PILLAGER-Pillager's Jordyn VanVickle won three individual events and was second in her fourth in the Subsection 23, Section 6-1A meet Thursday, May 23.

She placed first in the 200- and 400-dashes and the long jump and was second in the triple jump.

Julia Johnson won the 100 hurdles and pole vault for Pillager and Jessa Kimma led the field in the 300 hurdles.

Pequot Lakes' Russell Pierzinski, Calia Chaney and Desera Engholm each won two individual events. Pierzinski placed first in the triple and high jumps. Chaney won the 800- and 1600 meter runs and Engholm had the longest throws in the shot put and discuss. Lydia Hubbard won the high jump.

The Pequot girls led the 4x200, 4x400 and 4x800 relays and the Patriot boys won the 4x100 relay.

The Pillager boys won the 4x200. Also winning were Tucker Peterson (100 dash), Jack Bentson (shot put) and Ben Oie (discus).

Aften Robinson (400 dash) and Kyanna Burton (3200 run) turned in first-place finishes for the Staples-Motley girls and the Cardinal boys owned the distance runs as Hunter Klimek claimed the 1600 and Emmet Anderson the 3200. The S-M boys were first in the 4x800.

Pine River-Backus' Nate Wosmek swept the 110 and 300 hurdles.

The top five individuals and top two relays advance to the Section 6-1A finals Thursday, May 30, in Fergus Falls.

Boys qualifiers

110 hurdles: 1-Nate Wosmek (PRB), 4-Tim Moyer (Pil)

300 hurdles: 1-Wosmek (PRB), 2-Brooks Anderson (PL), 5-Logan Hill (PL)

100 dash: 1-Tucker Peterson (Pil), 2-Bode Magnuson (PL), 4-Gage Kersten (Pil), 5-Jake Ismil (BHV)

200 dash: 1-Peterson (Pil), 2-Vincent Sposito (PL), 3-Bode Magnuson (PL), 4-Zak Olsson (BHV), 5-Quintin Laveau (Pil)

400 dash: 2-Luke Wodyla (Pil), 3-Caleb Davis (PL)

800 run: 2-Isaak Geroy (PL), 3-Dawson Ackerman, 4-Carson VanVickle (Pil), 5-Matthew Fisher (SM)

1600 run: 1-Hunter Klimek (SM), 3-Jack Tyrrell (SM), 5-Jesse Clausen (PL)

3200 run: 1-Emmet Anderson (SM), 2-Ethan Johnson (PL), 3-Clausen (PL), 4-Tanner Robben (SM), 5-Elijah Hall (PL)

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes, 2-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

4x200 relay: 1-Pillager

4x400 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes

4x800 relay: 1-Staples-Motley, 2-Pequot Lakes

Shot put: 1-Jack Bentson (Pil), 3-Jacob Faacks (PL), 4-Nickolas Barth (PL), 5-Ben Oie (Pil)

Discus: 1-Ben Oie (Pil), 3-Faacks (PL)

Long jump: 2-Russell Pierzinski (PL), 4-Peterson (Pil), 5-Hunter Gjovik (Pil)

Triple jump: 1-Pierzinski (PL), 2-Laveau (Pil), 3-Kyosuke Marcum (PL), 4-Cruz Megazzini (PL)

High jump: 1-Pierzinski (PL), 2-Levi Bartel (BHV), 3-Megazzini (PL), 5-Marcum (PRB)

Pole vault: 3-Finn O'Dell (PRB), 4-Joe Keiffer (PL), 5-Sam Jennissen (SM)

Girls qualifiers

100 hurdles: 1-Julia Johnson (Pil), 2-Jessa Kimman (Pil), 3-Mariah Ramsey (Pil), 4-Anna Downie (PRB), 5-Anikka Olson (PRB)

300 hurdles: 1-Jessa Kimman (Pil), 2-Downie (PRB), 3-Kaylee Baker (BHV), 5-Alison Gladen (PL)

