What's Up Outdoors: Sometimes the best ideas are spur of the moment

A last minute trip to Lake Superior turns into a great day of fishing.

Cody Mueller with a Lake Superior catch. Photo by Jamie Dietman

Sometimes the last minute ideas, that most people would shake their head at, turn out to be the best ideas, or at least the most memorable.

With a phone call from fishing buddy Cody Mueller giving me the heads up that the next day’s forecast would be a great opportunity to head to Lake Superior and chase salmon and lake trout, it was on. By the time it took for me to say, “I’m in,” he was already on his way to Brainerd.

We got rigged up and into Duluth the next morning as the sun came up. With dense fog covering the lake we decided to start trolling right out of the harbor and start checking different depths and see if we could put together a pattern. It didn’t take long to put the first lake trout in the boat, and a nice coho salmon followed.

Fog hovers over the calm water of Lake Superior. Photo by Jamie Dietman


We had other fish and numerous misses throughout the day but probably the coolest thing about the day was seeing schools of salmon and other bait fish feeding at the surface on bugs. They would swim partially out of the water and with the super clear water you could see them under the surface, something neither of us had ever seen.

It was amazing to see Lake Superior glass-calm all day, but with a huge bug hatch and record temperatures a little wind would have been great.

It seems when we get together it usually involves some crazy idea, and it usually ends up being a success. So many times you can over plan things, or people back out at the last minute, and then long-planned trips end up going sideways or getting cancelled. So next time you get a chance to try something new, just roll with it -- you might be surprised how it turns out.

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