For the Brainerd girls sprint relays, the question is how low can they go?

For Brainerd boys senior Brett Hague it's how far can he throw?

Both proved Tuesday, May 21, they're good enough to be Central Lakes Conference Champions as the girls 4x100 and 4x200 relays finished first on their way to once again breaking the Warriors' school records and leading the Brainerd girls to second place at Adamson Field in Brainerd.

Hague captured the shot put title even without throwing his personal best to lead the Warriors boys to third place.

Brainerd's 4x200 relay was two tenths of a second away from a conference record, but the foursome off Gabbie Smith, Ellie Selisker, Kayla Deason and Brenna Deason ran a first-place time of 1:45.46.

The team beat their old school record, which was 1:46.16, despite a brisk wind swirling around the athletic complex.

"I really think it's the practice throughout the season that we've had that has us going so well," Kayla Deason said. "We've kept the same girls and the same lineup together all season. That's allowed us to be able to practice, especially in meets and stuff. It's just really good to get those handoffs down. Handoffs are everything. If your handoff is crap, you're done. If you drop the baton you're done.

"We're aggressive with our handoffs. The first few times we ran together we were taking them easy, but now we're really pushing ourselves. That's what is allowing our times to drop so much is our handoffs."

Moments before, Brenna Deason won the 100 dash in 12.9 and Gabbie Smith won the long jump with a 17-foot-5 1/2 effort. Emma Smith was third in the long jump with a 17-0 leap.

Brainerd's 4x100 relay of Gabbie Smith, Kayla Deason, Myah Nelson and Brenna Deason ran a 49.58 to claim a conference crown. The group's old record was 49.65.

"I was just thinking win the conference," Kayla Deason said. "A school record would have been nice, too, but when it's windy like this, you really don't have that idea in your head. With this wind, you're almost already beat. To be able to come out and perform like this, with the wind, really shows our strength. It shows our mental toughness.

"So now when it's nice outside, we'll be pumped up. We'll be ready to go."

Kayla Deason also finished second in the pole vault with a personal best 9-2 and was second in the 200 dash.

"The wind was pretty bad for the pole vault," Kayla Deason said. "I think it was my second to last jump, the wind just picked up and took my pole right before I planted and I didn't plant into the box and I just got flung into the pit a little bit, which is fine. I had one more jump left and they asked me if I wanted to take it or if I wanted to be done. I just got done running the 200 and I figured I only had one more so I took it. Then I cleared the height and that was nice to end on that."

Emma Smith rallied to win the triple jump with her personal best leap of 36-6 3/4.

Mari Devine placed fourth in the 100 hurdles and the Warriors 4x800 relay finished third.

Hanna Caughey placed fourth in the discus and Amanda Cook finished sixth. Carson Blegen ran to a sixth-place finish in the 800 run and Olivia Wiskow was fifth in the discus.

The top three individuals and top two relays earn all-conference honors. Individual finishers fourth, fifth and sixth are all-conference honorable mention, while the third and fourth place relays earn honorable mention.

Hague threw a 49-2 to win the shot put by almost 2 feet. He threw is personal best 50 feet two weeks ago in Brainerd during the Section 8-3A True Team meet.

"It felt pretty good to win it," Hague said. "I didn't have a personal record today, but the wind was pretty bad today so I wasn't expecting it.

"My goal was to just win. I knew the weather wasn't going to be great so, because of that, my only goal was to win. I was pretty calm during the prelims, but during the finals I got a little nervous because I've never been in first place. That was an interesting feeling. Kind of new, but I was able to keep it together."

Isaac Chappuis placed sixth in the shot put for honorable mention honors.

Hauge then finished fourth in the discus with a personal best throw of 134. His goal was to break 130.

That should give him confidence heading into the Section 8-2A meet, although Hague is realistic about his goals.

"In the shot put, my goal is ideally to place in the top two so I can move on to state," Hague said. "Discus, I'm not really as good at so just get a personal record again. Just do as best as I can.