100 dash: 2-Joselyn Rinio (PL), 3-Marissa Baker (BHV)

200 dash: 1-Jordyn VanVickle (Pil), 3-Mirjana Ganley (PL)

400 dash: 1-Jordyn VanVickle (Pil), 2-Aften Robinson (SM), 3-Lydia Hubbard (PL), 4-Courtney Templin (BHV), Nicole Young (PL)

800 run: 1-Calia Chaney (PL), 2-Kenzie Lampi (PL), 4-Alyssa Thompson (BHV), 5-Addison Lorber (BHV)

1600 run: 1-Calia Chaney (PL), 2-Kyanna Burton (SM), 4-Alyssa Thompson (BHV)

3200 run: 1-Kyanna Burton (SM), 2-Ellie Flaws (PL), 3-Ashley Robben (SM), 5-Templin (BHV)

4x200 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes, 2-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale

4x400 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes, 2-Staples-Motley

4x800 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes, 2-Staples-Motley

Shot put: 1-Desera Engholm (PL), 2-Ashley Aarseth (BHV), 3-Kaliyah Brownlow (BHV), 4-Amelia WIlliams (Pil), 5-Tabetha Allen (SM)

Discus: 1-Desera Engholm (PL), 2-Aarseth (BHV), 3-Allison Olson (BHV), 4-Gabby Rainwater (PRB)

Long jump: 1-Jordyn VanVickle (Pil) 3-Britt Kratochvil (PL), 4-Kimman (Pil), 5-Sydnie Wgeishofski (PL)

Triple jump: 2-VanVickle (Pil), 3-Grace Grimsley (Pil), 4-Sidney Lodge (PRB)

High jump: 1-Lydia Hubbard (PL), 2-Johnson (Pil), 4-Erica VanDenheuvel (BHV), 5-Kratochvil (PL)

Pole vault: 1-Julia Johnson (Pil), 2-Ramsey (Pil), 3-Joselyn Rinio (PL), 4-Ganley (PL)


SEBEKA-Mikaela Malone and Cooper Folkestad each won two events as Wadena-Deer Creek participated in the Subsection 22, Section 6-1A meet Thursday, May 23.

Folkestad captured the shot put and the discus and Malone won the 100- and 200-meter dashes.

Cody Wheeler won the pole vault and W-DC claimed the 4x100, 4x200 and 4x400 relays.

The top 5 individuals and top 2 relay teams advance to the Section 6-1A finals Thursday, May 30, in Fergus Falls.

Wadena-Deer Creek Boys Qualifiers:

110 hurdles: 2-Wyatt Peterson, 3-Cade Kapphahn

300 hurdles: 3-Cole Dunker

400 dash: 2-Bereket Loer

1600 run: 4-Lucas Hinojos

3200 run: 4-Nathaniel Bervig

4x100 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek

4x200 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek

4x400 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek

Shot put: 1-Cooper Folkestad

Discus: 1-Cooper Folkestad

Triple jump: 5-Cade Kapphahn

High jump: 4-Aiden Larson

Pole vault: 1-Cody Wheeler, 2-Brady Domier, 4-Charlie Bushinger

Wadena-Deer Creek Girls Qualifiers:

100 dash: 1-Mikaela Malone

200 dash: 1-Mikaela Malone

800 run: 2-Abby Motschenbacher

3200 run: 5-Kennedy Gravelle

4x100 relay: 2-Wadena-Deer Creek

4x800 relay: 2-Wadena-Deer Creek

Shot put: 2-Leah Spillman

Discus: 2-Kennedy Gravelle, 5-Lauren Gravelle

Long jump: 2-Mikaela Malone

Pole vault: 3-Kylee Collins, 4-Hailey Peterson

Pierz competes

PIERZ-Matthias Algarin had a big day with four wins as the Pierz Pioneers competed at the Subsection 5-1A meet Thursday, May 23.

Algarin won the 100- and 200-meter dashes, long jump and triple jump.

