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Fall of Bataan 194th Company A 76th Anniversary

Bruce Paine came to the Brainerd National Guard Armory to remember his uncle Donald even though the two have never met as Donald, a soldier, was killed in action during World War II. The 65-year-old was one of many at the annual Bataan Memorial Service on Monday, April 9, to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the unit's part in the Bataan Death March. “My uncle Donald, who I never met, was one of the fallen ones in the Bataan, but I heard plenty of stories,” said Bruce Paine, a Brainerd resident who teared up at the wreath-laying ceremony. Company A, 194th Tank Battalion, included men from Brainerd who were captured with the fall of Bataan, a province on the Philippine island of Luzon, on April 9, 1942. They were force-marched to Japanese prison camps. Many died along the way. “It was a real, real hard thing for my grandparents to deal with,” Paine said of his uncle’s death .Video/ Steve Kohls