"I'm not very big compared to a lot of the guys. Really my thing is to warm up. A lot of the other competitors don't warm up very well. I feel like I can get my body ready to throw better."

Zach Henke was up to his normal tricks as he won the 110-meter hurdles with a 15.36 and made it a hurdle sweep by winning the 300 hurdles in 40.66.

Hunter Turcotte sprinted to a first-place time of 51.31 in the 400 dash. He and Henke, Ben Renner and Ethan Hebert combined to win the 4x400 relay in 4:27.03.

Connor Powers placed second in the high jump with a leap of 6-2. He also collected a fifth-place finish in the triple jump with a 42-8 effort.

Hebert went 12-6 in the pole vault to place third.

Ethan Klisch registered a top five finish with his fifth-place time of 4:41.24 in the 1600.

Boys team scores: 1-Alexandria 146.5, 2-St. Cloud Apollo 114, 3-Brainerd 96, 4-Willmar 89.5, 5-Rocori 75, 6-Sauk Rapids 63.5, 7-Sartell 56, 8-St. Cloud Tech 49, 9-Fergus Falls 12.5

110 hurdles: 1-Zach Henke (Brd) 15.36, 13-Caelan Barnett (Brd) 18.07, 17-Michael Olson (Brd) 21.62

300 hurdles: 1-Henke 40.66, 11-Barnett 44.29, 17-Michael Olson (Brd) 47.66

100 dash: 1-Drew Olson (Alex) 11.11, 12-Brett Besenfelder (Brd) 12.21, 17-Anthony Menghini (Brd) 12.38, 24-Justin Youngquist (Brd) 12.88

200 dash: 1-Olson 22.32, 7-Ben Renner (Brd) 23.57, 10-Hunter Turcotte (Brd) 23.78, 19-Marcus Yliniemi (Brd) 25.27

400 dash: 1-Hunter Turcotte (Brd) 5131, 12-Chris Bouocher (Brd) 55.61, 16-Nate Quast (Brd) 56.24

800 run: 1-Logan Lommell (SCA) 2:00.30, 7-Maxim Osborne (Brd) 2:08.83, 9-Ethan Klisch (Brd) 2:09.18, 21-Cruz Lemmerhirt (Brd) 2:20.65

1600 run: 1-Logan Lommel (SCA) 40:33.69, 5-Ethan Klisch (Brd) 4:41.24, 11-Michael Kuehn (Brd) 4:54.78, 17-A.J. Thompson (Brd) 5:03.17

3200 run: 1-Liban Mohamed (SCA) 10:13, 58, 9-Nick Porisch (Brd) 11:07.31, 11-Gus Duininck (Brd) 11:18.47

4x100 relay: 1-Alexandria 43.24, 6-Brainerd (Anthony Menghini, Connor Powers, Ben Renner, Brett Besenfelder) 45.86

4x200 relay: 1-Rocori 1:33.12, 6-Brainerd (Anthony Menghini, Marcus Yliniemi, Justin Youngquist, Brett Besenfelder) 1:37.97

4x400 relay: 1-Brainerd (Henke, Ethan Hebert, Ben Renner, Hunter Turcotte) 3:27.03

4x800 relay: 1-St. Cloud Apollo 8:35.80, 6-Brainerd (A.J. Thompson, Maxim Osborne, Nick Porisch, Aaron Stark) 9:01.84

Shot put: 1-Brett Hague (Brd) 49-2, 6-Isaac Chappuis (Brd) 45-3

Discus: 1-Jaymeson Wolkow (Alex) 158-8, 4-Hague 134-0, 8-John Berry (Brd) 126-5

Long jump: 1-Robert Sewell (FF) 22-11.5, 7t-Connor Powers (Brd) 20-6.75

Triple jump: 1-Spencer Weber (SR) 43-2.25, 5-Connor Powers (Brd) 42-8

High jump: 1-Odier Olange (SCT) 6-4, 2-Powers (Brd) 6-2, 16-Gage Borders (Brd) 5-4

