What’s Up Outdoors: More anglers is good business for everyone

Lake accesses are full, even midweek.

Mandy Uhrich with a smallimouth bass on a recent trip to Mille Lacs Lake. Photo by Jamie Dietman

It seems whatever lake you drive by the access is packed. This is pretty usual on a weekend in the lakes area but on a midweek night it’s normally pretty quiet.

Everyone is definitely doing more outdoor stuff than normally, and this is really helping our small town bait shops that really needed it, because truthfully, we really need them.

Fishing seems to be pretty average for this time of year but it seems no one told the fish on Mille Lacs to slow down. It is really disappointing that you can’t keep a fish for the frying pan but when the bite is this good it’s hard to stay away. Starting July first we won’t have a choice as walleye closes.

But on the other hand the smallie fishing is also on fire. And there isn’t much that beats the fight of a smallmouth bass. On one of our recent trips we went out for a couple of midday hours and it was nonstop fish. At some point it turned from fishing to catching.

So if you haven’t been out there, you still have a couple days for walleyes. Also, if you go, a little tip for you -- go to a private access and pay a few bucks to land your boat. For a couple reasons: the public landings are crazy, these small businesses also need the income and they are the ones who make the lake accessible in the winter.


See you on the water.

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Jamie Dietman

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