Dylann Boser was the top finisher for the Pioneer girls in the 100 dash and Ashley Kimman took the top spot in the long jump.

Zachary Becker won the 300 hurdles and the boys relay teams won the 4x100, 4x200 and 4x400.

The top 4 individuals and the top 2 relay teams advance to the Section 5-1A finals Wednesday, May 29, at St. John's University in Collegeville.

Pierz Boys qualifiers,

110 hurdles: 2-Zachary Becker

300 hurdles: 1-Zachary Becker, 3-Carter Moulzolf

100 dash: 1-Matthias Algarin, 2-Alex Gross

200 dash: 1-Matthias Algarin

4x100 relay: 1-Pierz

4x200 relay: 1-Pierz

4x400 relay: 1-Pierz

Shot put: 3-Zach Traut

Discus: 2-Zach Traut

Long jump: 1-Matthias Algarin, 4-Alex Gross

Triple jump: 1-Matthias Algarin

Pole vault: 3-Ryan Stangl, 4-Brandon Schlegel

Pierz Girls qualifiers:

100 hurdles: 2-Jayden Smeija, 3-Ashley Kimman

300 hurdles: 2-Brenna Andres

100 dash: 1-Dylann Boser, 4-Piper Laney

200 dash: 2-Jayden Smeija, 4-Piper Laney

1600 run: 2-Carissa Andres

3200 run: 4-Carissa Andres

4x100 relay: 2-Pierz

Long jump: 1-Ashley Kimman , 2-Emma Kroska, 3-Jayden Smeija

High jump: 4-Ashley Kimman

Pole vault: 2-Dylann Boser, 3-Madison Poster

C-I, Aitkin results

ESKO-Crosby-Ironton's Peter Nierenhausen won the pole vault and Kathryn Ireland and Brooklyn Jones were winners for the Ranger girls as C-I and Aikin competed at the Subsection 7-1A meet Thursday, May 23.

Ireland captured the high jump and Jones topped the pole vault.

Aitkin's Teagan Piecek advanced to the Section 7-1A meet in the high jump, triple jump, 400-meter dash. The Gobblers' 4x100 relay team finished fourth.

The top seven individuals and top four relays advance to the Section 7-1A finals Thursday, May 30, at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Boys qualifiers

110 hurdles: 7-Woodrow Rian (A)

300 hurdles: 5-Evan Miller (CI)

100 dash: 4-Anthony Hudrlik (CI)

200 dash: 6-Jacob Kukowski (A), Gabe Long (A)

400 dash: 6-David Ringhand (CI)

3200 run: 2-Tucker Ringhand (CI)

Discus: 5-Sam Smith (CI), 6-Trevor Hutchison (CI)

Long jump: 4-Jeremy Blazek (A)

Triple jump: 7-Jaelend Williams (A)

High jump: 3-Woodrow Rian (A), 7-Sam Smith (CI)

Pole vault: 1-Peter Nierenhausen (CI), 3-Nick Nierenhausen (CI), 5-Michael Fitzpatrick

Girls qualifiers

100 hurdles: 3-Savannah Holm (A), Sydney Roberts (CI)

300 hurdles: 4-Savannah Holm (Å), 6-MacKenzie Hamilton (A)

200 dash: 4-Paige Westin (CI)

400 dash: 6-Tegan Piecek (A), 7-Madison Hamilton (A)

800 run: 3-Lily Peterson (CI), 4-Raelene Nyberg (A)

1600 run: 7-Sarah Bostrom (CI)

4x100 relay: 4-Aitkin

Discus: 7-Aisha Alarab (A)

Triple jump: 3-Teagan Piecek (A), 5-Jacey Rydberg (CI)

High jump: 1-Kathryn Ireland (CI), 2-Brooklyn Jones (CI), 6-Teagan Piecek (A)

Pole vault: 1-Brooklyn Jones (CI), 4-Haley Jones (CI)