Pole vault: 1-Isaac Massmann (Roc) 13-0, 3-Ethan Hebert (Brd) 12-6, 10-Gabe Wagner (Brd) 10-6

Girls team scores: 1-Alexandria 196.33, 2- Brainerd 113.33, 3-Rocori 102, 4-Willmar 99.83, 5-Fergus Falls 67, 6-Sartell 48, 7-Sauk Rapids 30.5, 8-St. Cloud Apollo 29, St. Cloud Tech 16

100 hurdles: 1- Kaye Paschka (Alex) 15.14, 4-Mari Devine (Brd) 16.69, 12-Delaney Schaeffer (Brd) 18.09, 17-Hannah Gabrielle (Brd) 18.8

300 hurdles: 1- Paschka 44.47, 8-Schaeffer 50.15, 11-Devine 51.32, 15-Gina Wasniewski (Brd) 52.07

100 dash: 1-Brenna Deason (Brd) 129, 9-Myah Nelson (Brd) 13.55, 10-Madison Genz (Brd) 13.74

200 dash: 1-Erica Schramm (Wil) 26.45, 2-Kayla Deason (Brd) 26.6, 11-Madison Genz (Brd) 28.41, 13-Sophia Laube (Brd) 28.81

400 dash: 1-Addison Rodel (Alex) 1:01.04, 7-Erin Hoelzel (Brd) 1:04.02, 9-Chandler Niemeyer (Brd) 1:04.68, 10-Emma Storbakken (Brd) 1:04.73

800 run: 1-Paige Larsen (Roc) 2:25.47, 6-Carson Blegen (Brd) 2:29.16, 10-Kayla Bush (Brd) 2:30.42, 15-Lily Schaeffer (Brd) 2:37.95

1600 run: 1-Heidi Schmimtz (Wil) 5:18.75, 8-Taylor Larson (Brd) 5:34.79, 22-Merriam Schmitz (Brd) 6:08.08

3200 run: 1-Caitlin Bright (Alex) 11:38.73, 12-Bridget Collins (Brd) 12:47.2, 19-Chantrelle Thayer (Brd) 14:10.74

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Gabbie Smith, Kayla Deason, Myah Nelson, Brenna Deason) 49.58

4x200 relay: 1-Brainerd (Gabbie Smith, Ellie Selisker, Kayla Deason, Brenna Deason) 1:45.46

4x400 relay: 1-Alexandria 4:07.96, 4-Brainerd (Erin Hoelzel, Taylor Larson, Emma Storbakken, Chandler Hiemeyer) 4:17.32

4x800 relay: 1-Alexandria 9:41.50, 3-Brainerd (Taylor Larson, Carson Blegen, Lily Schaeffer, Kayla Bush)

Shot put: 1-McKenzie Duwenhoegger (Alex) 43-10.5, 5-Olivia Wiskow (Brd) 35-3, 8-Quin Villwock (Brd) 33-1.5z

Discus: 1-Duwenhoegger (Alex) 145-3, 4-Hanna Caughey (Brd) 114-7, 6-Amanda Cook (Brd) 114-5

Long jump: 1-Gabbie Smith (Brd) 17-5.5, 3-Emma Smith (Brd) 17-0

Triple jump: 1-Emma Smith (Brd) 36-6.75, 6-Ellie Selisker (Brd) 33-6, 9-Amber Macki (Brd) 32-10

High jump: 1-Ainsley Hansen (FF) 5-2, 7-Avery Eckman (Brd) 4-10, 8-Hala Davis (Brd) 4-10, 11-Emma Smith (Brd) 4-8

Pole vault: 1-Abby Teisinger (Will) 9-6, 2-Kayla Deason (Brd) 9-6, 9-Sabrina Buffeta (Brd) 7-6


Central Lakes Championship

Individual highlights: Zach Henke was a double winner and two relay records fell

Team finishes: Warrior girls placed second. Brainerd boys finished third

Next: Brainerd in Section 8-2A meet at Fergus Falls 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 29.