 7-Ben Renner (Brd) 23.71, 8-Hunter Turcotte (Brd) 23.71, 26-Chris Boucher (Brd) 25.38

400 dash: 1-Logan Lommel (SCA) 50.14, 5-Hunter Turcotte (Brd) 51.99, 7-Ben Renner (Brd) 52.14, 10-Ethan Hebert 53.29

800 run: 1-Tracy Jackson (STMA) 2:00.48, 8-Maxim Osborn (Brd) 2:07.05, 13-Ethan Klisch (Brd) 2:10.35, 29-Aaron Stark (Brd) 2:19.27

1600 run: 1-Jonah Breuer (STMA) 4:30.04, 12-Ethan Klisch (Brd) 4:47.23, 13-Maxim Osborne (Brd) 4:49.17, 18-Michael Kuehn (Brd) 4:5138

3200 run: 1-Isaac Basten (Buf) 9:29.53, 22-Gus Duininck (Brd) 11:07.55, 23-A.J. Thompson (Brd) 11:07.97, 24-Nick Porisch (Brd) 11:08.04

4x100 relay: 1-Alexandria 43.33, 7-Brainerd (Menghini, Connor Powers, Youngquist, Besenfelder) 46.12

4x200 relay: 1-Alexandria 1:31.35, 4-Brainerd (Ethan Hebert, Youngquist, Menghini, Besenfelder) 1:35.11

4x400 relay: 1-Brainerd (Henke, Hebert, Ben Renner, Hunter Turcotte) 3:28.51

4x800 relay: 1-St. Michael-Albertville 8:21.42, 8-Brainerd (Evan Storbakken, Nick Porisch, A.J. Thompson, Aaron Stark) 8:57.02

Shot put: 1-Jameson Cozad (Moor) 53-9, 3-Brett Hague (Brd) 50-0, 8-Nate Bessingpass (Brd) 45-8, 9-Isaac Chappuis (Brd) 45-1

Discus: 1-Jaymeson Wolkow (Alex) 142-6, 7-Brett Hague (Brd) 127-2, 10-Garret Gardiepy (Brd) 121-0, 12-Luke Wilhelm 120-2

Long jump: 1-Ryan Biebordorf (Bem) 20-10, 8-Connor Powers (Brd) 20-0.75, 19-Max Lelwica (Brd) 18-1, 25-Andrew Albright (Brd) 16-8.5

Triple jump: 1-Sutter Colborn (Moor) 43-2, 2-Connor Powers (Brd) 42-5, 9-Max Lelwica (Brd) 39-4

High jump: 1-Sutter Colborn (Moor) 6-4, 5-Connor Powers (Brd) 5-10, 7-Max Lelwica 5-8, 23-Marcus Yliniemi (Brd) 5-4

Pole vault: 1-Kyle Kucera (STMA) 13-0, 3-Ethan Hebert (Brd) 12-0, 22-Gabe Wagner (Brd) 9-6, 23-Mark Boran (Brd) 8-6


Girls team scores: 1-Alexandria 1,089.5, 2-St. Michael-Albertville 1,020.5, 3-Brainerd 9945, 4-Moorhead 934, 5-Bemidji 678, 6-Sartell 668.5, 7-Sauk Rapids 570.5, 8-Buffalo 481.5, 9-St. Cloud Tech 473.5, 10-St. Cloud Apollo 425

100 hurdles: 1-Kaye Paschka (Alex) 15.21, 2-Mari Devine (Brd) 16.40, 7-Delaney Schaeffer (Brd) 16.99, 20-Gabrielle Hannah 18.54

300 hurdles: 1- Paschka (Alex) 45.21, 12-Schaeffer 52.00, 14-Devine 53.11, 21-Gina Wasniewski (Brd) 54.38

100 dash: 1-Jordan Mann (Bem) 13.07, 2-Brenna Deason (Brd) 13.19, 10-Myah Nelson (Brd) 13.53, 15-Hanna Caughey (Brd) 13.69

200 dash: 1-Claire Howell (Moor) 26.20, 2-Kayla Deason (Brd) 26.75, 9-Nelson 2797, 17-Emma Smith (Brd) 28.73

400 dash: 1-Claire Howell (Moor) 1:00.03, 12-Chandler Niemeyer (Brd) 1:04.10, 17-Erin Hoelzel (Brd) 1:04.72, 24-Amber Maki (Brd) 1:09.72

800 run: 1-Alexis O'Malley (Buf) 2:21.35, 8-Kayla Bush (Brd) 2:30.23, 9-Taylor Larson (Brd) 2:30.63, 11-Carson Blegen (Brd) 2:32.43

1600 run: 1-Ali Weimer (STMA) 5:11.77, 9-Taylor Larson (Brd) 5:35.29, 11-Carson Blegen 5:41.83, 16-Bridget Collins (Brd) 5:51.43

3200 run: 1-Katie Sigerud (STMA) 11:05.38, 22-Chantrelle Thayer (Brd) 13:48.57, 25-Merriam Schmitz (Brd) 13:54.63, 27-Ellie Selisker (Brd) 14:14.63

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Gabbie Smith, Kayla Deason, Nelson, Brenna Deason) 49.67

4x200 relay: 1- Brainerd (Gabbie Smith, Eli Selisker, Kayla Deason, Brenna Deason) 1:46.16

4x400 relay: 1-St. Michael-Albertville 4:09.46, 5-Brainerd (Emma Storbakken, Erin Hoelzel, Gina Wasniewski, Chandler Niemeyer) 4:24.43

4x800 relay: 1-Alexandria 9:58.77, 4-Brainerd (Lily Schaeffer, Kayla Bush, Bridget Collins, Emma Storbakken) 10:23.39

Shot put: 1-Mya Lesnar (Alex) 47-1.5, 6-Olivia Wiskow (Brd) 34-2.5, 8-Hanna Caughey (Brd) 33-5, 12-Quin Villwock (Brd) 31-2

Discus: 1-McKenzie Duwenhoegger (Alex) 135-5, 5-Amanda Cook (Brd) 109-5, 6-Hanna Caughey (Brd) 106-6, 11-Avery Eckman (Brd) 97-3

Long jump: 1-Gabbie Smith (Brd) 17-1.25, 5-Ellie Selisker (Brd) 16-1.75, 6-Emma Smith (Brd) 16-1

Triple jump: 1-Kaye Paschka (Alex) 35-7.5, 2-Gabbie Smith (Brd) 34-7, 4-Emma Smith (Brd) 33-7.5, 9-Ellie Selisker (Brd) 32-9

High jump: 1-Claire Howell (Moor) 5-2, 4-Avery Eckman (Brd) 4-10, 6-Emma Smith (Brd) 4-8, 14-Delaney Schaeffer (Brd) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Eden Worden (Brd) 9-6, 4-Kayla Deason (Brd) 8-6, 11-Brenna Deason (Brd) 7-0